It seems PFDJ is deporting Ginbot-7 members from Eritrea to Ethiopia
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It seems PFDJ is deporting Ginbot-7 members from Eritrea to Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, June 8, 2017

Members of Ginbot-7 group surrendering to the Ethiopian government forces
These are the latest members of the Ginbot-7/Bete Amara rag tag so called fighters that surrendered to Ethiopia from Eritrea.


Most of us are becoming accustomed to hearing the familiar news headlines every other month that reads members Ginbot-7 have given their hands to Ethiopian defense forces. This week another horde of these treasonous group and their leaders arrived in the border. Social media news feeds are indicating today there are more Ginbot-7 members waiting to surrender themselves to security forces at the border in Tigrai State.

We lost count the number of times we reported about the racist rag tag terrorist group Ginbot-7 members deserted, or were captured by Tigrai civilians when they were trying to sneak in to Ethiopia.

We think the Old man in Asmara is sick and tired of these blood suckers sitting in his country doing absolutely nothing while the poor Eritrean kids are in the front lines.

It is rumored the civilians in Asmara are so repulsed by the presence of the likes of the repugnant Berhanu Nega and the cowards like him in their city.


Meanwhile the leader of the terrorist group Berhanu Nega has disappeared and no one seems to know what happened to him or his where about.  If the youth movement calling themselves “Agazian” didn’t take him prisoner and hand him to the Ethiopian government, the Eritrean government will, either way he will join his Secretary General Andargachew in Ethiopia very soon.

Ginbot-7, its backers, and its members in Gonder and other towns in Amhara region were responsible for deporting over ten thousand Tigraians from their houses and over 80 innocent people of Tigrai lost their lives because of them.

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