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Top Eritrean diplomat abandons the dictatorial Eritrean regime

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Tigrai Online, May 11, 2015

Mohamed Idris Yawish a top Eritrean diplomat defected to Addis Ababa this week
Yet another top Eritrean diplomat abandons the brutal dictatorial Eritrean regime .

Mohamed Idris Yawish a thirty five years veteran of the Eritrean struggle and top Eritrean diplomat abandoned the Eritrean regime this week.

Mohamed Idris was one of the top Eritrean diplomats at the African Union – AU. Mr. Idris also was the First Secretary of the Eritrean team at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in Addis Ababa.

Mohamed Idris served in different capacities throughout his career since he joined the EPLF as a fighter and after independence of Eritrea.  Mr. Idris says the reason he left the Eritrean government is for numerous reasons. The main one is the PFJD government in Eritrea has become more brutal over the years. He said the Eritrean people fought to bring about Justice, democracy, equality and the rule of law in Eritrea, but what they got with current regime is the opposite.

Mr. Idris mentioned the Eritrean regime will never change and the only way to bring change in Eritrea is to fight the regime and remove it. The original principles of bringing unity, development and social justice to the Eritrean people will be achieved by taking action against the thugs in Asmara.


Mohamed Idris said he was fade up with Eritrean regime and decided to leave the regime and join the struggle against PFJD thugs and bring the change what the Eritrean people fought for.

Many high level Eritrean government officials have left the dictatorial regime over the years including Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu Ahmed who has defected from Eritrea and he is living in Australia.  Thousands of forcefully conscripted soldiers and civilians are fleeing Eritrea and going to Ethiopia and other neighboring countries and are choosing to face harsh conditions all over the world.

Mr. Mohmed Idris couldn’t serve the most brutal regime on earth any more so decided to abandon the government and join the true struggle for the Eritrean people.

Eritrean diplomat Mohamed Idris announces he has abandoned the dictatorial Eritrean regime for good in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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