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Eritrea joins Islamic coalition against terrorism

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, December 23, 2015

Eritrea joins Islamic coalition against terrorism led by Saudi Arabia
The Eritrean old dictator wagging his tail surounded by his masters the Arabs.

The Eritrean ministry of information issued a press release on December 21, 2015 stating the tiny Horn of Africa nation, Eritrea has joined a Saudi Arabian led anti terrorism Islamic coalition. This is not satire news or we not trying to pull your leg, it is true the desperate regime is in such despair it will make an alliance with the devil himself if it is possible to get a few million dollars.


Not long we reported the gangs in Asmara have leased the port of Assab to Saudi Arabia and UAI militaries. At the beginning of the Houthi movement in Yemen, the Eritrean government was providing support to the Iranians to support the Houthi for payment. Now the shameful Eritrean regime switched sides and it is supporting the Saudis, media reports even say about 1800 Eritrean soldiers are in Yemen fighting on behalf of the Saudis. Considering the UAI and Saudis have contracted mercenaries all the way from Colombia, it is not surprising to hire Eritreans from across the Red Sea.

What is surprising is the mother of all Sunni extremists, Wahabists and terrorists Saudi Arabia and the terror hatching nest of the Horn of Africa; Eritrea claiming to be working against terrorism. Really?

The Eritrean regime is so proud to be part of the Islamic coalition although it is in the third tear of the alliance, here is what they said on their website. “The Government of Eritrea views the initiative launched by the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to form an alliance against terrorism as a vital step in the promotion of peace and stability in our region and the world as whole.  The Government o Eritrea believes that the initiative is part and parcel of ongoing endeavors towards the establishment of broad strategic cooperation to combat terrorism and lawlessness and thereby guarantee peace and security in our region. In this spirit, the Government of Eritrea expresses its readiness to support the initiative without reservations and to extend its contribution to the alliance.

Eritrea asked the Arab League years back and it was rejected by organization because it was not Islamic enough maybe because half the population is Orthodox Christians or it is a black African country.


We hope the Ethiopian government is closely monitoring the situation before things get out of hand. The regime is run by the same people who bombed Mekelle elementary school and killed over fifty innocent people many of them elementary school children. The same people who invade our country when we least expected it and destroyed our towns.

The EPRDF Government waited for 17 years without taking significant action against the brutal expansionist Eritrean regime not the regime is about to be resurrected. We all know what that means to Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people.

The previous and the current prime ministers of Ethiopia proclaimed if Eritrean destabilizing actions against Ethiopia becomes an obstacle to our peaceful development path, they will take proportional military action.

If multimillion dollar investments are torched and burned to the ground, domestic and foreign investors will refrain from investing in the region or possibly in the country. If you can’t grantee the safety of business then all the development and economic growth is meaningless.

The Eritrean rogue regime is openly admitted it is hosting OLF, ONLF, Ginbot-7, Al-Shabab, and many more anti Ethiopia terrorist groups, we can conclude it is behind most of the destabilization movements.

Eritrea is not only obstacle, but a stumbling block to the fight against poverty. Eritrea is standing right in front of Ethiopia with a huge Bazooka taunting us. If EPRDF can’t see that there is something clouding its vision and it is going to be costly.

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