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Have your say, How did the EPRDF handle the recent crisis in Ethiopia?

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, December 20, 2015

Have your say, How did the EPRDF handle the recent crisis in Ethiopia?
Above you see a Dutch flower farm completely destroyed by armed gangs leaving the investors with pile of ash.


We are all aware what transpired in Ethiopia in the past last weeks. Some forces tried to turn the student demonstrations against the Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan to a Coffee revolution similar to what happened in the Arab countries in the Middle East or what happened in Ukraine. Unfortunate for those who are behind the so called coffee revolution, the revolution didn’t materialize it actually evaporated quickly as it started.

The unrest in some Ethiopian towns didn’t disappear without causing so much pain for some people. There have been losses of life and some destruction to government and private businesses and property.

Last year there were similar demonstrations and similar results, then question is why doesn’t the federal government learn from experience and take prevention measures before issues deteriorate in to the lawlessness we saw last week?

It seems there are fundamental underlining issues that need to be addressed by the authorities. Some say the Addis Ababa Master Plan was not the issue, but Ethiopian enemies are trying to take advantage of the situation. Other people saying the Addis Ababa Master Plan is a trigger, but the issue is much deeper than that and it has to do with good governance, corruption and justice. They add people are tired of shocking the EPRDF government to wake it to do its job.


In a normal circumstance people would not go around burning investor’s business, clinics and government buildings that are serving them. The recent actions in the Oromo towns will make future investors think twice before they commit their hard earned money and that is not to the benefit of the local people.

We are asking our readers to share their reflection in relation to the crisis in relationship to what the government could have done to prevent all of it, what the long term solution is, what is the role of outside forces, the timing of the unrest (when Ethiopia is dealing with a severe drought and the GERD is about 51% completed) and what actions the government needs to take to avoid these episodes from happening again.

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