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Tigrai should not entangled itself with the messy Ethiopian politics

Tigrai Online Jan. 14, 2020

Tigrai should not entangled itself with the messy Ethiopia
Why should Tigrai entangled itself with the playground of the Arabs?


Ethiopian political crisis is worsening every month especially since the mercenary group of Abiy Ahmed took over the national helm Ethiopia’s existence as a nation has deteriorated beyond repair.

From the end of the seventeen hundreds and the beginning of the eighteen hundreds foreign powers have been trying to control the Highlands of the Horn of Africa especially the strategic Red Sea peninsula which was back then under the influence of the powerful Tigrai nation.

Eventually the foreign powers with the help of domestic traitors succeeded on dividing the nation of Tigrai in to two parts where the proper Tigrai was cut off from the sea. The vision less greedy leaders of Amhara can only see how to get to the sit of power and they were blinded by their temporary greed. They worked with the foreign powers to divide Tigrai and significantly weaken it.

Since the era of Menlik to this day the elite Amharas have been working day and night to destroy Tigrai in every way. The main reason is Amhara elites fear of Tigrai unity and strength, no matter what, they keep attacking us without mercy. It is like when the Zebra snatched the lion’s neck in a desperate action to survive, he clamped his jaws so hard he broke the lion’s neck and the lion died, but even after days the Zebra wouldn’t let go of the dead lion’s body because he was so afraid the lion would get up and kill him. We are speaking about uncontrollable fear that cripples and debilitates, that is the type of fear the Amhara elites have on Tigrai. It is this irrational fear forcing these people to make irrational decisions regarding Tigrai and its people. In this case the Amhara elites didn’t have a chance to seize any critical part of Tigrai, but they are still trying, and their irrational fear is killing the country called Ethiopia.

The worst and the latest manifestation of the elite Amhara irrational fear is Abiy Ahmed. The naive would argue Abiy Ahmed is Oromo, Abiy Ahmed is not Oromo, Abiy Ahmed is using the Oromo identity to push the expansionist narrow minded Amhara philosophy. The only difference between Abiy Ahmed and the previous Amhara elites is Abiy Ahmed is not hiding his collaboration with all the strategic enemies of Ethiopia.

A decade long brutal campaign against the people of Tigrai has taken its toll and the people of Tigrai are finally coming to a sensible conclusion. The failed experiment to create a country by force is not feasible and majority of the people classified as Ethiopians don’t have common goals and aspirations. Those people were brought to the empire by force in different times in history and most of them are victims or the failed experiment where they lost their identity. Not only the newcomers to the empire the nation who was the source of the new Ethiopian identity was at risk of being swallowed by the fake country. The creators of Ethiopia dare to destroy the Tigrai nation which they were trying to emulate when they tried to create Ethiopia. That is when things went downhill because the country which was stitched by force tried to do away with a homogeneous nation which was millennia older than it.


Ethiopia is in a quagmire where it wouldn’t be able to pull itself from because the vision less leadership in the past one hundred years. The people of Tigrai suffered greatly for Ethiopia and because of Ethiopia, but Ethiopia doesn’t seem moving forward, instead Ethiopia is moving backwards.

Everything has its highest limit and the Tigrai people have some limit where they would say enough is enough. It seems now we have reached that limit and the people of Tigrai are saying ENOUGH! The mercenary team is demolishing everything that has been built over the years and openly auctioning the country to highest bidder. Well! Tigrai people are saying NO! we would not be sold to any one and bitterly opposing the team in Addis Ababa.

We believe the nation of Tigrai and its people should not be part of the political hot mess unfolding in Ethiopia. Tigrai should completely abandon any political engagement with the rest of Ethiopia until the Ethiopians clean their act and take their responsibility for their own lives. Let Ethiopia sort its own political conflict and other problems because what is going on in Ethiopia is not our problem it is Ethiopia’s. The political, security, economic and social problems have nothing to do with Tigrai, but they are the result of conflicting interests of the Ethiopians.  For the outside observer Tigrai and Ethiopia seem two different countries, but where did this much difference come from if we are one country? The honest answer is we are not one country we are forced to act like one country. The people of Tigrai know this fact and the Ethiopian people know this fact. Only the politicians lie to themselves and lie to the people pretending there is no difference.

If the Ethiopians get their act together and try one more time to give it a go on the “unity” experiment, that is fine and dandy for them, if not let them figure out their way out of the dark swamp they are in, but Tigrai should not sacrifice any more lives, time and energy entangling itself in the bloody political mess of Ethiopia. Tigrai has many better options and it is ready to choose one of them.

Every Tigrawai in and outside of Tigrai should concern themselves about Tigrai and forget about what is happening in Ethiopia. We are not forgetting there are some Tigraians in Ethiopia, but if any Tigrawai didn’t learn in the past five years, they are willing to take the risk that comes with staying in Ethiopia. We would like to ask the Global Society of Tigrai Scholars (GSTS) and other Tigrai intellectuals to do their research on this topic and make policy recommendation to the Tigrai government.

It is becoming clearer by the day how the current group in Addis Ababa is run by foreign powers. Recently United State president, Donald Trump said he made a deal and he saved a country indirectly implying he made a deal to save Ethiopia. No one knows what kind of a deal and with whom he made that deal is. On the other hand this week the Saudi Minister of State for Africa bragged how Saudi Arabia brought a historic peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea, he was quoted by Asharq al-Awsat as saying the following, "the Kingdom has harnessed its pioneering Islamic role in this regards the first result of those was the historic peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea".

Neither Trump nor the Saudis are telling the whole truth regarding their dealings with the mercenary team they have installed in Addis Ababa. The foreign involvement in Ethiopia is now open and dangerous. Abiy Ahmed has opened the countries security to the Arabs. Our people should not be killed defending Ethiopia while the Tigrai people are being blamed for all the ills of the country and the mercenaries are cashing in at our expense.

We would like to thank President Donald Trump for making this information available to the public.

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