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Ethiopia: Is the “prosperity party” plagiarized from the prosperity Gospel?

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Oct. 22, 2019

Ethiopia: Is the “prosperity party” plagiarized from the prosperity Gospel?

Abiy Ahmed's nature of prosperity party is deception, pretention, undemocratic, Unitarian system and oppressive system.


Many Ethiopians argue the book titled “MEDEMER’ is an Amharic translation of the idea of the EPRDF’s developmental state economic INTEGRATION (Amharic, MEDEMER).  Others argue, the name and the idea of the Prosperity party (Medemer Party) is plagiarized form the religious doctrine of the prosperity Gospel. Others say it is a cocktail of other books and thoughts as well.

Whether Abiy Ahmed is a philosopher or a plagiary, a reformer or a deformer, a seventh Ethiopian king or a puppet team leader, an actor of political prostitute or an actor of treason is up to the Ethiopian people to judge. But, Abiy should not excessively lament on the death or abortion of the Medemer party or prosperity party. He should have explained about his book or self-blame rather than crying on his own mistakes.

According to the Washington post newspaper in its edition titled Prosperity Gospel”, the prosperity Gospel is dubbed as “the worst ideas of the decade”. The main reason is “You cannot serve two masters” (1 Timothy 6:10). Either you love the root of all evil or the root of all truth.

Likewise, I call the prosperity party (Medemer party) the worst deception in the history of Ethiopian politics. The team prosperity party that consists of about 4 members is dead before it is born. The nature of the prosperity party is deception, pretention, undemocratic, Unitarian system and oppressive. They have changed their party names three times in one calendar year. First, they came to power as EPRDF, and then they became Democratic Party, now they are changing to a prosperity party.

The prosperity party only exists on its propagandist’s radios and government mass Medias. We will hear the propaganda of prosperity party’s deception on the government media outlets until our eardrum tears, but, the deception will never bear meaningful results. It is a zero sum game politics because deception is deception.

On the other hand, the core-principles of federalism such as the democratic election, self-rule, and democracy are always within the hearts and minds of all Nations and nationalities in Ethiopia.  Whether the TPLF/EPRDF, the pioneer of the multiparty democracy system in Ethiopia exists or not its core ideas are alive in Ethiopia.


In my assessment, Abiy Ahmed Ali is not fit to become a prime Minister. He is fit to work as a theatrical artist. He may act and perform as a good character in the theatrical dramas because in a drama one can exactly pretend like the character in the drama but as a writer, one cannot pretend. A writer is obliged to give due credit to the original owners of the ideas or thoughts otherwise it is a violation of the plagiarism law.

Additionally, Abiy should be obliged to listen to the advice offered to him by the Ethiopian intellectuals all over the world. First, he should stop inter-mingling his fortune tellers believe with the Ethiopian politics. He should know he is neither the seventh Ethiopian King nor the seventh Ethiopian Philosopher. At least, Abiy Ahmed has to try to become a matured team leader first. With his childish thinking he is shaming Ethiopia in front of the world as if he is a philosopher for providing the Amharic definition of INTEGRATION.  Neither MULTIPLICATION nor MEDEMER is an ideology. It is just the vocabulary meaning of the word INTEGRATION.

Neither MULTIPLICATION nor MEDEMER is ideology.

The word MEDEMER was preached by Abiy to Isaias at the Addis Ababa millennium Hall in the form of a parable using the elementary mathematical words of BODMAS (Bracket of division, Multiplication, Addition, and subtraction).  In his speech Abiy said, “Love will be multiplied, hate will be subtracted, Assab port will be divided (shared) between us and Ethiopia and Eritrea will be added together”.

I need to advise the team Prosperity party members not to be opportunists and cheat themselves for the sake of power. Do not shame Ethiopia in front of the world by giving the childish definition of the word MEDEMER as an ideology. As the saying goes, tell the truth and the truth shall set you free.

The truth is: the so called team MEDEMER does not have a political agenda or clear ideology however, Abiy Ahmed has a dream of fulfilling his mother’s fortune telling. Abiy is using his team as his servants to fulfill his grandiose dream of becoming the king of kings.

The team party should evaluate their own mistakes and self-blame, make ownership of your mistakes. Admit your own wrong doings; do not blame TPLF/EPRDF for everything and anything. Project not your faults on the hard working brave TPLF/EPRDF; rather look into yourself and your crimes. Evaluate your critical wrong doings and your own teams rather than projecting your wrong doing on decent people whom you do not know at all.

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