Egyptian official admits Egypt is working with Ethiopian extremists
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Egyptian official admits Egypt is helping Ethiopian extremists

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. 20, 2016

Egypt’s Nile and Congo River Project Coordinator Dr. Nancy Omar says Egypt is working with Ethiopian demonstrators. She admits on live Egyptian TV the Egyptians are meeting with extremist groups to destruct the Ethiopian government and people from successfully completing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam mega project.


In a live interview with Egyptian TV host Dr. Nancey Omar said “when we were sitting in a meeting with the Oromo and other groups, we heard the good news the people of Ethiopia have blocked the roads that lead to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam mega project. Schools are closed, everything is closed and the people are demonstrating they are even waving the Egyptian flag..”. She added the five Ethiopian groups are fighting the government and they want to overthrow it. She said the extremist groups promised Egypt after they overthrow the Ethiopian government they will sign a new deal that grantee a bigger share of the Nile waters to Egypt.

She asked for all the Egyptian people to support the Ethiopian extremist groups to overthrow the Ethiopian government and stop the GERD.

There you have it straight from the Egyptians themselves that they are coordinating the criminals behind the demonstration in Ethiopia in order to stop Ethiopia from completing the GERD mega project. The power hungry extremists don’t care about the long term interests of Ethiopia and its people. They are only worried about how to grab power no matter what the consequences including igniting civil war among Ethiopians.

Egypt’s Nile and Congo River Project Coordinator Dr. Nancy Omar

Dr. Nancy Omar’s official title is Congo and Nile River project coordinator. We have absolutely no idea what that project is, but we know what she is coordinating, according to her interview, she is meeting Ethiopian extremist groups. Egypt and the Arab countries are financing the destruction of Ethiopia funneling the money through the one man regime in Eritrea.

Even if the Egyptians sign all kind of agreements with Ethiopia, they will never stop from working for the total disintegration of Ethiopia. For Ethiopia as a country it can’t be worst than this point. The Ethiopian government needs to take action before it is too late.

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