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Tamerat Negera wide opened the PP’s hidden agenda against the sovereign country of Eritrea

Tigrai Online Jan. 4, 2020

Tamerat Negera's interview exposes Abiy Ahmed's Prosperity Party hidden agenda against Eritrea. While PFDJ purposely is redirecting the Eritrean people's anger towards the TPLF an existential real threat is brewing in Ethiopia.


Ethiopian journalist and political analyst Tamerat Negera opened the highly guarded secret of the expansionist and radical narrow nationalist Amhara’s hidden agenda of controlling the Eritrean ports by systematically destroying the nation’s entire system.

Tamerat Negera is an active political analyst, journalist and a staunch supporter of Abiy Ahmed Ali. This week Mr. Tamerat Negera deviated from his usual daily attacks and degradation of the TPLF and the Tigrai people. This week for some unknown reason he decided to launch unprecedented attack at the Red Sea nation of Eritrea with extreme viciousness and hateful malice.

We have seen the thinly veiled threats and covert desperate desires of the expansionist Amhara elites now and then openly claiming the Eritrean sea ports as their natural sea outlets that were sold by the TPLF. They always remark the Amhara people will not be land locked and they will get their ports by any means necessary, but since Eritrea is a sovereign country not that many people took them seriously.

Tamerat Negera’s political analysis seems radically different from those mentioned above legally claiming the Eritrean ports. Mr. Tamerat is directly challenging the existence of Eritrea as a country. In the video interview Tamerat described Eritrea’s sovereign existence as an “illusion”. He continues to say the Eritrean sovereignty was accepted by the previous TPLF led EPRDF, but the Ethiopian people never accepted it. Tamerat also said, the existence of Eritrea solely depends on the whims of Ethiopia, when Ethiopia decides Eritrea will not exist, Eritrea will cease to exist. Mind you the man is talking about another country which is fully recognized by the international community, these are extraordinary open threats against a country Tamerat’s favorite leader, Abiy Ahmed is claiming a friendly country.


Tamerat Negera laid out specific plans as if he knows what the newly formed Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party is planning to undo the Eritrean independence and get access to the Red Sea. Tamerat openly said Ethiopia should make an Eritrea which never will be a threat to Ethiopia militarily, diplomatically, or economically. To achieve this goal Ethiopia should not allow Eritrea to have its own any form of armed forces even the Eritrean police shouldn’t be allowed to carry any arms except sticks to keep law and order. He also had particular plans for Eritrea diplomacy, Tamerat said Eritrea only should have one embassy in the world and that should be in Addis Ababa, all other international relations of Eritrea should be conducted under the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Tamerat Negera actually had specified what Eritrea's size should be as a country in every way, he said it should be less than Arsi zone of the Oromia state.

Mr. Tamerat indicated the Eritrean independence was fabricated by Ethiopian Arab enemies instead of the result of the 30 years bloody military struggle and the sacrifice of thousands of Eritrean youth. The highly admirer of Abiy Ahmed, Tamerat mentioned Abiy Ahmed has gone to the source of the Eritrean independence, the Arab countries and he is working closely with them not as long term allies, but to reverse the Eritrean independence. He also talked about how Ethiopia has recently established a navy base in Djibouti temporarily, but soon it will gain its own ports where it will move the navy base to its own ports, means the Eritrean ports. In this case Tamerat is speaking the truth, the Abiy Ahmed regime has reestablished the Ethiopian Navy and with the help of the government of France Abiy is buying military armaments for the Ethiopian Navy worth millions of dollars. On top of that thousands of members of the Ethiopian Navy have been trained again with the help of France.

At the end Tamerat Negera said the Abiy Ahemd government and the Ethiopian people should express their heartfelt gratitude to President Isaias Afwerki for keeping the Eritrean population without education and without work and practically keeping the nation of Eritrea hostage. As you can hear for yourself directly from his mouth this man knows more than he is saying and he is making this astonishing speech just a few days after Isaias Afwerki visited Addis Ababa.

While the existential threat for Eritrea is reemerging in a manner that has never been seen before with Abiy Ahmed coming to power, the PFDJ traitor group is colluding with the re branded Dergi party, Abiy Ahmed’s PP party.  Abiy Ahmed is masquerading as an Oromo prime minister of Ethiopia, but for all practical purposes he is pushing elite Amhara’s expansionist agenda and this has been crystal clear by Tamerat Negera’s  interview this week.

Tamerat Negera's speech exposes Prosperity Party stand against Eritrea
Tamerat Negera's speech exposes Abiy Ahmed's Prosperity Party hidden agenda against Eritrea.

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