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An insider's guide to shopping in Addis Ababa by CNN

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, January 12, 2016

An insider's guide to shopping in Addis Ababa by CNN


With the headquarters of the African Union located in Ethiopia's capital city, as well as an award-winning airline and a rapidly-growing economy, Addis Ababa is increasingly recognized as a political and economic hub in Africa. (CNN)

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TOL Admin:
It is really great CNN has started publishing articles that reflect the current status of Ethiopia now days. Media outlets like CNN are the only window to Ethiopia and other third world countries for most Americans and westerners. Whatever they putout is seen as a representative of the reality in the countries, so it is very refreshing to see CNN publishing a number of articles that show amazing change and progress taking place in Ethiopia. Some news media outlets like the BBC and the VOA to some extent are always concentrating on the negative aspects of life in Ethiopia instead of reporting the reality as it is on the ground.

It is not because they can’t see the change in Ethiopia, it is they have their own political agenda their trying to push against Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people.

It seems since the official visit by President Obama to Ethiopia, many American news media are publishing great things about Ethiopia and we are so happy about that.


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