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Eritrea's Yemane Ghebreab interviewed by InnerCityPress
After Eritrea on July 19 got the UN Security Council meeting it had earlier requested, InnerCityPress.com interviewed Yemane Ghebreab, special political adviser to the Eritrean President. Read More

malnutritioned Eritrean Afar kidUs says Eritrea is hiding food crisis
A repressive regime in Eritrea fails to provide data on the humanitarian needs of its own people. The free flow of information is what allows people to make early choices that can help avert catastrophe. We urge the Government of Eritrea to cooperate with the UN agencies and other international organizations. Read More

Tigrai Online - Invest in Tigrai State in EthiopiaInvest in Tigrai State Northern Ethiopia
As the Ethiopian growth and transformation is in full swing the regional states of the country are doing their share. Most of the regional states have established Diaspora offices to help facilitate investment by Ethiopians living abroad. The following documents are recently released by the Tigrai regional State. Read More


The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Eternal glory to our martyrs!


Daily Headline News

July 31 2011

Ethiopia to sell power to East Africa
Eritrea demands formally to rejoin IGAD
World Bank Drought Plan Focuses on Ethiopia, Kenya

July 30 2011

Security Council extends mandate of monitoring group for Somalia and Eritrea
Somali refugee mortality rates falling in Ethiopia camps: UNHCR
As East Africa faces famine, autocratic Eritrea suffers in silence as refugees flee

July 29 2011

Ethiopia coffee exports hit record high
Eritrea applies to rejoin Igad bloc
Eritrea Unaffected by Drought, Famine, Says Asmara Official

July 28 2011

Eritrea behind AU summit attack plot: UN report
Somalia offensive: 300 new militants in Mogadishu
Germany blames Chinese land buys for Africa drought
Man convicted of 1988 Portland hate crime dies

July 27 2011

State shrugs off opposition, gives Lamu Port green light
UN World Food Program readies aircraft to fly food aid to Somalia
Over 100 illegal Ethiopian immigrants arrested
At UN on Eritrea Sanctions, Now Ethiopia To Be Heard by Committee

July 26 2011

Share Transfer between Sheba Gold, Centamin Due in Three Weeks
Crisis talks bring African aid, food drops
Sara Cotton Raises $6.4M To Expand Cotton Farming In Ethiopia
UNHCR deeply concerned by deportation of Eritreans from Sudan

July 25 2011

Somali pirates' attack on India-bound Ethiopian ship foiled
Horn of Africa famine: France warns of 'scandal'
Uganda, Ethiopia aid South Sudan, Somalia

July 24 2011

North, South Sudan to restart post-split negotiations in Ethiopia
Indian enterprise to set up $30 mn cancer centre in Ethiopia
Al-Shabab prevents aid from reaching 2.2M Somalis

July 23 2011

Ethiopian Receives the 5th 777-200LR Named "The Sahara"
Ethiopian Airlines continues to grow as world class African airline, with the introduction of its 5th 777-200LR on July 22, 2011 named “The Sahara”. Ethiopian brand new 777-200LR arrived at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport this morning

Lost for answers
Michael Atakelt, 22, was found dead in the Maribyrnong River on July 7. The cause of death is not yet known

WFP chief says famine in Somalia will expand soon
Famine in Somalia will soon expand to more areas as insecurity in the Horn of Africa country has prevented aid from reaching more than 2 million Somalis in need

July 22 2011

Ethiopia signs gas and oil contracts
UN calls for talks on Africa
U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon's plea: We can't allow Somalia to starve

July 21 2011

At UN, Eritrea Gets “Bashed” Despite Badme Land Claim, Sanctions Threatened
Eritrean Navy members defect to Yemen, risk deportation
Bosnia Energoinvest wins Ethiopian power line deal
Young Eritreans in Ethiopia face future in limbo

July 20 2011

Swedes to remain in Ethiopian custody
The Sheraton Addis, exhibits Art of Ethiopia 2011 from 26-28th August
UN declares Somalia famine in Bakool and Lower Shabelle
African Union Countries Consider Air Travel Tax to Fund Bloc’s Operations

July 19 2011

Ethiopian Peacekeepers Arrive in Sudan’s Disputed Border Region of Abyei
Minnesota man admits Somalia terror plot
Indian firm to build sugar mill in Ethiopia
Somali Refugees Fill UN Camp in Ethiopia Within One Month
Armless Ethiopian Carpenter Sintayehu Tishale Uses Feet To Work Handily With Tools

July 18 2011

Borena zone braced for more failed rains
South Sudan denies it will grant residence to former Ethiopian dictator
Saudis eyeing Ethiopians as maids

July 17 2011

Lightning Kills 25 amid extensive drought in East Africa

July 16 2011

South Sudan honors Ethiopian airlines as "Official Carrier of Independence Celebration"
The Republic of South Sudan has named Ethiopian Airlines as the "Official Carrier of Southern Sudan’s Independence Celebration" for the flight services it provided during the historic independence day.

The secret war in Somalia
Jeremy Scahill revealed that the CIA is running "a counterterrorism training program for Somali intelligence agents and operatives" at Mogadishu’s airport

Somali terror group linked to Al Qaeda 'recruited 21 men in Minnesota'
Details of how a carefully-organised Islamist cell raised money, created fake itineraries and held secret meetings have emerged ahead of the trial of one suspected leader

Floods pose new threat to food security
Ethiopia's meteorological agency has forecast normal to above-normal rainfall during the June-September rainy season, with the risk of flooding in western, northwestern and central areas

July 15 2011

Queen Sheba Annual celebration part I Queen Sheba Annual celebration part II
Measles in Ethiopia, Kenya, add to number of 2011 outbreaks
Refugees flee war and starvation in Somalia
The Horn: Will More Sanctions Douse Eritrea Powderkeg?

July 14 2011

Ethiopia begins food handouts to drought-hit millions
Ethiopia Begins Deploying Troops to Disputed Abyei Region
Raw meat dishes are served in Ethiopian restaurants in the U.S.
Ethiopian ambassador: Millennium Dam will not hurt relations with Egypt

July 13 2011

Missing Eritrean players surrender
WFP considers returning to rebel-held Somali regions
New nation of South Sudan to get new currency
Centamin's acquisition of Sheba is positive for company - broker

July 12 2011

13 Red sea players go missing
Ethiopia aiming for digital revolution
UPDATE 1-Ethiopia inflation reaches 38 pct in June
Boeing freezes 787 production line in place for fifth time

July 11 2011

Video released of Swedes jailed in Ethiopia
Ethiopia needs $398 million for food aid
Centamin in recommended 7.48 mln stg offer for Sheba
Sofia Assefa of Ethiopia wins 3,000m Steeplechase run at Aviva Grand Prix

July 10 2011

In Ethiopia, Lee literally gets down to business
Ethiopia starts logistic supply for Abyei mission
UN calls for long-term solution to Ethiopia's drought crisis
Eritrea slams Ethiopia, IGAD over fresh sanction calls

July 09 2011

South Sudan's flag raised at independence ceremony
Ambassador meets detained journalists
Ethiopian runners dominate New Milford's Moonlight Run 5K

July 07 2011

Jailed Swedes on the way to Ethiopian capital
The journalists entered Ethiopia illegally together with the rebels, who are classed as terrorists by the regime. Following their arrest, the pair were taken to an arrest in the city Jijiga

Somalis seek refuge from drought in Ethiopia
The UN World Food Programme (WFP) says more than 110,000 Somalis have arrived at the remote camps at Dolo Ado in south-eastern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Upsets Kenya In The 3000m Youth Final
Gotytom Gebreslase, 16 years old of Ethiopia, upset the field by winning the final in 8:56.36, running the fastest youth time in the world this year.

Ethiopian Airlines Executive: Expect Boeing 787 Jet Delivery In March
Ethiopian Airlines expects to receive delivery of Boeing Co.'s (BA) new 787 Dreamliner passenger jets in March 2012, Fikre Degife, the carrier's regional director for China, said Thursday.

Ethiopian woman missing in Quebec
Netsanet Asfaw Tasew, 31, was working as a nanny for a family from Saudi Arabia that is staying with relatives in Quebec for a wedding. uthorities said the woman does not speak English or French and is not believed to be carrying any money

National Regional Government of Tigrai Opened Diaspora Affairs Office
World Bank loans Ethiopia $150 mln for governance
One Refugee Without Hope: Eritrean teen does not dare to dream
South Sudan says it can export oil through East Africa, bypassing Khartoum
Djibouti Signs 15 Million-Euro Accord With EU on Power Project
Somali Man to Face Terror Charges in US

July 05 2011

Swedish Ambassador met with jailed Swedes in Ethiopia
Ethiopia 2011/12 budget boosts development spending
Africa Drought Endangers Millions
Ethiopia to get armoured tanks amid Eritrea and Somali threats

July 04 2011

Queen Sheba School Alumni and Friends- International Holds its First Annual Conference
AU peace plan to gather Libyan Govt, rebel representatives in Ethiopia
E.African leaders call for sanctions on Eritrea
Exotic, gluten-free grain grows in popularity -- enough to cause a dust-up in eastern Oregon

July 03 2011

IGAD Strongly condemns State of Eritreas destabilizing activities in the region
Ethiopian peacekeeper killed in West Darfur
Britain to give £38m in food aid to Ethiopia

July 02 2011

Ethiopia's peacekeeping history - Ethiopia the guard of peace
Ethiopia jails hundreds in Muslim attacks on Christians over Koran rumour
Insufficient funds hit Horn of Africa aid efforts
U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan Princeton Lyman Travels to Ethiopia and Sudan
Libyan government, rebels to hold talks in Ethiopia
Lee heads for South Africa to make final pitch for PyeongChang's Olympic bid
ERITREA-SUDAN: Refugees battling for a better life

July 01 2011

Nile Day Staged in Philly in Support of building the Grand Renaissance Dam
Potential into Practice: The Ethiopian Diaspora Volunteer Program
Ethiopian Lawmakers Will Vote on Proposed Budget Next Week
Somalia: On the brink of disaster


A Note on the Economics Effects of Queen Sheba Schools on the Town of Adwa
Professor Desta, Asayehgn

Journalist, Edit Thyself
Tesfai Hailu

Regime Change in Ethiopia via Mass Uprisings and Street Demonstrations: Whose Agenda?
Tesfaye Habisso

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia interview on Ethiopian TV.

Emerging Challenges in Democratic Developmental State: The Case of Ethiopian Growth and Transformation
Professor Desta, Asayehgn

Ethiopia's budget of 2004 and Q & A with Prim Minister Meles Zenawi

Who says journalists are above the law?
Dilwenberu Nega

High alert on terror as Eritrea might unleash the terror dogs

The Two Swedish journalists arrested in Ethiopia trying to sneak to Ethiopia with ONLF

The Future of Education in Ethiopia
Yemane Muzey

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, of Ethiopia,2011 TV interview, Insight -with Vickram Bahl (Video

Is Classifying Ginbot7, OLF and ONLF as Terrorists Infelicitous? I Donít Really Remember
Hindeya Mebrahtu

Meeting call,Tigray Community Center Greater Boston Area

Struggle Over the Nile - Legacy of dispute

Tigrai Online - Hannah GodefaPencil Mountain founder Hannah Godefa travels to Ethiopia next month

Ethiopian Super Model Liya Kebede is the New Face of L'Oreal Paris

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Speech in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Agazi Operation survivalists Abeba Fara and more (Video)

Struggle Over the Nile - Legacy of dispute

Eritreas terrorist plot to Bomb Addis Abeba-Addis as Bagdad

Open Letter to Ethiopiaís deputy prime minister, H.E. Hailemariam Desalegn

Models for Environmentally Sustainable Development: Reviews of Developmental State versus Employer of Last Resort-Led Development Part I
Professor Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D

Ethiopia buys over 200 tanks from Ukraine for $100 million

The Problematic of Leadership Succession in Africa: Why do leaders cling to power?
Tesfaye Habisso

UK Ethiopian Diaspora celebrate the 20th anniversary of May 28 in London


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