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Agazian movement spreads in Eritrean and Tigrai youth
The Agazian movement might be shunned by the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments,
but it is spreading in the Tigringa speaking youth on both countries.

Time for Ethiopians to start talking and deal with the Agazain movement

Tigrai Online, May 11, 2018


It has been a few years since we heard or read about the groups that calling themselves Agazain movement, Agazian National Front, Geez Nation, The Association of Agaizian brotherhood, Geez Land and many more. Without going into further details the group’s aim is to revive the old Axumite Kingdom and create Tigringa speakers Christian Nation curved out of Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is not clear on their videos and most of the articles how this goal will be achieved while there are strong internationally recognized governments in both Ethiopia and Eritrea. We understand that does not make it less concerning or interesting, because the groups are gaining ground in Eritrea and to some extent in Ethiopia’s Tigringa speakers. There are many groups with more or less similar ideas or common goal uniting the Tigringa speakers of the Horn of Afrinca in one nation. The movement was started by Eritreans they are targeting Tigringa speakers on both sides of the border.

The Agazain movement is ignored by main stream media in Ethiopia including Tigrai Online. TOL has received a few articles videos regarding this movement and we refused to publish them. The grounds for our rejection to publish anything related to the group are complicated and we are not going to get to it now.

Despite the countless conspiracy theories about how the Agazian movement started including the outlandish claim it was started by TPLF or EPLF we firmly believe it is a grass roots movement.


Today we are not going to write about the Agazian movement we will do that in due time instead we want to share an article by Inbal Ben Yehuda titled “The far-right nationalist movement roiling Eritreans in Israel”. Ben Yehuda says “Agazian nationalists are distinct from other groups that combine ethnic or religious identity with opposition to the Eritrean regime. The Agazian movement sees the long-established Eritrean nationalism as fake and is working to undermine its existence and principles. With the stated goal of unifying with the Ethiopian Tigray region and its people, they stress that Eritrea’s existing territorial boundaries are a colonialist creation and argue they should be dismantled”. It is one of the most intensive and detailed article by an international website about the Agazians. We just want people to read about the group and start conversation and weigh the dangers and benefits of the movement.

We are not endorsing the views of the movement in any shape or form, we are not condemning them 100% either. There are issues we strongly disagree and there are some things we agree with the group.  We want the Ethiopian government and Tigrai state government to pay attention to the people’s questions, concerns and complaints. If the people of Tigrai are neglected by the state and federal governments and the attack on the people continues the way it is, the youth in Tigrai would very susceptible to any extremist group including the Aagzian movement.

The far-right nationalist movement roiling Eritreans in Israel



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