Mekelle University to expand partnerships in China, Signs MoU with IPP, CAAS
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Mekelle University to expand partnerships in China, Signs MoU with IPP, CAAS

Tigrai Online, June 19, 2017

Mekelle University to expand partnerships in China, Signs MoU with IPP, CAAS


A delegation of Mekelle University led by President Dr. Kindeya Gerbrehiwot is on an active mission of expanding and strengthening existing partnerships and creating new networks with Chinese universities and institutes in Beijing and Xian cities. 

The five days mission of the delegation in China embarked on June 13, 2017 with a successful meeting at the Institute of Plant Protection (IPP), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS.) Following a thorough discussion, a memorandum of understanding was singed between MU and IPP. The signatory on behalf of IPP, Deputy Director General Prof. Dewen Qui expressed his excitement on the inking of the partnership and stressed on the point that there is a great potential for the two institutions to join hands. 

Dr. Kindeya on his behalf emphasized the need for collaborating on academic staff development programs and experience sharing of good scientific practices. 

Capacity building and joint research engagements in Plant Pathology, Pesticides, and Plant Protection were identified as core and common  areas of collaboration. A possible effort to a Center of Plant Protection in Mekelle that will have a regional significance was discussed. 


Prof. Julian Chen, Director of Department of International Cooperation and Graduate Students, Prof. Fanghao Wan, Dr. Wanxue Liu and Dr. Nainwan Yang from the Department of Animal Invasios, were the participants from IPP. On behalf of Mekelle University, the meeting was attended by MU President Dr. Kindeya Gerbrehiwot, CBE Dean Dr. Tekeste Berhanu and Director of International Affairs, Goitom Tegegn. Post Doctoral student at IPP from MU, Dr. Dawit Kidane and other Ethiopian scholars residing in Beijing attended the event. 

Mekelle University to expand partnerships in China, Signs MoU with IPP, CAAS

During the discussion session, Dr. Kindeya expressed the great level of commitment that Mekelle University shows towards internationalization and the value it puts on keeping partnerships active and effective.

A quick tour to state key lab facilities at IPP was part of the MoU signing event. The labs visit was followed by a luncheon hosted by IPP.

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