Prime Meles Zenawi the Prime Enemy of Ethiopia

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Feb. 16 2008

We have kept quiet more than necessary. By keeping quiet we have made our people the sacrificial lambs of for nothing. We have sacrificed the interest of our country for the interest of one man ego, the insatiable ego of prime minister Meles Zenawi.

To make it all worse, our people have been made to believe that UN has the power to protect them and to solve their problem. That is what ordinary Ethiopians are saying. They are blaming UN. My fellow Ethiopians you must blame the man who have self-proclaimed to represent you. He is the prime enemy of our country. This is the man who is talking about poverty, but the burden he has brought to our country is unbearable to any Ethiopian. I myself I cannot bear his injustice any longer. I have to decide to what to do. This is not life really.

Our people are dying daily in Somalia. Our people and soldiers are living in fear in the North. Then what is development? Hell to development without peace. Who said bread has to be eaten with blood?

Ethiopians are conditioned by force to accept all the un-acceptable beliefs and ideologies of the prime minister. For how long are Ethiopians to be suppressed and oppressed to the interest of only one man. What does Prime minister Meles benefit from inflicting poor people with all these injustice? It is true power corrupts, people on power indulge in power gratification. It is true there are individuals who indulge in power orgy of pleasure. Ethiopians are paying prices by sacrificing their lives for one manís power gratification.

Do Ethiopians have to fight and die with Eritrea again for nothing except for the pleasure of one man. Is there any meaning going to war having this man along side? Why are Ethiopians quiet?

Time is the best teacher, time has proved now. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has lied many lies to Ethiopians. He lied by saying Ethiopia will have duty free port from Eritrea and coerced Ethiopians to accept to be landlocked for the sake of peace. Ethiopians have now neither the peace he has promised nor the duty free port. He has been lying and cheating Ethiopians all along. Ethiopians are muzzled not to talk about the interest of their country. We are being told him and his few cohorts know it all and we do not to say a word about our country because he is the politician and we are not. A politician who believes 80 million people must be landlocked? What type of politics is this? Is there a politics called self-inflicting politics? This self-inflicting politics is being called the principle of TPLF? Shame, is this self-inflicting being considered a virtue? We are told this self-inflicting principle is the foundation of TPLF and will never change.

Why must other Ethiopians be forced to accept and to conform to this self-inflicting politics? This self-inflicting politics of Meles must be rejected by all Ethiopians now. If he does not listen to the interest of 80 million people, why we must listen to the interest of one man? What do we get from one manís blind ideology? Further suffering, bleeding? Is it not Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who is subjecting Ethiopia to war and further bleeding? If Eritrea has to start the war again, is it just another 70,000 people has to die again for nothing?

We have begged the prime minister for the past 17 years to change his bad and wrong ideology. Time has proved he is never a listener. He can never listen to others except himself. Something has to be done against his wrong ideology.

I have been also told by one of the commissioner that Meles has actually accepted the EEBC ruling long ago. He told to the EEBC that since Ethiopians will not allow it and accept it. It has to be done wisely and slowly. Melesí game sometimes accepting in principle and sometimes accepting the ruling without conditions appears to affirm what I have been personally told by one of the commissioner. It is really making sense for me when I see the situation. Meles has been just doing cheating to Ethiopians all along. Cheating is his trade mark. If that was not the case, why Meles refused to reject the Algerís agreement even when UN declared the Algerís agreement was breached long ago? Meles said no, it was not breached by Eritrea; he said it was a minor provocation? I have come to trust the commissioner who in person told me that Meles actually never raised the issue of an outlet while he had many discussions with him. He affirmed to him and others that their only problem is border. He told them Ethiopia has no claim over any of the port except the border issue. I am reading now that Eritrea has blocked the crossing of UN to Ethiopia until Ethiopia hand in badme and the rest to Eritrea. It is being read UN is trying to coax Ethiopia to hand in. If this can happen truly, Meles must be the most heinous criminal in the Ethiopian history? He will be recorded as the most traitor in our history. This must be the case, otherwise, how can the EEBC make a map on paper which Eritrea rejected first and but lauded after it is done. All these must be the cheating game of Meles to the Ethiopian people. The commissioner himself from the Netherlands I met him with his wife on an occasion four years ago. He did not know me, but called me Ethiopian from a crowd. Then I said yes I am an Ethiopian. After a warm greetings and good chat including his wife. He told me his role as one of the Commissioner. He could not hold himself to tell me all what he has done to bring peace by making border. Then I was furious and I did ask him why he was busy dividing my people while Europeans are becoming one nation? Himself and his wife were shocked by my comment. Then he told me that it is themselves who asked them to make border for them. He said we did not go by our selves but we were begged to do so. I told him the problem is not border. He told me both parties said their only problem is border. I asked him what about Ethiopiaís historical economic, territorial and security interest. He told me he spoke many times with prime Minister Meles Zenawi, but he never raised any other claims except the border. Now having been told what will happen by one of the commissioners four years ago, and having experienced what Meles has been doing all along, Meles is enemy number one of Ethiopia. If Meles does such incalculable crime against the people he claim to represent, will he go away with it without facing the wrath of Ethiopia and Ethiopian?

Divine freedom and Justice to Ethiopia