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Eritrean regime releases kidnapped Ethiopians

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, February 28, 2016

Eritrean regime releases kidnapped Ethiopians
Isaias Afwerki the old gangster Eritrean leader knows it will be the end if the war starts


The limping Eritrean regime has released the Ethiopians it kidnapped last week from north western Tigrai. As all of you remember we reported about the kidnapping of 85 civilian Ethiopians from Tigrai state by the collection of bandits in Asmara calling itself a government.

Fana Broadcasting said the Ethiopians have been released last night and they are on their way to Ethiopia through Sudan. We are not sure why they have to go through Sudan or why the Eritrean regime decided to release them.

The Ethiopian government has publicly announced it will take retaliatory action if the Ethiopian are returned to their families in Ethiopia. We are glad our people are back to their beloved country and families, but we are left with more questions than answers regarding why they were kidnapped and what the circumstance of their release is.

Public anger has been mounting against the Ethiopian federal government for not protecting its citizens and the border of the country.

Some reports indicated the Ethiopian military was bringing thousands of military hardware and personnel including tanks and heavy cannons to the border with it’s tiny neighbor.

The Ethiopian government accused the African North Korea of being behind the recent disturbances in the some parts of the country.

The gangsters in Eritrea are in a desperate situation and they are trying everything under the sun to destabilize Ethiopia. This time the mafia Eritrean leaders went further and they knew when they kidnapped the civilians from Tigrai state they were trying to catch a tiger by the tail. How fast they have forgotten the lessons they were taught in history and recent times. They know the empty bravado and fake heroic tales are not going to take them that far when dealing with the gallant Ethiopian forces.


Oh yeah! Isaias Afwerki the old gangster Eritrean leader knows it will be the end if the war starts. But, hold on we were told by meskerem and tesfa, Woyane is crambling what happen to that idea? Shabiya was hoping against hope Oromos will fight and defeat its enemies on its behalf, it ain't happening dear and the end is coming whether you like it or not.

Eritrea was defeated and humiliated in the 1998-2000 Badme war when the egotistic leaders decided to invade the much larger Ethiopia.

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