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2020 will be the end of the illegal Prosperity party and the birth of victorious real Federalist Forces in Ethiopia

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Jan. 5, 2020

2020 will be the end of the illegal Prosperity party in Ethiopia
2020 the year the illegal Prosperity party will be buried in Ethiopia.


The TPLF’s decisive decision to form alliance with all the legal Ethiopian federalist forces will save Ethiopia from becoming a complete failed state and lawless nation. Ethiopian unity in diversity will be realized once again.

We congratulate the experienced and strong TPLF leadership for responding to the Ethiopians demand for help and the cry for peace. We Ethiopians support the TPLF’s separation from the illegal Prosperity party and the decisions of the alliance with the legal Ethiopian federalist forces.

The criminal whistle blowers and sniffer dogs who were working as double agents, for Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s adversaries are on the process of backpacking their bags and passports. The illegal prosperity party members are probably the only people in the history of the world who mislead Ethiopian people and became leaders for working against their country as Whistleblowers.

Today, the illegal prosperity party leaders are nicknamed as “The THREE in ONE”; because the former sniffer dogs of the illegal prosperity party leaders continued to work as TRIPLE agents. They were faking as agents for EPRDF, as agents for the illegal Prosperity Party and as agents for other countries interests. They are not trusted by anyone. The sniffer dogs were not loyal to their country and they cannot be loyal anymore.

As sniffer dogs serve their masters for their daily bread, the illegal prosperity party leaders are serving their masters for their daily salary. The prosperity party leaders’ daily salary is Power and an unrealistic dream to become kings and dictators.


As sniffer dogs work for any person who provides them a red-meat, the prosperity party works for any country that helps them to stay in power. As a greedy dog is killed by feeding a poisoned red-meat, similarly the masters of the power greedy prosperity party leaders are killing Ethiopia in the same way.

After the shameless Prosperity party leaders said they were servants of the TPLF for the past 27 years. Today, Ethiopians have no confidence in the illegal prosperity party’s leaders. Ethiopians have no guarantee in the leadership of the shameless prosperity party leaders.

In the Amharic proverb, people say “A habitual thief licks a loaf of bread”. As a regular thief never stops his stealing habits, the illegal prosperity party leaders will never stop lying and becoming a servant for others.

As the job of a thief is stealing and selling what is not of his property, the illegal prosperity party leaders are stealing and selling the material wealth, the dignity and sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to their masters.

The illegal prosperity party leaders made nothing in Ethiopia except a factory of lies, hate, and fake documentary films to kill Ethiopia and the Ethiopian unity in diversity. Every technological and scientific products made in Ethiopia are the results of the hard work of the EPRDF leaders and Ethiopians.

The illegal prosperity party leaders, the snipper dogs, were all the product of EPRDF. They were trained to become the sniffer dogs for Ethiopia. However, the untrustworthy individuals betrayed Ethiopia and became the chiefs of all mischiefs.

Abiy Ahmed is now lying to the world as if he is the founder of the Information network security agency (INSA), the GERD, the Ethiopian factories, Satellite in Ethiopia, and Ethiopian prosperity. He tried to steal and cheat what the hero TPLF/EPRDF Ethiopians made throughout their life time.

Even the dictator Mengistu Hailemariam is more respected in Ethiopia than Abiy Ahmed the power thirsty creature. He is the most detested person in the history of Ethiopia; especially in Oromia, Wolayta, Sidama, Benshangul Gumuz, Ethiopia-Somali, Amara, Afar and Tigray, including in the Ethiopian neighboring countries.

In Tigray, when it comes to the love of his country and Ethiopia’s sovereignty, Mengistu Haile-Mariam is more respected than the liar Abiy Ahmed. Except for his dictatorial rule, Mengistu was a real politician who clearly distinguishes between politics, religion and people. The illegal prosperity party leaders are abomination to the blessed people and the holy land of Ethiopia.

The delusional prosperity party leaders cannot understand how detested they are by the Ethiopian people. Let alone people to call them our leader; they do not even want to see their face for a second. We the Ethiopian people have never encountered such disgraced illegal leaders in our proud nation- Ethiopia.

The freedom of Ethiopian nation and nationalities was realized after 17 years of bitter sacrifices by the TPLF/EPRDF. The illegal prosperity party leaders were the beneficiaries of the freedom of the struggle of the TPLF/EPRDF. However, unlike their former compatriots, the sniffer dogs that were trained by EPRDF to serve Ethiopia are biting Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

In the year 2020 Ethiopians have said enough is enough. Ethiopians are hungry for bread, peace and democracy. The illegal prosperity party leaders should backpack their factories of lies, hate crimes, and should walk out voluntarily from the Menelik II Palace before they are swallowed by the Ethiopian people’s anger.

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