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The countdown to our life span, and what did we contribute to our nation Ethiopia
I believe we the educated class completely neglected our responsibility, and we have no legacy to speak of. We the educated class of Ethiopia, have not put a dent in the educational, cultural, political, and cultural development of Ethiopia. If we apply a strict test, and measure our accomplishment, we will find out that we are the most infective educated class in the world. Read More

Clemency is a pillar of justice
Former Ambassador Tesfaye Habisso’s view point “A Practicable Advocacy or Trading in Illusions” (Tigraionline, 23rd December) wrongly concludes that those of us who fully back the Religious Leaders willingness to act as intermediaries for repentant and geriatric Derg officials, are not well versed with the Constitution and Law of Ethiopia and have, therefore, made illusion the currency of our campaign. Read More

A Practicable Advocacy or Trading in Illusions? A View Point
Finally, it is my considered view that advocating forgiveness and reconciliation for the Derg officials and their functionaries is a right idea whose time had long fleeted away during the painful days of the transition period (1991). It would have made sense during the early days of the transition period when the two thorny issues of justice versus amnesty confronted the new rulers of the country Read More


The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Eternal glory to our martyrs!


Gebre Gebremariam the Ethiopian Lion


Headline News

Dec. 31 2010

Child Sponsorship Report 2010, from Makalle, Ethiopia
End of Year Message

Dec. 30 2010

Idea of Little Ethiopia in Toronto gets a boost
U.S. issues travel warning for Kenya
Eritrean Tells of His Cruel Odyssey to Israel
A Fossil Hunt in Ethiopia’s Mush Valley
Helping women survive childbirth in Ethiopia (video)

Dec. 29 2010

Change in Ethiopian Work Conditions Not Flying with Employees
Sudan and Ethiopia hold joint border development meeting
Two Ethiopian runners in Luanda for yearend race

Dec. 28 2010

Iran Calls for More Consultations with Ethiopia to Help Settle Regional Crises
Gibe II resumes operation
Hamas torturing 250 Eritreans in Egypt

Dec. 27 2010

Egypt sayes it turned down nuclear weapons
Finally, in an apparent attempt to portray Egypt as a responsible member of the international community, Abdelaziz claimed that Egypt had been offered nuclear scientists, materials and even weapons following the collapse of the Soviet Union, but Egypt had refused all such offers.

Ethiopian Jews on hunger strike over move to Israel
Thousands of Ethiopian Jews started a hunger strike on Monday to appeal to the Israeli Government to end their suffering due to delayed repatriation to their dreamland.

Sudanese-Ethiopian Border Development Conference Winds Up
Sinnar State Governor and the Governor of Tigray Region were briefed on the talks between border trade, political and security committees within the joint border development conference.

Tax Auth. Expanding HQ at 31m Br
The Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) is to expand its headquarters to include two six-storey blocks, each resting on 625sqm, being constructed at a projected cost of around 31 million Br on a plot bordering its existing one.

Dec. 26 2010

Colorado Librarian Establishes Children's Library In Mekelle
Sudan — A nation divided: Eritrea and Ethiopia’s proxy war
Ethiopian Jesus
Woman who dumped dead baby at airport caught on CCTV
ETHIOPIA: Five-year plan to halve new HIV infections
African Migrants Protest Israeli Detention Center

Dec. 24 2010

Ethiopia to Allow First Non-Government TV Shows on New Channels
Resolution passed on Eritrean refugee hostages
Researchers develop reactor to make fuel from sunlight
Angola grounds Boeing 777 planes

Dec. 23 2010

Booming Ethiopia Is the New Face of Africa
Addis Rent House owners must register, pay tax
Rebel group wreaks havoc in northeast Kenya
Ethiopian Christ icon found 500 years on

Dec. 22 2010

Ethiopia to Allow First Non-Government TV Shows on New Channels
Two masked robbers ended an immigrant's dream of a better life Denver police said.

Dec. 21 2010

Ethiopia Gets $224.3 Million Funding for Power Lines
Gebrselassie at the ready for VCM
The Root: The Black Presence In Western Art

Dec. 20 2010

Befriending Other Side of Tracks for Security, Progress
Saudis Are Biggest Investors in Ethiopia Over 5 Years
The Jewish Palate: Beta Israel- The Jews of Ethiopia

Dec. 19 2010

Marathon great Haile Gebrselassie signs on to promote Johnnie Walker whiskey
Ethiopia Working with Child Advocacy Groups to Clean Up Adoptions
Tesemma retains Taipei marathon title

Dec. 18 2010

Eritrean leader fears US plans to kill him: cable
Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines Partner With Non-Profits to Deliver Needed Medical Supplies
AU Panel urges new approach to settle Ethiopia-Eritrea border dispute

Dec. 17 2010

Has the Nile Water War Begun?
City to Install New Kinds of Trash Cans at 110m Br
Haile Gebrselassie For President?

Dec. 16 2010

China, Ethiopia Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties
Egypt says reports of Eritrean hostages in Sinai 'unconfirmed
110 illegal immigrants from Ethiopia seized
Reigning champions will defend London Marathon titles

Dec. 15 2010

Keynote address by H.E. Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the FDRE at the Fifth International Conference of Federalism
Ethiopia export earnings up 64 pct in Q1 2010/11
Chinese company signs agreement to expand airport in Ethiopia
Ethiopia holds talks with Somalia
Canada supports rural communities in Ethiopia

Dec. 14 2010

CNN African Voices: Spotlight on Ethiopian native, Daniel Yohannes, Head of the Millenium Challenge Corporation
Ethiopia, China discuss projects financed by China
Bashir Suggests South Sudan's Referendum Might Be Invalid
Who was the Queen of Sheba?
US Policy in Eritrea: Threats and Cozying Up to Possible Coup Leaders

Dec. 13 2010

Ethiopia annual inflation eases to 10.2 pct in Nov
Nyota Minerals’ Ethiopia Mine Finds High-Grade Gold, CEO Says
Belainesh Gebre from Ethiopia wins women’s race
Somali prime minister trips to Ethiopia

Dec. 12 2010

US warned Eritrea of 'strong and swift' response to terror
Ethiopia to host continent’s first International Conference on Federalism
Agreement signed for Rift Valley study
Trade and investment opportunities glore in Ethiopia: Mulugeta

Dec. 10 2010

60,000 MW Electric Power Generation Potential in Ethiopia
Canada’s Africa Oil Corp. Agrees to Survey New Ethiopian Block
US to boost agricultural support to Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s Zemen Bank Follows Central Bank Call and Raises Rates

Dec. 09 2010

US ambassador portrays Isaias Afwerki as part menace, part weirdo
Kenya assists Ethiopia fight Oromia rebels
Ethiopia hikes interest rates to boost construction
UNHCR fear for Eritrea migrants 'held hostage' in Egypt
US embassy cables: Ethiopian intelligence chief gives rare interview

Dec. 08 2010

Ethiopia grants UK firm exploration rights for gold
Ethiopia Plans to Repair Gilgel II, Start Electricity Exports This Year
Zambia’s loss to Ethiopia uncalled for-FAZ
Eritrean refugees rally in protest of ethnic cleansing by their government
Eritrea is Africa's largest prison for journalists-CPJý

Dec. 07 2010

Ethiopia considers renewable energy
Ethiopia increases savings interest rate by one per cent
New Egyptian-Ugandan electricity company
Eritrean Christian Flees Native Country After Years of Persecution


The countdown to our life span, and what did we contribute to our nation Ethiopia
Gidoen Bahtemariam

Clemency is a pillar of justice
Mulugeta Aserate Kassa

A Practicable Advocacy or Trading in Illusions? A View Point
Tesfaye Habisso

Avengers neither forgive nor forget, and the naïve forgive and forget; but victors forgive but not forget
Mulugeta Aserate Kassa

200 mules, 15 elephants –Loot of the Citadel From Emperor Yohannes IV to AFROMET-The Quest for Restitution
Esayas Berhane

Avengers neither forgive nor forget, and the naïve forgive and forget;but victors forgive but not forget
Mulugeta Asrate-Kassa

We must live for the future, and not for the past or in the past.
Mulugeta Asrate-Kassa

Kidane Woldemichael

Get united against adverse effects of climate change!
Fanowedy Samara

The 5th Ethiopian Nations , Natinalities & people's Day celebrated in London, United Kingdom
Tezera Asegu

Happy 31st Anniversary to Dmtsi Woyane Tigray

Tekeze Hydropower project named best Renewable/Sustainable Project of the year

Egypt day time colonization of Eritrea, cold war up graded to a warm war,all in the next ten years?
Gidoen Bahtemariam

Federalism in an Era of Globalization: Reflections on Ethiopia
Professor Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D

The great leap forward in improving social securty of ethiopians
Fanowedy Samara

Who was the Good Lady Meux?
Professor Richard Pankhurst

EEU EOM report-divorced with reality and principples
Fanowedy Samara

Federalism and the Ethiopian renaissance
Fanowedy Samara

Mebseea Tigrgna poem
G.E. Gorfu

The good allegiance of all Ethiopian’s and the presence of good governance for the attainment of Development and Transformation plans
Tezera G. Asegu

30th anniversary ANDM Cellebration[1]

Genocide Watch or Agitation for an Ethnic Cleansing?

Awlaelo Alumni Changed Its Name


ANDM’s 30th Year Anniversary was successfully celebrated in London UK

Ethiopian PM warns Egypt off Nile war

Meles has the gift of the gab, and it has become his critics' thorn in the flesh

An Image of Ethiopia: Racism in Santon's dark heart

We Abhor the Call for Ethnic Cleansing made by the so-called G.Watch.
UTNA Press Release

Time we learned to hear things we don’t like

Former Foreign Minister, Seyoum Mesfin to be Ethiopia’s ambassador to China

Lower call rates a hit with Rebtel customers who call Ethiopia

Boeing delivered its first 900th 777 airliner to Ethiopian Airlines

The Fate of Ethiopia Must be Decided by Ethiopians A commentary on Gregory Stanton’s Speech
Ghelawdewos Araia, Ph.D.

Israel okays immigration of 8,000 Ethiopians

Amharic Poem
Ge.E. Gorfu

Amharic Poem
Tsehaye Debalkew

Call for pogrom-the verifiable attack of Tigreans by Dr. Gregory Stanton, President of G.W.
Bereket Kiros

Decadent chauvinist's Myth and Effrontery that won't quit;
Hadish Hagos

Practicing hypocrisy in EOTC would be detrimental to the cohesion of the laity
Dilwenberu Nega

Multi Media - A glimpse to the Ethiopian music and culture