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ISIS leader Abu Malik Anas al-Nashwan has been eliminated in Syria

>Tigrai Online, May 14, 2015

ISIS leader Abu Malik Anas al-Nashwan has been eliminated in Syria
We wish this Diablos to burn in Gahanem for ever

One of the IS commanders who was seen in the videos in Libya last month has been extinguished permanently. According to news reports from AFP which is posted in Yahoo news feed, he was among 40 men including two commanders the IS group lost fighting with Syrian government soldiers.

Al-manar an Arabic TV news also reported the news and mentioned his connection with Ethiopians and Eritreans in Libya.


Abu Malik Anas al-Nashwan was the leader of the group in Libya last month when the horrible action took place. Less than one month after what he did in Libya, by the grace and power of God  his fate is the same.

AFP said websites that associated with the group named him to be one of the IS commanders who expired in Syria. We have to think the universe for the appropriate retaliation on behalf of the Ethiopian and Eritrean innocent and unarmed Christians.

The whole Ethiopian nation and the families should rejoice at this great news. Some might say we should not be happy in this types of events, but we don’t think this man was a normal human being instead he an abomination of evil that needs to be discarded like the worst garbage on earth.

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