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Ethiopian Extremists working hard to block Dr. Riceís nomination to succeed Hillary Clinton

By Tigrai Online
Tigrai Online Nov. 16, 2012

Dr. Susan Rice is United States Ambassador to the United Nations.
Dr. Susan Rice is United States Ambassador to the United Nations and senior cabinet member of the Obama administration. She is well respected around the world and a great friend of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. If Dr. Rice becomes a secretary of state it will immensely help Ethiopia and Africa.

Someone has to tell them you “fools and idiots” don’t count to anything when it comes to the American politics. This old people with old ideas stick their stinking nose in to everything whenever they think it might benefit them.

Less than a month ago they were campaigning against reelection of President Barak Obama. They failed miserably on their face and they had to run to their rat holes with their tails between their legs.

The corrupted Ethiopian extremists have no idea about the American politics. No matter what these human wastes say or do they can’t leave a tiny dent on the national politics of Ethiopia, let alone in the American political scene.

Some Republican Senators are threatening to block Dr. Susan Rice if she gets nominated to become the next American Secretary of state.  They may or they may not block her, American politics is fluid. Americans respect their won more than any other and you have seen how President Obama defended Dr. Rice this week.

I don’t think the welfare collecting Ethiopian paper tigers understand their role in America. They keep barking in Washington DC at anyone they see and they are ignored worst than the fly on the wall. One of these low life cockroaches by the name of Tedla Asfaw made a speech against Dr. Susan Rice this week; “A person who should be promoted for higher office should have integrity and we Ethiopians believe that Susan Rice has compromised the USA interest with her association with a corrupt family of the late Meles Zenawi.” You demented devil, what do you have got to do with American interest?

Those morally corrupted Ethiopian extremists foolishness does not have any limit. They are notional embarrassment for all of us.

Some of you might ask why they are making so much noise against Dr. Susan Rice, well listen to the short video below and you will have an idea why.

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