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Mrs. Anna Gomez: A Broken Record (part 2)

Part Two

By Hagere Dawit
Tigrai Onlne - December 26, 2013

Meles during his life time, he hasn’t at one time kneeled to the wishes of any (foreign) power other than the wish of his people. In fact he’s known for his struggle against those who want to instigate color revolution by disregarding his countrymen’s wishes and interest like the likes of Mrs. Anna Gomez.

Mrs. Anna Gomez: A Broken Record

For this, we can look into what he said once about them, which goes like, “we can never be friends with the color-revolutionaries neo-liberal extremist forces”. All in all, since Ato Meles has crafted millions in his vision, they should realize that his passing won’t create conducive environment for them to exploit. Despite the huge loss, the extremist should realize this verity by coming out of hatred politics.

The other thing the woman raised was the same old tiring color revolutionaries’ broken record like repeated claim that ‘the political spectrum has narrowed (contracted) compared to the 97’. For Mrs. Anna Gomez, the expansion or contraction of a given political spectrum is weighed with regards to the ‘97 color revolution attempt.

For her, a political spectrum is wide (expanded) enough, if a puppet regime is established through a street-riot instigated by their lackey local opposition parties. But, I believe so long as there are political parties operating peacefully and legally, providing viable policy alternatives, it can’t be said that the spectrum is getting contracted. In fact what define whether a given political spectrum is wide /narrow has to do with the right to association in that given country.

Contrary to what the woman has claimed; which in the first place is given as part of a smear campaign against our country and government with regards to this, the right to association in our country is not only guaranteed in the constitution but it’s only a few years shy of celebrating its 20th anniversary since its implementation.

The sea of political parties registered on the book of the ‘National Election Board of Ethiopia(NEBE)’ can be a testament to this reality. Maybe Mrs. Gomez didn’t get the memo or don’t want to talk about it, but the government and the ruling party have widened the country’s political spectrum more than ever during the 2002 election.

Particularly the Electoral Code of Conduct for Political Parties(ECCPP) have played a major role in this positive impact. Although on the eve of the 2002 election the latest local color revolutionary party (MEDREK) have refused to sign the ‘code of conduct’. nevertheless the it has contributed tremendously in widening the political playing field.

‘MEDREK’ may refuse to sign ‘code of conduct’ as per the instructions of its foreign color–revolutionary masters and comrades, but this act doesn’t implicate that the political spectrum has narrowed. It’s only good for creating a hotbed for Anna Gomez’s unfounded and fictional talk. In fact Mrs. Anna Gomez seems to think that color revolution can’t happen in Ethiopia. I say this because her comment about the anti-terror law, in which she claimed that the law is there in order to silence oppositions, has some underlining fear to it. Let me further elaborate this…

As it’s known, a color revolution is instigated in a given country though the combined enterprise of local and foreign forces. Although there isn’t any proof that she can find to back-up her claim may be her concerns revolves around the fact that they could end-up losing major local carriers (players) of color revolutionaries, likes the lights of ‘Medrek’, ‘Andinet’ and ‘Semyawi’ parties. And if these local lackeys are absent, then there won’t be any color-revolution to be instigated through street riots.

So, as far as I can understand, the women’s concern is not for the opposition parties but herself. However, notwithstanding the fact that the door to color revolution in Ethiopia is closed, the women should not fear. I say this because, the government hasn’t used the anti-terror law to silence opposition, nor will it use it in the future. Of course there is one underlying truth.

That is everyone will be brought before a court of law, if he/she is suspected of committing a crime. And this is the working principle all over the world in which they uphold ‘rule of law’. Thus, the ‘anti-terror’ provision brings to law suspected criminals to the law, not oppositions or other fabric of the society.

So, if Mrs. Anna Gomez is arguing for criminals, then her argument is not acceptable in any circumstance. In fact she might be the only European politician who claims that criminals shouldn’t be brought before the law for their deeds. Thus, as far as ‘making an unconfirmed claim’ goes, I don’t think making claim based on unfounded rumors is beneficial to the women, except for tarnishing her reputation.

The woman’s ridiculous remarks have no bounds. Without a hint of shame, she has claimed that she’s a friend of Ethiopians and that she genuinely is “concerned” about the country.

But as far as I know, she hasn’t even for once thought anything pleasant about our country and the people. From what I’ve seen, she has always brought up unflattering words on to Ethiopia, on every possible juncture. On top of helping the likes of the terrorist Dr. Berhanu Nega Carry-out a smear campaign, she has been lobbying the EU to not give any aid or loan to Ethiopia and the people.

By meddling in to the country’s political matter: she has asked the Ethiopian government to accept the unjust ruling of the Hague without any precondition; she has backed the terrorist Dr. Berhanu and etc…What we can understand from this is the fact that she’s concerned about terrorists, extremists and about the ‘terror-in-chief’, not about the good of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

But, this should not be surprising considering her maternal association to color revolution- and the fact that the revolutionaries are rioters and havoc-crazed. And she reaffirmed her close association with color revolution during her talks with ‘Medrek’, EDP, AAUD and ‘Semyawi’ party in which she confirmed her support to them on the next election of 2007. (This was an answer given to the opposition party’s “what should be the future of Ethiopia’s democratic direction?”) Our country’s opposition parties are really an embarrassment.

They always pin their hope on foreign powers instead of their countrymen. I believe they should turn their face around to their people (if they’re going to have to any shot of doing something worthy).

Although the opposition are eyeing to import an unfit democracy and color revolution by disregarding the people’s wishes, they’re going to have to face the bitter truth that the democratic order that’s underway in the country does not need any body’s consent(outside the people of Ethiopia). These oppositions have to understand that there won’t be any democratic process without the consent and will of the people. Imploring to Mrs. Anna Gomez or blabbering through the media won’t get them anywhere.

As any of the readers of this article knows, our country’s democratic order is built on the people’s free vote. And the supreme law of our land, the constitution is a document ratified by the will and consent of Ethiopia’s nation, nationalities and people.

So, ripping apart the constitution is the same as ripping apart the peoples’ vote. However, the oppositions have tried to tear down (rip apart) the constitution on all of the previous 4 elections, disregarding the publics’ consent.

In its part, the public has on many occasions and opportunities have tried to inform these people to respect the constitution. Disappointed by their reply, they’ve reprimanded them through their votes. But, as the term ‘willful ignorance’ goes, the oppositions are still insisting on disregarding the people’s and their countrymen’s will and consent.

The opposition is still infatuated with foreign-powers-parented democracy and foreign-powers-mastered-color revolution. And the recent Anna Gomez encouragement didn’t help either.

Therefore, the oppositions should realize that having or presenting viable alternative policies to the people, instead of imploring to the color revolution ‘don’ Anna Gomez will help their cause, come the 2007 election. Otherwise the outcome will be the same as the last one or the one before the last one- a complete disregard from the people.

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