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Abiy Ahmed flees Ambo and he is airlifted out of the city

Tigrai Online Oct. 31, 2019

Abiy Ahmed chased away from Ambo town

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali was greeted with violent protesters in Ambo today and was airlifted by a helicopter out of the town.


Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali was greeted with loud Protesters in the town of Ambo, Oromia state today Thursday 31, 2019. Abiy Ahmed went to Ambo to explain about Jawar Muhammed’s claim of that there was a plot to kill him last week.

When the Abiy Ahmed arrived there was hundreds of angry Oromo youth waiting for him chanting “Down Down Abiy” and they wouldn’t even let him in until the military and local police intervene.

After the meeting started the Qerroo youth kept their chant making it impossible to hear anything in the meeting hall.

According to eye witnesses the prime minister gave up and left the meeting after a short period of time, however when he was trying to get out of the building, the entire area was surrounded by thousands of demonstrators chanting even louder “Down Down Abiy, we stand with our hero Jawar Muhammed!”. Finally Abiy Ahmed had to be airlifted by helicopter out of the town of Ambo fleeing from the angry crowd. So much for Nobel Peace Prize winner leader how ironic this coward was awarded a prize for ruining Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian people in general especially the people of Oromia state are fed up with Abiy Ahmed’s manipulation and mountain of lies. The latest protests in Oromia and the capital Addis Ababa erupted after Jawar Muhammed a well known Oromo atavist and an independent media owner accused the government trying to remove his security guards in the middle of the night exposing him to harm. Jawar called announced the situation on social media and give interviews to various news media outlets how and why things happened. After those violent protests erupted all over Oromia and they are still continuing unabated.

According to international news 78 people have been killed and over 250 people wounded this week. Abiy Ahmed didn’t say a word about it the whole week and he was harshly criticized for it. Supporters of Jawar are insinuating it was a sinister plot by the government to kill him.

It seems things are going out of control in Ethiopia and the attempted assassination of Jawar Muhammed was the last straw. Many are wondering what would have happened to Abiy Ahmed if he wasn’t air lifted by a helicopter from Ambo today.

Abiy Ahmed smiled his way to the Menilik palace speaking the Oromo language, but the people of Oromia are aware now he is working for extremist Neftenga group. There is plenty of evidence he is not working for the interest of the Ethiopian people, but he is working to bring back the unitary evil system and he is slowly working to demolish the Ethiopian federal system and the constitution. A good example is he has restored Menilik palace, he surrounds himself with known chauvinists, and he wants Amharic to be the primary language for education in Ethiopia. Now he has allegedly threaten the Jawar Muhammed who is considered a hero by the Oromo youth.


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