Egyptian botched plots to break up Ethiopia exposed
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Egyptian botched plots to break up Ethiopia exposed

By Abdirahman Alale
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. Oct. 28, 2016

Egyptian botched plots to break up Ethiopia exposed oromo vs amhara
The ironny of extremist politics in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has been performing rapid economic progress in all spheres and is one of the fastest growing economic in Africa and the world. It had peacefully accomplished its five years of growth and transformation plan GTP1 and started second face of GTPII. The country is enthusiastic to be one of the middle income countries through transforming from agricultural sector to industrialization sector.


The country’s economic growth strategies has been promoting and attracting national and foreign direct investors. The government also facilitated all requirements needed by the national and multinational investors. These strategies resulted that a large number of multibillionaire companies to invest in Ethiopia and is at present operating. The companies particularly industries are producing different goods and exporting to worldwide markets. The returns of those exported goods to the international markets are contributing a considerable amount to the country’s GDP. In addition, they provided employment opportunities to thousands of Ethiopian people. Today those who got such opportunities are able to take their children to schools and they afford schooling costs. On the other hand, they have received skill, technology transfer and large scale industry work experiences.

However, a few terrorist groups are destabilizing development of the country, destroying invested property, weakening economic development and crating instability. It is unbearable that people with rich experience in hunger and shortage of food can oppose transforming from hunger to high level of living standards. Historically, one can remember that Ethiopian was a place where its people eats once every 24 hours but today people eats three or more than three time a day. 

Since last month, there was wide spreading illegitimate demonstrations led by terrorist groups in some places of the country predominantly in Oromia and Amhara regions. The illegitimate demonstrators were not respecting rule of law, destroyed millions of dollars invested projects owned local and foreigners investors, they were burning buses owned by innocent citizens, they displaced innocent people and finally they tried to  burn and destroy some financial institution and government goods.

The disgraced Politician mobs were encouraging the innocent Ethiopian youth who were taking part of unlawful demonstrations. They were not giving any consideration and were not paying a single nationalism feeling gestures when they were destroying public and private properties. Those gangs behind the unlawful terrorist deeds are living and enjoying life with their children in some western countries. The gang’s children go to school quietly while they were always encouraging other innocent children to take part the unlawful protest in Ethiopia.

Oh!Yeah, these are the people Gim7 and the Gonder extremists were calling to establish a united front against the Ethiopian government while deporting the people of Tigrai from Gonder, Bahirdar, Metema, Debarik, and many other town in Amhara rgion and burning their houses and businesses.

Finally, all Ethiopians found who are behind the unlawful demonstrations of this country last month. It is clear they are terrorists groups with the help of Egypt and Eretria. Those who are behind terrorists does not want Ethiopia’s advancement, development, stability and they do not want to see that Ethiopia to be one of the middle income countries in the near future. Due to terrorist acts many people have lost their lives in the unlawful demonstrations and thousands of our citizens have lost their job when terrorists damaged at least 10 industries in one city. Therefore, it is right time that the Ethiopian government takes action to protect the safety of Ethiopian people and restore law and order.

The Ethiopians who think about stability of this country will respect the county’s state of emergency.

God bless to Ethiopians.

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