Tigrai Online caught PFDJ with a big lie on their website and Face book
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A stolen photo from Yemen psoted at a Eritrean government Face Book page as Ethiopians killed by police

The above picture is a screen capture from a PFDJ linked Facebook page called Hagerawi Dihnet ( https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1122107511195930&id=976178972455452 ). The photo is from Yemen which was posted in March 4, 2016 at this website click and see the real story where the Eritrean government stole it

Tigrai Online caught PFDJ with stolen photos and a big lie on their website and Face book

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, July 3, 2016

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The Eritrean government is not only bankrupted financially, but it is absolutely destitute morally. The strategy of PFDJ when it comes to propaganda lies is very clever. They think if their lie is so big, so colossal, and so outrageous, people would not be able to conceive it as a lie because they could not imagine someone could go that far to tell a lie for propaganda purposes.

This is a desperate time for the Shabiya camp and they are taking desperate measures. For some of you this may not be new about the PFDJ thugs in Asmara who perfected the act of deceiving and propaganda lie in to an art form, but for many people it is astonishing.

PFDJ is the most efficient in cyber war, mass manipulation and disinformation. The PFDJ gang is much better than the Ethiopian government by leaps and bounds in dissemination of information. When the PFDJ group gets cornered by the international community like what is happening this week at the United Nations, it resorts to its natural instinct which is pathological lying. That is exactly what is going on this week. Severely wounded in the June 11 and 12 Tserona-Badme lightning strikes and extremely whipped at the United Nations, the PFDJ is frightened out of its wits.

When the PFDJ gets so frightened it does two things it blames America and Ethiopia and starts spreading propaganda lies against Ethiopia. The group does this to cover its weakens from the Eritrean people. Why? Because the scariest scenario for the wicked PFDJ group is the day the Eritrean people see the truth and stand up to challenge it.

So how do the gangs in Asmara keep the Eritrean people from turning against them? They keep feeding them lies, like the majority of Ethiopians like the Oromo, and Amhara are with Eritrea and they are about to swallow the TPLF (Woyane). All Eritrea’s problems are coming from Ethiopia led by Woyane Tigrai, so if we destroy Woyane with the help of our brothers and sisters the Amhara and Oromo of Ethiopia Eritrea would have peace and tranquility. Our friends in Ethiopia which is a different country love the Eritrean Shabiya and the Eritrean people way better than their own people, the Tigrai people and their sons and daughters who paid the ultimate price to get rid of the Derg regime, the TPLF woyane.

PFDJ’s disrespect to the glorious country of Ethiopia and the mighty people of Ethiopia in general and the people of Tigrai is boundless. They think the Ethiopian people are so stupid they can’t tell who are the true Ethiopians and who rejected Ethiopianess insulting the majority Ethiopians as Adgi and is plotting to destroy Ethiopia day and night to rob their resources with the help of the Arabs.

This week Eritrean spy agents are spreading this propaganda lie about Ethiopian Security forces going house to house abducting Oromo and Amhara people. Please Look at what one of the Face book pages directly linked to the PFDJ government and a website known for its hate mongering against Ethiopias are posting.

In reality the event took place in the city of Aden, Yemen in March 4, 2016. In that Friday afternoon armed men stormed a small retirement home located in Sheikh Othman district of Aden and shot 12 elders, one guard, and four Indian nurses who were working in the retirement house.

A stolen photo from Yemen psoted at Meskerem.net as Ethiopian

The above picture is a screen capture from Meskerem dot net at the right colomn under the heading Hagerawi Dihnet. The photo is from Yemen which was posted in March 4, 2016 at this website http://newsofyemen.net/2016/03/4-india-n-nurses-killed-in-mother-teresas-retirement-home-with-12-inmates-in-aden-yemen/"> click and see the real story where the Eritrean government stole it

The pictures from the above event in Yemen are posted in Meskerem, the PFDJ linked Face book page Hagerawi Dihnet and other Eritrean government mouthpiece websites as Oromo and Amhara people killed by Ethiopian security forces. There are hundreds of similar instances where Eritrean websites and social media pages grossly distorting news, fabricating news, stealing photos and misappropriating them, and posting false statements of outrageous proportion about events in Ethiopia especially about the Oromo region and people.

We don’t have the time and resources to follow the PFDJ lies and misinformation machine and expose it every time. We thought this will serve as a sample of their daily deed to keep your eyes open about the evil strategy of the Eritrean government trying to create ethnic chaos in Ethiopia.

The PFDJ thugs are enemies of both the Ethiopian and Eritrean people and both people should be aware of their business plan for both countries which is to suck them dry. The only way to fight against darkness is with light PFDJ didn’t bring freedom to Eritreans. It hijacked the Eritrean revolution and it brought darkness to the Horn of Africa. It is high time for all the people of the region to get rid of it.

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