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Berhanu Nega fled to Europe, but the phantom army is still roaring in Eritrea

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, January 8, 2015

Berhanu Nega fled to Europe, but the phantom army is still roaring in Eritrea
Doctor, Cheif of the Phantom Army, and Commander of Ginbot-7 Berhanu Nega missing from Eritrea we think he is hiding  at Anna Gobezie's house

For the past quarter a century since the TPLF/EPRDF forces librated Ethiopia from the Derg, remnants of the old regimes have been trying to get back to power by any means including working with arch enemies of Ethiopia.


Year after year they have beeen promising they will take back power in six months, Woyane’s days are numbered, and the Ethiopian people will rise up soon. None of their dreams come true and it looks like they will not be in power soon.

Six months ago Dr. Berhanu Nega and the top leadership of Ginbot-7 left the United States of America for Eritrea. The Eritrean Satellite Television ESAT announced with so much fanfare Commander Berhanu Nega and his lieutenants were in Eritrea to lead the Ginbot-7 and Arbengoch Ginbar army to victory. The statement said the commanders left their comfortable life in America,” because the struggle has reached decisive point where the leaders are needed to be in the front lines”.

Six months later the struggle is at a decisive point, but didn’t move an inch from where it was for the past 24 years. The gutless and spineless cowards will flee at a faint smell of gun powder let alone lead an army. First of all thanks to Mola Asgedom now we know there is no army, it is all made up drama for show to fool the Ethiopian people. Second even if they have an army they don’t have the determination and the tenacity the TPLF had to defeat the largest army in sub-Saharan Africa. Simply they are a bunch of namby-pamby barking from the comfort of their homes in America and London. Some of them are former members of the Derg and they know what the TPLF can do in the battle fields.

The commander of the cowards Berhanu Nega left Asmera, Eritrea in November 2015 to Europe supposedly to deliver a speech about the drought in Ethiopia. “Chairman of the Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy, Prof. Berhanu Nega arrived in Brussels, Belgium yesterday upon the invitation of the European Parliament to give his testimony about the current political situation as well as the ongoing drought in Ethiopia.NOT.


TOL has gathered information the Ginbot-7 leader was not invited by the European Parliament, but by a single individual. He did not go to Brussels to testify about anything in Ethiopia. He left Eritrea because after Mola Asgedom left Eritrea with all the rebel army, Berhanu was left with nothing. Berhanu’s hope for power was crashed without the Tigraian rebels he was no body. The only thing left for Berahnu is to become a propaganda tool for the Eritrean regime. If Isaias Afwerki couldn’t use him, he defiantly will expire him that is why Berhanu has to find a way out of the hell hole country very fast.

“The struggle is at a decisive point” only this time it is hinged on school children and armed gangsters running around burning their neighborhoods and destroying businesses.

The statement said the commanders left their comfortable life in America,” because the struggle has reached decisive point where the leaders are needed to be in the front lines”. Ginbotoch please tell us, is your army advancing still?

The Patriotic Ginbot 7 phantom army is still roaring in the deserts of Eritrea, but don’t get your hopes high to see them take over any town in northern Ethiopia because they have not fired a single bullet in the past 24 years.

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