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ESAT’s attempt to put gloss on dross is the height of absurdity

By Dilwenberu Nega
Tigrai Online February 2, 2015

ESAT’s attempt to put gloss on dross is the height of absurdity
It was open secret that ESAT TV was financed by Egypt controlled by the Eritrean regime to destabilize Ethiopia. Now it is all clear that it has nothing to do with Ethiopia it is part of the Eritrean propaganda machine and they are no shy to show it.

In one of its prime time news last week, ESAT announced the safe return from Asmara of its special correspondents Mesay Mekonen and Fasil Yenealem. Is the return of journalists from their assignments News? Have you heard the BBC announce the safe return to London from Ethiopia of say, Jonathan Dimbleby, or CNN announce the safe return to Atlanta from Afghanistan of say, Christine Amanpour? Then why would ESAT do it?

Could it then be that their very safe return from Eritrea, a state notorious for its arbitrary arrests, disappearances and killings, is by itself such a great relief worthy of prime time News? Or is the news intended to convey that ESAT’s fear of Ethiopia’s highly honed intelligence services’ ability to helilift its journalists out of Eritrea has failed to materialise?

The truth of the matter, however, is that the news item is nothing more than a reflection of the prevailing hubbub and confusion at ESAT following Ginbot 7’s decision to make public its highly controversial link with the State of Eritrea. Insiders speak of the Eritrean Ambassador to the United States demanding that it should be the stars of ESAT, comical Tamagne Beyene and cross-examiner Sisay Agane, who should be going on the fully paid “Portray-Isaias-Afewerki-as-an-Ethiopia-friendly-leader” trip to Eritrea. However, it is believed that Dr Birhanu Nega encountered heavy opposition from the two Shabiasceptics who insisted that being funded by Asmara must not mean kow-towing to Asmara.


 Mesay Mekonen and Fasil Yenalem are seen going to great length to convince viewers that the group of chanting kaki-uniformed Amharic speaking soldiers were, in fact, “Arbegnotch Ginbar Cadets.” Common sense, however, dictates the opposite. If their claim was true, why then did the so-called liberation leader, Dr Birhanu Nega, not attend what is for all intents and purposes a milestone occasion? Could it be, as claimed by his critics, Birhanu Nega is in fact “A Liperation Leader” – one who is confined to offering only lip service?

ESAT’s icing on the cake, is its advertorial on Eritrea, – Mesay Mekonen and Fasil Yenealem’s interview with Isaias Afewerki - is yet to be aired, but judging the warm up utterances particularly of Mesay Mekonen, one can rest assured of it being nothing more than a bespoke advertorial of Isaias Afewerki – to portray Isaias as the redeemer of Ethiopia.

 ESAT’s interview with the President-for-Life Isaias Afewerki was the result of what has become known in the corridors of Shabia as “The KK Plan.” Named after one of ‘Ethiopian’ lackeys of Isaias Afewerki, Kassa Kebede, the hastily cobbled together plan is designed to ensure the flow of ESAT funding from Asmara  in exchange for an intensive bespoke advertorial on Eritrea and Isaias Afewerki by ESAT.

Foxy Kassa Kebede knows all too well that one of the reasons for Ethiopians, both at home and abroad, to turn their backs on Ginbot 7 is because of G7’s decision to establish an axis of evil with the leader of a neighbouring nation who is hell bent on destabilising Ethiopia. Many Ethiopians simply refuse to digest the prescription that they have to set Ethiopia on fire in order to remove from power EPRDF. As arrogant as Isaias, Kassa has pinned his hope on the premise that by airing the interview, ESAT will bring out Isaias Afewerki’s best intentions for Ethiopia and thereby will effectively address the concern and wonder of many Ethiopians on making Isaias Afewerki the political bedfellow of Ginboat 7.

Who in his right mind would think that an Eritrean, who has turned out to be Herod to his own people, could be Jesus Christ to Ethiopians?

Ethiopia is achieving remarkable economic growth getting millions of Ethiopians out of poverty.

Saebiya trying to disrupt our miracle economic development and bring bloodshed among our Ethiopian ethnic groups shows it's own army waving the Ethiopian flag pretending to be Ethiopians, but we know better thanks to former EPPF fighters like Professor Muse and Ginbot-7 secretary general Andargachew Tsige. There is not a single Ethiopian rebel soldier in Eritrea. What you see above are Ethiopian born and raised "Amiche" Eritrean soldiers. The above video is brought to you by Shaebiyas' mouth piece Ethiopian Eritrean Satellite Television or ESAT TV.

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