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Prince Ruspoli's Turaco is only found in Ethiopia?

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco only found in Ethiopia (credit Nik Borrow)

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco,is often described as the rarest, most beautiful, most enigmatic and Ethiopia's most ellusive bird. First discovered in 1890s , disappeared for almost 50 years and reappeared in 1940s, again diappeares for almost 30 years and reappears in 1970s. There is nothing known about the species. The bird's nest and eggs have never been seen. Now you know.


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Headline News

August 31 2008

Amare Aregawi in Gonder gail

Eritreans in Saudi Detention Center Begin Hunger Strike
Fourteen Eritreans in a Saudi detention center have begun a hunger strike to highlight the continuing plight of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers.

August 30 2008

UN envoy lauds deal signed by Somalia leaders in Ethiopia
The United Nations top envoy for Somalia on Friday welcomed Monday's signing of a peace agreement between the country's transitional government leaders in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Yemen, Ethiopia sign oil MOU
Upon arrival from Ethiopia on Sunday, Alama made clear that the MOU includes initiating cooperation between Yemen and Ethiopia through Yemen’s training for Ethiopian cadres (personel??) in the field of oil and gas and Ethiopia’s training for Yemeni cadre in the field of energy and electricity and geological survey.

Watershed protection creates oasis in Ethiopia
The protected watershed has recharged the groundwater, providing the community with clean water for multiple uses. Crop yields and the health of livestock have also improved as a result.

Wegagen’s Vice President Switches over to Lion
Lion is roaring into gear in order to excel in its third financial year. The bank celebrates its second anniversary in September. Having a Vice President who has experience in a bank that is over a decade old is a definite bonus for LIB.

August 29 2008

Ethiopian government decorated 12 senior military officers
Dibaba plans to repeat golden double
Somali Insurgents welcome Ethiopian hint of military withdrawal
FIFA cancels Ethiopia World Cup qualifier
Ethiopian housemaids coming to the Kingdom
Obama: the view from an Ethiopian restaurant

August 28 2008

Ethiopia welcomes Olympics stars
Ethiopia hints at leaving Somalia
Ethiopia releases newspaper editor
Barack Obama expected to take gloves off

August 27 2008

Financial Times (FT) Interview with Meles Zenawi
FT: There’s been a lot of discussion about hunger in Ethiopia and I’m interested in putting this in the context of agricultural development. In the past few years of course, the agriculture sector has been performing well and indeed it’s been driving GDP growth, but what we’ve seen this year is that when the rains fail, problems emerge again...?
MZ: Well, I think it’s very important to look at the macro issues and local specific issues...

Editor of The Reporter spends five days in Gondar prison, still in detention
Amare was arrested from his office in Addis Ababa on the afternoon of Friday August 22, by police officers from Gondar. On Friday he was first taken to a Woreda police station here in Addis, and then transferred to the Addis Ababa Police Station where he spent the night. On Saturday, Amare was driven to Gondar in a vehicle owned by Dashen Brewery. On arrival he was taken to the Sixth police Station in Gondar where he still remains.
Editors comment: There is something seriously wrong with this news. Why would a news paper owner be arrested for publishing an article about a dispute between big employer and employees? Isn’t that what publishers suppose to do? Or is it because Amare dare to challenge those corrupted filthy big business owners and their friends in power? Amare Argawi is a veteran TPLF fighter who spent years fighting for peace and democracy he would not lightly go around accusing people of crimes but we don't know greed might have changed him but does he need to be locked for publishing an article? He had huge differences with the top TPLF leadership when he was a fighter and he was in jail for a long time for it. Some of the same people are still in power, is that old animosity rearing its ugly head now? Either way, the government should watch the new press law is not used to settle old scores or it will back fire big time.

Ethiopian lady tells her inspirational story
IGAD weather summit set for Thursday

August 26 2008

Amare Aregawi editor of the Reporter arrested
Kenya, Ethiopia shine for Africa
Estranged Somalia government leaders agree to cooperate
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia CBE opens branches in Sudan, Somaliland
Maids in Lebanon dying every week - rights group

August 25 2008

Ethiopians soar, Bernard Lagat slogs
Kenenisa Bekele joined Ethiopian countrywoman Tirunesh Dibaba in sweeping the 5,000 and 10,000 meters. In winning the 5,000, Bekele became the first man to do the distance double since another Ethiopian, Miruts Yifter, in 1980.
Editors comment: Our athletes did an impressive job on the 2008 Beijing Olympic. With four gold, one silver and two bronzes seven in total. Ethiopia is second in Africa and 18 in the world medal count. Second best finish for Ethiopia in Olympic history. Tigrai Online is proud of our athletes and their accomplishments.

Conditions may be ripe for Al Qaeda in Somalia
Ethiopian exports under AGOA excel

August 24 2008

Journalists kidnapped in Somalia
Wanjiru gives Kenya historic Olympic marathon gold
Eritreans in Minnesota weigh a dream gone mad

August 23 2008

Ethiopia's Bekele claims 2nd gold medal
Ethiopian forces claim killing 51 Somalia insurgents
Kanan Devan plans tea operations in Ethiopia
Child Mortality Declining In Ethiopia

August 22 2008

Tirunesh Dibaba did it again, way to go! we are proud of you
Ethiopia says investment surges 35 pct to $10 bln
Kenyans, Ethiopians carry oxygen in their body tissues for longer periods
Nearly 350 rescued near Italian island
Islamists seize key Somali port

August 21 2008

Ethiopia, U.S. Billionaire's Titan Resources Signs Oil Accord
Ethiopian FM blasts Somalia’s leaders
MIE launches factory to manufacture factory components

US Suspends African Refugee Program After Discovering Fraud
The State Department said Wednesday that a U.S. family-reunification program for African refugees has been suspended after DNA testing of applicants revealed widespread fraud.
Editors comment: This is really sad news for every one especially for those who were looking forward to bring their loved ones. The State Department should have known what is going on long time ago and take appropriate action instead of scraping the program. The African communities should have known better and use the program responsibly instead of abusing the trust they were given to the point of breaking. Corruption and greed are at the center of this problem. The African staffers that work in the American embassies are mostly to blame. They are corrupted to the core and they will stop at nothing to get money including selling family files to the highest bidder. There was no limit to their greed because they can sell one family file up to (US) $16,000.00. In the process they destroy so many family connections. Now it is a lose lose situation for everyone, what a shame.

August 20 2008

USAID Expedites Emergency Food Aid to Horn of Africa
Bekele remains on course for Olympic double
Nokia Customising Phones for the Ethiopian Market
ORBIS Ireland Urges Athletes to Join the Great Ethiopian Run and Help Eliminate Blinding Trachoma

August 19 2008

China and Japan to set up tannery in Ethiopia
Ethiopia targets $2.5 bln of exports in 2008/09
Ethiopia's Grain Harvest 334,000 Tons Smaller Than Forecast
Ethiopian Shipping Lines Nets 417m Br Profit

August 18 2008

Petronas May Resume Oil Exploration in Ethiopia, Reporter Says
Egypt's ASEC Mining investing in Ethiopia
Israel declares end to Ethiopian immigration
Eritrean refugees find new home in drug house
Sudan Sentences 8 Rebels to Death for Khartoum Raid

August 17 2008

Bekele storms to 10,000m victory
Eritrea seizes five fishing boats

August 15 2008

Dibaba sprints past rivals for women's 10,000m gold
Somali leaders head for Ethiopia to hammer out differences
Ethiopia Will Divert World Bank Loans to Buy Fertilizer
Africa's unique cultures, ancient faith coexist in Ethiopia

August 14 2008

US and Ethiopians look early winners
Eritrean asylum-seekers told to leave Tel Aviv

August 13 2008

UN announces program to help hunger hot
Man to walk from Accra to Ethiopia
Turkish-Ethiopian business council established
Chinese firm invests in Ethiopian leather sector
Last Ethiopian immigrants to Israel arrive
Sudan, Kenya FMs to discuss Eritrea return to Igad with Afewerki
Members of Eritrean opposition tours Tigrai State

August 12 2008

Czech company to assemble turbo-prop
EEPCo, Indian companies sign $31 mln contract to electrify 382 rural towns
Ethiopian water company expands export opportunity

August 11 2008

Ethiopia carrier to buy planes for domestic routes
After a visit to Ethiopia, I left richer than I arrived
Ethiopian airlines, Lufthansa sign deal to share flight operations

August 10 2008

US Health Secretary in Ethiopia on Four-Day Visit
Yemen's Interior Ministry charges Eritrea of torturing

August 08 2008

Time, Meles Zenawi Q and A

August 07 2008

EU gives more aid to Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea
Rift set to widen between bitter African rivals
Ethiopia offers huge land for Saudis to grow cereals

August 06 2008

Ethiopia aims to earn $200 mln from tourism in '08
Last Ethiopian immigrants to Israel arrive
Minsk says that it supplied weapons to Armenia, Eritrea and Sudan last year
Ethiopian Orthodox congregation thrives in Commerce Twp.

August 04 2008

Ethiopia attracts $8 billion investments
World Holds Breath as Eritrea, Djibouti Eye War
Kenya considering importing power from Ethiopia
Clinton in Africa says nutrition key to AIDS fight
Eritrea's Border Troubles

August 03 2008

Saudi Tycoon, Tarek Bin Laden, to Visit Ethiopia in October

August 02 2008

UNESCO teams successfully complete return of Ethiopian obelisk to original site
Clinton pledges more support to fight AIDS in Ethiopia
Clinton in Ethiopia Youtube Video
IOM Campaign Aims to Dissuade Ethiopians from Risky Voyage Across Gulf of Aden

August 01 2008

Clinton pledges more support to fight AIDS in Ethiopia
UN team to assess Djibouti-Eritrea border situation
Team Ethiopia Heads to Beijing
A fantastic plan to span the Red Sea’s troubled waters is raising eyebrows
Soccer-Ethiopia to go to court over FIFA ban


The center of Darkness
Gezaee Hailemichael
August 25 2008

Watch for the emerging anti-Ethiopian Eritrean opposition parties
August 20 2008

Artist Solomon Tekalinge’s personal message to the Tigraian community in Diaspora
Solomon Tekalinge
August 18 2008


Mekelle Meeting between Tigrean and Eritreans
Gezaee Hailemichael
August 18 2008

34th congress of UTNA and 12th festival Tigrai concluded successfully
August 18 2008

U.T.N.A Denounces the Recent Inflammatory Comments Posted on
August 14 2008

Will the Real Alemayehu G. Mariam Please Stand UP, and The Fake Alemayehu G. Mariam Please Sit Down.
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
August 14 2008

Solomon Gebre-Amelak
August 10 2008

Spark of Freedom
Gezaee Hailemichael
August 06 2008

Tigray Festival In Washington DC, A Method For Nurturing Ethiopian culture and Unity.
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
July 31 2008

Successful 5th Reunion of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association
Atsbha Gebru
July 28 2008

Stop Aid to Ethiopia
Gezaee Hailemichael
July 28 2008

Our Flag in San Diego
Sophia Mesfine
July 24 2008

Response to Mr Paulos
Gezaee Hailemichael
July 24 2008

Operation Rescue Big Ego
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
July 23 2008

Comment to Gezae Hailemichael
Paulos Fasil
July 23 2008

Ethiopia is full of traitors, Bandas, Crooks, and Conformers
Gezaee Hailemichael
July 21 2008

Unity advocated by Diaspora Intellectuals Verses EPRDF’s Policy
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
July 18 2008

My People
Gezaee Hailemichael
July 18 2008

Firdi a must see Tigringa Movie reviewd by Solomon G.
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
July 18 2008

Putting Unity First: Sharing the Values of Human Rights, Social Solidarity and Social Justice in Ethiopia!
Professor Mammo Muchie
July 11 2008


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