Mesfin Weldemariam: one foot in the grave and still disgorging odium
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Mesfin Weldemariam: one foot in the grave and still disgorging odium

By Berhane Kahsay
Tigrai Online, June 3, 2017

Mesfin Weldemariam: one foot in the grave and still disgorging odium
This man goes out of his way to disparage the extraordinary triumphs of the Tigrian people, and out of spite, Mesfin Weldemariam backed the former Derg officials.

Mesfin Weldemariam, the doyen of chauvinism, was a guest speaker at the ‘Ethiopian National Unity Convention’ held in Seattle on 26 & 27 May 2017.  Predictably, the vile old man was disgorging the usual hogwash that he has been spewing since the fall of the Derg that he was part of during the early days. Professor Mesfin was the co-chairman of the infamous Inquiry Commission that paved the way for the execution of the Emperor’s 60 officials on November 24, 1974.


These officials were mowed-down without the due process of law; and the irony was that the man who facilitated their demise created the Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) after the coming of the EPRDF and suddenly became a human rights defender. Together with the Derg, Professor Mesfin demeaned and lampooned the Emperor and his officials but now the charlatan is saying that ’’ The achievements of the Atse’s regime are quite substantial and cannot even be compared with those of the regimes that succeeded it.’’  

It is pretty obvious to many that the barefaced professor would say and do anything to quench his thirst for power but thanks to ‘Woyane’ this utterly  spiteful person has been politically marginalised beyond redemption. No wonder the retired professor never squanders an opportunity to depreciate the organisation that has toiled and achieved so much in such a short span of time.

And the end result of his odious crusade has been the creation of loyal army of imbeciles that oppose the publically funded GERD not to mention the campaign to boycott Ethiopian Airlines, the jewel in the crown that has been voted the best airline in Africa for two consecutive years. And lately, the extremists went out of their way and did their best to prevent the election of their fellow country man Dr Tedros for the post D-G of WHO. By any standards, this surely is the utmost order of treason that necessitates the severest possible punishment in line with the law of the land.    

But Mesfin Wewldemariam not only down plays the achievements of the last 20 or so years, but also treats the leaders of ‘Woyane’ and Tigrian Army Generals with an unqualified contempt by questioning their academic credentials. Their track records, however, speak volumes and whatever the die-hard chauvinist throws at them, it would not stick. It is an open secret that under the guidance of the ‘’12th grade Woyane’’ politicians, as Mesfin Weldemariam likes to call them, Ethiopia has been completely transformed form a conflict and famine ridden nation into one of the most successful economies in Africa. Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report confirming that the Horn nation has overtaken Kenya as the economic giant of East Africa and this sterling feat is expected to be elevated to a much higher plane during the life of GTPII.

The report further stated that Ethiopia’s GDP has reached $78 billion from $72 billion which was recorded last year. UNDP, Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and African Development Bank (ADB) supported the report published by IMF. In addition, Business Daily Africa stated that ‘’ A UN African Economic Outlook report released on 22 May, 2017,tipped Ethiopia to be the biggest recipient of private equity( $4.4 billion) this year, beating Kenya( $1.3 billion)’’ as a result of its favourable industrial policy.

Other reputable financial institutions including the World Bank have also confirmed Ethiopia’s meteoric economic rise from rock-bottom--- why is it then that Professor Mesfin seems to have an opposite view when he said that the achievements of the Atse’s regime cannot be compared with those that succeeded it? Is this hate-filled person on some sort of illicit substance? Who was responsible for the 1973 famine and creation of the Eritrean Liberation Front which initiated the armed that led to independence in 1992?             

In any case it is not bad for ‘’12th grade’’ politicians that have successfully managed to place their country at the top of Africa’s economic ladder while the likes of Mesfin Weldemariam were busy sawing the seeds of hate similar to what transpired in Rwanda. But nature is catching up with the diablos and might not be around to witness the East African nation’s certain makeover to become the number one economy in the continent. Now let us leave ‘Woyane’ politicians and focus instead on the ‘4th grade army Generals’ which have been looked-down and derided at every occasions by Professor Mesfin and his blinkered entourage.

During the armed struggle, the ‘uneducated’ guerrillas fought against the best Generals the Derg could offer and defeated them in just 17 years resulting in the elimination of the junta’s entire structure. As the army Generals of new Ethiopia, they took on Eritrea Generals during the border war and obliterated their heavily fortified trenches in less than two years nullifying the so-called Eritrean military prowess, which caused so much death and destruction during the three decades long armed conflict, in the process.

It is to be recalled that the cream de la cream Generals of the previous Ethiopian regimes were routed by Eritrean rebels ensuing the creation of a new independent state in 1992. But not the awesome ‘4th grade Woyane’ Generals that have now become the first choice for peace keeping mission in various conflict afflicted spots of Africa including Somalia where Al-Shebab terrorists run with their tail between their legs at the sight of the formidable Ethiopian army. Kenya and Uganda wouldn’t mind having the ‘low grade’ Generals and Security Services to stop the Islamist group from causing mayhem and bloodshed in their country. Is it by coincidence that the metropolis, where the professor resides, is safe and has not had a terrorist assault from the Somali Islamist group?  

Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) which is also managed by the ‘inferior’ Generals has been involved in making hydro-mechanical, electro-mechanical and software development works proving that it could handle multitude of mega projects. Now METEC has begun to manufacture engines where 60% of the inputs are made locally by sister companies of the corporation as well as constructing/assembling huge sugar factories for the first time in the history of the country saving the treasury billions of dollars.

Professor Mesfin is not a fair and decent human being; he is simply driven by hate and this has substantially reduced his ability to make impartial views on important political and social issues. His distaste for anything Tigrai beggars belief and in many instances he has displayed his utmost disrespect to the brave and patriotic people who paid dearly to establish a new, prosperous and inclusive Ethiopia.


This man goes out of his way to disparage the extraordinary triumphs of the Tigrian people, and out of spite, Mesfin Weldemariam backed the former Derg officials, who bombed Hawzen on a market day killing thousands of civilians, during their trail for seventeen years of sheer terror. As if this was not enough, the professor, with a twisted mind, publicly stated in a speech he made in Australia in 2014 that the Tigrian youth joined the TPLF in droves because they’ hated school.’ This senile individual has definitely lost his marbles to degrade the resolute and Pyrrhic struggle of the Tigrian people for justice, democracy and equality of all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. 

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