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Ethiopian government forces are surrounding Jawar Muhammad’s house

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Tigrai Online Oct. 22, 2019

Ethiopian government forces are surrounding Jawar Muhammad’s house

Ethiopian government forces are surrounding Jawar Muhammad’s house in the capital of Ethiopia.


Updated today October 23, 2019

Tigrai Online has found more information about the tense standoff that started last night an dstill going on between Abiy’s government forces and the Oromo activist and Director of the Oromia Media Network – OMN, Mr. Jawar Muhammad.

Here are the core facts we know so far:

Abiy Ahmed and his chauvinist unitary team have started pressuring Jawar Muhammad to renounce his American citizenship or stop interfering in Ethiopian politics starting last week. A few days ago Abiy and his group found out Jawar was leaning to renouncing his citizenship and run for election. Knowing the closet Amhara chauvinist Abiy Ahmed doesn’t stand a chance if run against Jawar they decided to take action.

According to Jawar Muhammad’s recent interview with BBC Amharic program, on October 22, 2019 around mid night the security guards assigned to Jawar were ordered to leave their posts without informing him. Most security guards refused the order and informed Jawar. When Jawar called the commander responsible for the safety and security of V.I.Ps, he informed him he was ordered by the higher ups to remove the security personnel and their equipments. When he called the federal police commissioner and his deputy they didn’t answer their phones despite the fact Jawar used to call and talk to them any time he wanted.

Jawar Mohammad believes someone in the government was planning to assassinate him by removing his personal body guards using thugs working with the government. Jawar said in the interview the plan was his assassination was supposed to look like that it was carried out by members of other ethnic groups who are angry about his views.

Thousands of members of Qeerroo are demonstrating throughout Oromia region and as a result some people have lost their lives.

The U.S. Embassy has issued a security alert this afternoon regarding the situation in Ethiopia.

The U.S. Embassy is monitoring numerous reports of impromptu, private roadblocks preventing safe travel on major roads leading into and out of Addis Ababa and throughout the Oromia region.  Additionally, the Embassy is monitoring reports of large gatherings in the Bole Rwanda and Bole Japan areas of Addis Ababa, which should be avoided.

All Chief of Mission personnel of the U.S. Embassy currently in Harar, Dira Dawa, and other cities in Oromia have been advised to return to Addis Ababa using air travel as soon as possible.  If vehicle travel from these locations to Addis Ababa is required, personnel have been advised to shelter in place rather than travel.  Further, Chief of Mission personnel are not permitted to travel outside of Addis Ababa by vehicle at this time.

The federal police commissioner and Oromia state deputy president has expressed their concerns. The Ethiopian prime minister is in Russia the Jawar situation is still tense.


Posted October 22, 2019

Reports coming from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia are confirming Ethiopian government forces are surrounding Jawar Muhammad’s house in the capital of Ethiopia. Social media reports coming this hour from Face Book and Twitter are saying federal security forces has started breaking Jawar Muhammad’s house. Tigrai Online has seen some videos and photos taken by mobile phone showing some youth chanting Jawar Muhammad’s name. We also saw photos of hundreds of Qeerroo members sitting and standing around Jawar Muhammad’s house.

Jawar Muhammad himself also posted the above post on Face Book at 8:10 PM USA time today October 22, 2019. It seems he is pleading to those who ordered the security forces to surround his house to stop the armed action against him. We are not sure what the purpose of the government’s action. Is it to arrest Jawar Muhammad or not.  We are not sure because the government never announced their intention to do so or if the Ethiopian prosecutor had sent him a summons.

If the prime minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed ordered this military action against Jawar Muhammad, he is really lost his mind. Jawar Muhammad is a very popular Oromo activist with a great influence especially in the Oromia region’s youth who are highly organized in the name of Qeerroo. The Oromo youth are threatening to close the five main gates leading to the city of Addis Ababa.

A few months ago high ranking government officials and decorated army Generals including the Chief of staff of the Ethiopian Defense forces have been brazenly killed in a broad day light. Nearly five months later the criminals who are behind the assassination of Generals Seare Mokennen and Gezae Abera is unknown. No one has been arrested and brought to justice. Some people suggest the Ethiopian prime minister and his close mentors are behind this heinous crime. We are wondering if the currently developing dangerous crisis was planned by the same people for the same purpose.

This is the latest interview of Jawar Muhammad.

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