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Mrs. Anna Gomez: A Broken Record

Part One

By Hagere Dawit
Tigrai Onlne - December 21, 2013

This article concerns with Mrs. Anna Gomez; who during the ’97 election suddenly changed from her designated responsibilities of observing an election as a European Union representative into a comrade of the riot-crazed political party CUD (‘qinijit), and her recent visit to Addis Ababa. This woman is nick-named by some publication as ‘Hanna Gobeze’, named for her role of paralleling the same thinking of Dr. Negede Gobeze’s failed strategy devised to instigate color-revolution in our country some eight years ago.

This time around she have given many ridiculous comments and remarks to many printing media of our country following her visit to Ethiopia (as a member of the European Union Parliament), to attend the 26th session of Africa Caribbean Pacific - European Union joint parliamentary assembly.

After looking through her recent comments and remarks, I concluded that she is a mother of all ‘color revolution’ who can’t seem to exorcize the bad omen that has gripped her by the name of ‘CUD’ (‘qinijit’), a party that was knocked out in last election by our country’s voters: the nation, nationalities and people of Ethiopia. I came to this conclusion for two reasons.

Mrs. Anna Gomez: A Broken Record

This first is her embarrassing, vicious and meddling comment given by posing herself as an Ethiopian. (Maybe she forgot that she’s Portuguese or she may have some hidden agenda behind this). And the second has to do with her effort at giving false hope to our country’s oppositions; who strive to seize power as a lackey to foreign-color-revolution-sponsors rather than presenting their own alternative policies to the public, by claiming (promising) ‘I will give the necessary support on the next (2007) election”.

I’ve decided that the women’s shameless comments and color revolution lobbying remarks should be countered. Thus, I’ve wrote this article in the hopes of replying as a citizen of Ethiopia to ‘don’ of ‘color revolution’ by presenting her comments and remarks to the readers.

…Looking through her comments in a bird’s view…she’s basically saying that: the fact that she didn’t get any problem during her visa process shows that there’s new political perspective, that the unfortunate passing of former Prime Minister Ato Meles Zenawi is a great opportunity for Ethiopians, generally the political spectrum is getting narrower compared to the days of the ’97 election; the government is misusing the anti-terror law to stifle the opposition and the fact she’s dearly cares about Ethiopia.

It may seem that the recent comments of hers’; unknown if it’s copied from the propaganda machine ‘Esat’ or from the foreign-powers-begging opposition parties, or out of her own ‘dark’ premonition, have a new agenda. But I and the reader of this article all know that it’s the same old tiring propaganda disseminated by the color-revolutionary-elect oppositions and Sha’biya supported anti-peace forces.

In order for my readers to understand the issue from the basics, let us first look into the threat and danger a color-revolution; that this women has tried to instigate since eight years ago, poses if it was to erupt on our country. I’ll also probe into the women’s comments in my narrative, Along with the local color-revolutionaries who shamelessly asked the women’s help by disregarding the Ethiopian people sovereignty; the so-called oppositions and their barren-hope.

As it’s known, a color revolution is the meddling of neo-liberal extremists; who can’t accept any other politico-economic philosophy outside of their own, where they put a puppet or weak government that bends to their personal interest at the expense of the its peoples’ wishes. The color revolution is mainly orchestrated by foreign powers and strategized for local power-crazed oppositions to front (lead) it.

The “experts” claim that the opposition parties that operate in the country where it’s chosen to host a color revolution should have a strong unity and coalition. The neo-liberal agenda propagating media will then be put to present a false narrative that blackens the country’s name and reputation. They will also propagate that the (color) revolution is ignited by the public’s wish and demand.

Basically, there will be stories about human and democratic rights, the widening or shrinking of the political spectrum and the conditions of opposition of that country, presented in a way that will lay the groundwork for the (color) revolution.

Although a color revolution is usually instigated during elections, it can also take place at any time if it’s believed that country is ripe for it. Of course both the local opposition; whose only aim is to seize power whatever innocent lives it cost or blood it spills, and the neo-liberal extremist forces (who stand in the sidelines while looking at the fire they started) basically don’t care about the publics’ wellbeing, interest or wishes.

In fact they use this unfortunate situation for their own propaganda consumption through their friends in “human right advocacy” and publish quarterly or yearly reports, while having a hoot at the miserable situation.

However, this ‘don’t read any book outside of ours, and make ours your procedure’, kind of conceited and extreme neo-liberal thinking cannot be said has been successful; if we are to look at it from the context of the political, economical and social aspect of the country where the revolution have taken place or the total mess and chaos it had left in the country.

With regards to this, the ‘Tibetan unrest’ instigated during the 2008 Beijing Olympic games and the Ukraine’s ‘Orange revolution’ which put the opposition Victor Yuvchenko by ousting the then president Victor Yanukovich are some instances of its failures. Considering the issue in our country’s context, as it can be recalled during election ’97 there was huge struggle (fight) between those wanted the election to be peaceful and democratic on one side, and those who wanted to create a government out of the ashes of street riot like the lights of Mrs Anna Gomez (the ‘don’ of color revolution) on the other.

 I think our great leader Ato Meles Zenawi’s Comment, “this color revolution which was Gomez’ed (showing her influence on the situation) from the start”, given as a response to the women’s unreliable election report; which was so grave that some confused her as a member of the havoc-crazed political party (CUD) (‘qinijit’), can be a looking glass on how the situation unfolded on those days.

The fact that the attempt made to instigate a color revolution was squashed on its budding stage has put Mrs. Anna Gomez into unyielding anguish, which led her to insistently blacken our country- although it all has been to no avail.

In fact, despite the failings of her effort following the government’s action to uphold the ‘rule of law’ taken in the aftermath of election ’97, the proponent of the color evolution Mrs. Anna Gomez hasn’t stopped her meddling during the 2002 general election. Although she wasn’t able to come to the country as European Union Observer (like the last time), it has been said that in addition to her support to the color revolutionaries here, she has also tried to persuade the European Union observer delegation to put out a distorted report like she had in the past.

The women together with other color revolutionaries have performed a huge propagation campaign that would instigate a “revolution” of her liking to be carried-out by local extremist forces- Although to their dismay, the result was decided by the free vote of the Ethiopian people, not by some color revolutionaries’ delusions.

All in all Mrs. Anna Gomez as a major proponent of color revolution is working on holding back our rapid and sustainable development and democratic order building process by putting a puppet government on our country. She hasn’t yet taken out her meddling hands out from our country’s and peoples’ affair. Her recent comments following her visit to our capital can be a testament for that……. In order to have some ideas about the women, now let us look into all her remarks given during her recent stint here…..

…. This woman is presenting the fact that she was able to get an entry visa, as an implication that a new political perspective is brewing in the country. But the reality is that a country’s political persuasion has nothing to do with single person’s visa issues.

As far as I can understand, as the Ethiopian government has a continental (regional) and international dual responsibilities, its very cooperation to the working needs of both the regional and international community here is vital. So, I don’t think anyone would be rejected of an entry visa, whether or not that person has a positive or negative attitude towards the country.

Be that as it may, it’s pretty obvious what the women meant by ‘new’ perspective though. I believe what she meant by “new perspective’ has to do with her belief that there’s an opening or chance for a weak or puppet government to be established here, that can create a conducive environment for neo-liberal forces.

But, they should understand this kind of situation won’t happen in our country. This is because the country’s order; that is still underway in our country along with its strong foundation, only succumbs to the government and people of Ethiopia. And it has been like this; and will remain like this into the future.

The fact that Mrs. Anna Gomez out of sheer hatred propagated the terrorist Dr. Berhanu Nega’s blabber “Ato Meles Zenawi’s passing is an opportunity for Ethiopians” clearly shows her strong maternal association she has with color revolution. The truth is the unfortunate passing of Ato Meles Zenawi is not like what some people; who are tried and found guilty of treason, claim it to be, as it’s not an opportunity for us Ethiopians, but a huge loss.

A bitter one at that. And the people have clearly spoken that at the time. There was no Ethiopian or a friend of Ethiopia that wasn’t shocked by the sudden passing of Ato Meles. The people have shown its deep appreciation and love to him through its tears. Seeing as how even the International media reported the news stating ‘Ethiopians have bid farewell to their beloved leader’; I can’t possibly imagine (know) as how on earth Mrs. Gomez prophesized that it’s an ‘opportunity’ for us Ethiopians.

Considering that the country’s order would not be changed without the consent of the people, there is no way the unfortunate passing of Ato Meles Zenawi would be an opportunity. It’s not an opportunity to the color revolution enthusiasts like her, and it’s certainly not an opportunity for us Ethiopians, who are striving to follow in his footsteps.

Ato Meles Zenawi is a true son of the people who have lived all his life not for himself, but for the people of our country. …..to be Continued……

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