The Making Of Ethiopian Tech Sector - SHEBA VALLEY
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The Making Of ETHIOPIA’S Tech Sector - SHEBA VALLEY

By Zekarias Amsalu Dubale, FCCA MBA
Tigrai Online, July 18, 2017

Sheba Valley in Ethiopia is poised to provide the world innovative solutions, products and technological advances
Sheba Valley in Ethiopia is poised to provide the world innovative solutions, products and technological advances

Thinking of Silicon Valley and all the technology companies, how these transformed our lives from the way we communicate to the way we bank to the way we shop come to mind. Today similar tech sector innovations are popping up not only in California but in emerging markets like Ethiopia, too.

Pause for a moment and see what tractions are being achieved in Ethiopia and read below for examples.


One of the investment portfolios of American Billionaire Tim Drapper is Nigeria’s fintech firm PAGA’s financial services. The platform was built, maintained and currently being supported by engineers of Apposit, a software engineering company based in Ethiopia.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) development including emotion detection & voice/facial recognition for the cognitive part of Chinese Humanoid Robots is being designed and made by AI experts of Icog-Labs in Ethiopia. Co-created with the help of the American researcher Ben Goertzel, Icog-labs is the first Ethiopian research and development laboratory specializing in AI.

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Source: - Zekarias Amsalu Dubale, FCCA MBA  Read More


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