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Derg + Kinijit = Washout; Derg + Ginbot 7 = Wipeout

By Dilwenberu Nega
Tigrai Onlne - December 15, 2013

Mingistu Hailemariam speaks about Meles and Nelson Mandela
Guad Mengistu hailemariam did you forget you are in Ethiopia and you will never set your feet in the blessed land Ethiopia? You will die and buried outside of Ethiopia.

History does, indeed, repeat itself, and none more so it seems, than within the confused and confounded world of Ginbot 7. Kinjit’s monumental mistake in aligning itself with Derg acolytes during the 2005 Election had resulted in a washout. Today, desperate Ginbot 7 - a large section of which is a debris of Kinijit - is on the cusp of repeating the same mistake Kinijit made in 2005. In a bid to lure exiled Derg acolytes, G7 last week administered oxygen of publicity to Colonel Megistu Hailemariam. This, too, will result in the wipeout of G7.

ESAT’s phone interview with Mengistu - which was facilitated through his former cheerleader now turned a human-rights activist Tamagne Beyene - constitutes an insult to the intelligence of Ethiopians, as well as, an insult to the memory of Madiba.

If G7’s decision to go-ahead with an ESAT phone interview with Mengistu was based on the the premise that the prevailing mood in Ethiopia is one of reconciliation following Ethiopians willingness to forgive former Derg henchmen, then nothing can be further from the truth. True, many Ethiopians, including myself, have forgiven those who maimed and slaughtered our loved ones. We did so for two justifiable reasons. First, we knew in our heart of hearts that forgiveness is a healing gift we give ourselves. Secondly, we wanted to give back to Ethiopia what Madiba gave back to South Africa - reconciliation to nurture and foster the common good. We didn’t forgive former Derg acolytes so as to allow Mickey Mouse politicians to let in Derg  through the back door. In short, while it is true that Ethiopians did forgive the Derg, the public must not lose sight of the fact that victims of Derg’s misrule are not prepared to forget the “blood, sweat and tears” which they had sacrificed under the Derg, never mind allow the Derg to seize power.

To permit “Ethiopia’s Herod” to talk about “A giant of history” is a monumental  lapse of judgement which indicates that G7 has now lost its moral compass.  G7’s decision is likened to inviting Lucifer to eulogise Jesus of Nazareth. Mengistu Hailemariam is the very opposite of Nelson Mandela. He chose the politics of vindictiveness; while Mandela opted for the politics of inclusiveness. By a fluke of coincidence, however, Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalgn, seized Nelson Mandela’s funeral ceremony, to restore Ethiopia’s age-old decency when he delivered a moving eulogy not only on behalf of Ethiopia, but on behalf of Africa as well at Nelson Mandela’s funeral service this morning.

When Ethiopians witness a futile action, they often refer to a popular Amharic proverb: “Yechegerew Erguz yagebal”(A desperate bachelor will have no qualms in getting married to a pregnant lady). And, no doubt, it will be the proverb on the lips of many Ethiopians as they discuss G7’s futilitarian politics of getting the Derg onboard. Make no mistake, Mengistu Hailemariam has for the past 22 years been pregnant with a twin problem. The first is that he is not free to travel outside Zimbabwe. Secondly, his right to remain in Zimbabwe is dependent on Mengistu not getting involved in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia. Therefore, pregnant Mengistu has been waiting for a desperate bachelor to help him realise his daydream of returning to power in Ethiopia. So, who better a desperate bachelor is there than Dr Birhanu Nega to propose to Megistu. After all, are both not notorious power-mongers? Mind you, this is not the first time that G7 has been mollycoddling the Derg. In November 2012, G7 offered a bespoke advertorial to Mengistu’s casanova half brother.

During his phone interview with ESAT, Mengistu Hailemariam went out of his way to declare an all out war on the constitutional order of Ethiopia by calling on Ethiopians “to rise up against the EPRDF.” This must be seen as the last straw by MoFA, and what is called for now is for MoFA to urgently summon the Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Ethiopia and demand why Zimbabwe has allowed Mengistu to violate the terms and conditions of his stay as he was free to interfer in the domestic politics of Ethiopia. No one expects a responsible Government to sit on its hands while a plot is hatched to destabilise its country.

Finally food for thought to G7 followers: If folly were grief, every G7 member would weep.

ኣቤት ጦርነት ብጭብጭባ ቢሆን ኖሮ!

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