Ethiopian government statement about the current illegal demonstrations
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Ethiopian government statement about the current illegal demonstration

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, August 6, 2016

The Ethiopian government released a statement about the illegal demonstration taking place in some parts of Ethiopia. As you can see the government is asserting if any party or group want to get the helm of power there is a constitutional channels that need to be followed. The anti peace elements financed by Ethiopian enemies are using fake none existing issues to manipulate some people's emotion to grab power by force.

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We think this is the right direction to be taken by the government, but it should have been done back when things started to get out of control in the town of Gonder. The silent majority of Ethiopians know Ethiopia is progressing in every way including spreading the idea of democracy and elections. Most of all we the Ethiopian people appreciate the economic growth and amazing transformation of our country without marginalizing any ethic group for any reason.

We are assuming the government is aware about the destructive activities of some groups in and outside of Ethiopia who are actively working to destroy what we have achieved as people by dividing Ethiopians and targeting some ethnic groups. What we don't understand is why the government allowing these mercenary groups to go this far.

Ethiopian Federal Government Statement

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