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AFP Fact Check exposes how the Abiyot regime doctored a Chinese rocket with the Ethiopian flag

Tigrai Online Jan. 6, 2020

AFP Fact Check exposes Ethiopians doctored a Chinese rocket
The above image is from AFP Fact Check showing the Chinese rocket with doctered Ethiopian flag on it.


AFP published an article on January 2, 2020 titled “Is this an Ethiopian rocket?  False.” In a subtitle AFP answered its own question by saying, “No, it is a Chinese rocket doctored with the Ethiopian flag.”

The mercenary team in Menlik palace led by the low level security officer, Abiyot Ahmed Ali has been faking everything to conceal it’s true nature from the Ethiopian people and the international community. Team Abiyot Ahmed’s goal was and still is to seize state power by any means necessary including by secretly passing unclassified military information to hostile nations and terrorist entities compromising Ethiopia’s national security.

The treasonous Abiyot Ahmed went above and beyond to appear authentic force of change that was working to fulfill the aspirations of the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian people were tired of EPRDF’s weaknesses and not listening to their legitimate demands regarding democracy and good governance. Taking advantage of the political situation in Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed and his masters manipulated the Ethiopian youth and pushed them to confrontation with the state. Every action and every speech by Abiy Ahmed was carefully crafted with fraudulent and false propaganda to maximize acceptance by the Ethiopian people. For a while the fake tactics worked many Ethiopians believed Abiyot Ahmed might bring real change to Ethiopia, but it was all false promises.

From his name which is Abiyot Ahmed Ali which he faked to Abiy Ahmed to the speeches he made in Somali, Oromia, Tigrai, Afar, Amhara and other Ethiopian states, all of it was 100% based on lies. If we can mention what Abiyot said when he came to Mekelle, Tigrai the first time as a prime minister; he said, Tigrai is the heart, the brain, the engine, the center of Ethiopian civilization and he added the Tigrai people are golden people, meanwhile he was planning how to crush the people of Tigrai by coordinating with their arch enemies.


We will not have the time or the space to list all the fraudulent and deceptive actions of Abiy Ahmed here, but one the biggest one is the way he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize which was for bringing peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea. In reality Abiy Ahmed didn’t bring any peace to Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Ethiopian and Eritrean people know this fact because they know he wasn’t working towards long lasting peace, it was a tactical move to secure his power.

It didn’t take that long for reality to catch up with Abiy Ahmed’s dishonest and criminal nature. AFP one of the biggest news networks of the world published yet another humiliating article showing how Abiy Ahmed’s team deceitfully claimed a Chinese rocket that was launched in 2016 as an Ethiopian rocket by doctoring an Ethiopian flag to a multimillion dollar Chinese rocket using Photoshop. The rockets that carry the small satellites to space are extremely expensive and their cost can go close to billions. The cost of a satellite similar to the one the Chinese launched on behalf of Ethiopia are fairly cheap the cost starts at one million dollar. In fact Rwanda is getting ready to launch a second one. The cost of the Ethiopian satellite is estimated around two million dollars, but that didn’t stop Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonnen to claim brag about Ethiopian space and sharing the Chinese rocket with a forged Ethiopian flag on his official Face Book page. According to the AFP article Abiyot’s team tried to backtrack Demeke’s claim, AFP quoted the following from ESSS, “Beza Tesfay, general manager at the Ethiopian Space and Science Society (ESSS), downplayed the deputy prime minister’s rocket gaffe.”

We are glad the world community is coming to realize the unbelievable deception of the Abiy Ahmed fake government which destabilizing not only Ethiopia but the entire Horn of Africa. If this man and his masters are not stopped immediately the consequences will be sever for the Ethiopian people and reverberate throughout the world. Ethiopia is a large country with about 110 million people and the world powers shouldn’t be short sighted or underestimate the outcome of collapsing such a huge poor country in a volatile neighborhood.

Please read the source of our article, the AFP fact Check article by clicking the link here "It is a Chinese rocket doctored with the Ethiopian flag"

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