Eritrea PFDJ desperately trying to sneak out its spy agents from Ethiopia
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PFDJ desperately trying to sneak out its spy agents from Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. Oct. 18, 2016

Eritrean spies desperately trying to sneak out of Ethiopia

The Eritrean government is desperately trying to sneak out its secret intelligence agents out of Ethiopia. The president-for life’s regime is afraid the spies will be exposed or caught by Ethiopia due to the recently declared state of emergency.

It is a public secret by now the PFDJ Eritrean mafia group has sent hundreds of intelligence officers, spies, military experts, and special squads to Ethiopia. The Eritrean secret spies enter Ethiopia disguised as refugees, they also enter through Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia pretending to be Ethiopians.

When PFDJ’s reckless invasion of Ethiopia in 1998 ended up with the total humiliation of the Eritrean army never seen before, the gangsters in Asmara decided not to ever confront the Ethiopian gallant defense forces directly.

The new strategy is to wage proxy war against Ethiopia using Al-Shabab and other Ethiopian origin terrorist groups like OLF, Ginbot-7 and many more.

With the Arab countries financing, Egyptian technical expertise, and guidance, the Eritrean leaders are used as a dirty glove ready to do whatever it takes for a few million petro dollars.

Taking advantage of the generous gesture of the Ethiopian people in general and the people of Tigrai in particular to shelter about 130, 000 Eritrean refugees, the brutal PFDJ leaders sent many spies disguised as refugees. We can’t stress enough 99.9% of the refugees are innocent people trying to escape the North Korea of Africa, but mixed in with them are a few highly trained deadly spies with a mission. The mission is to create civil war in Ethiopia, spread hate among Ethiopians, and manipulate any small misunderstandings and turn them into full blown conflict. The lax security system in Ethiopia combined with the special trust the Ethiopian people have for all Habesha people including Eritreans, creates a perfect condition for the PFDJ spy agents to move freely and fulfill their missions in Ethiopia.

Now a state of emergency is declared in Ethiopia it is a whole different ball game not only for the Ethiopian people, but for the Eritrean and Egyptian agents too. Their every move will be scrutinized and what happens when you put contaminated blood under a microscope? You will see all the germs and bacteria freely swimming and moving in the blood.

That is exactly what is going to happen to the Eritrean spy agents, they will be exposed, but the Eritrean government is desperately trying to get them out of Ethiopia before they are caught red handed.

You can see many of the PFDJ regime websites publishing news like this one “Woyane's intention to use Eritrean refugees as human shields exposed.” This statement is so outrageously wrong it is even very funny.

When two unequal forces engage in some type of military confrontation the weakest, the smallest and the side that thinks it would not win in a direct fight will try to use “human shields.” The theory behind it is the strongest side will refrain from using all its military might to spare the civilians or to avoid condemnation by the international community. Now let’s see the above claim by the PFDJ websites that Woyane is planning to use Eritrean refugees as human shields. Does the Eritrean government posses the air power and military might that would scare the Woyanes bad enough to make them use human shields? NO.

Is Ethiopia/Woyane afraid Eritrea will invade Ethiopia now? NO! On the other hand Woyane not only can defeat Shabiya in a war, but it can hold it by the ears and take it to where the stick is and whoop its behind. The leaders of PFDJ know this fact very well. We all know who saved Shabiya’s neck when the military barricades at Nacfa were demolished by the Ethiopian soldiers in Dergi’s “RED STAR” military campaign. The question to ask should be is PFDJ scared out of its wits the spies and other secret personnel will fall in to the hands of Ethiopian security forces? The answer is resounding Yes, that is the main reason it is doing everything it can including instructing them to fight their way out of Ethiopia.  One of the Eritrean websites said some tried to cross the border fighting their way out, wink, winkthe refugees” that is.

We are told those who are trying to escape from Ethiopia risking their lives to go back to Eritrea are civilian Eritrean refugees. How stupid do they think the people of the world are?  Why in the name of good God will an Eritrean refugee living in Ethiopia risk his or her life to go back to Eritrea? Besides, once the deep cleaning in Ethiopia is completed do you think the PFDJ mafia group is going Scot-free after causing so much damage to Ethiopia, after instigating the Tigrai civilians to be deported and killed in Gonder, Mettema, Bahirdar and other parts of Amhara regions? Absolutely not!!!


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