Ethiopia leads Africa in economic growth and fast expansion says The World Bank
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Ethiopia leads Africa in economic growth and fast expansion – The World Bank

Tigrai Online, June 6, 2017

Ethiopia leads Africa in economic growth and fast expansion says The World Bank


The World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects Brief was published on June 4, 2017. In the report The World Bank shows past, present and forecasted data for the most of the countries in the world. According to the released report the Ethiopian economy has been growing by leaps and bounds leaving most of the African countries way behind. The World Bank forecast shows Ethiopian economy expanding almost in the same speed and manner until 2019 not matched by any African country.

The World Bank said on its report “Growth in non-resource intensive countries is anticipated to remain solid, supported by infrastructure investment, resilient services sectors, and the recovery of agricultural production. Ethiopia is forecast to expand by 8.3 percent in 2017, Tanzania by 7.2 percent, Côte d’Ivoire by 6.8 percent, and Senegal by 6.7 percent, all helped by public investment. However, some countries need to contain debt accumulation and rebuild policy buffers.”

Recently Ethiopia has surpassed Kenya becoming the largest economic powerhouse in East Africa. This kind of economic development is unheard of in Ethiopian history. Thanks to the brilliant leadership of the EPRDF government and the Ethiopian people’s willingness to see vision, Ethiopia is changing in an amazing speed for the better.

We wish all the intellectuals, politicians, and other groups would have put their differences aside to work for the same goal as the majority of Ethiopians.


Despite the miraculous economic development and unbelievable transformation of the country, due to some selfish group’s narrow and racist attitude towards the government and their fellow Ethiopians, Ethiopia still faces huge political challenges to some extent uncertain future. If all Ethiopians as a people want a united strong Ethiopia, every one of us needs to do our part. The majority should start speaking out about what they want. Most people hear from the other side is the loud extremist group’s voice and unless we as a people say that is not ours, it will be taken as our voice. Let's make sure our ture voice and what we want for our country is heard loud and clear.

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