By Gezaee Hailemichael

March 08 2008

Wow, Ethiopia is developing, it is a good news. But I am concerned about Wahabism. Remembering my bring up in Ethiopia, Ethiopians Christians and Muslims lived in peace. The foreground is that Ethiopians are Ethiopians regardless their faith.

Before Christianity and Islam have been ushered into Ethiopia, Ethiopians were Ethiopians. Though they have adopted different faith, they have been still brothers and sisters not only by peaceful co-existence, but by blood, race, ethnic,... they have the same root.

We all know Islam survived because of Ethiopia Christians welcomed and hosted the persecuted followers of Rasullula Mohamed . They were taken care of by Ethiopian Christians and now they flourished to todayís Islamic world.

I believe in equality and fairness to all humanity. I believe in God. I believe there is no God who orders people to kill other people. I believe God is the supreme Judge of this universe, leave alone tiny worm of human being.

However, we are witnessing Ethiopian Christians are being executed by machetes, cut their throat, their ears. We heard such things happening in Ethiopia more than a year ago.

Once again, I have heard very recently that such inhumanity rustic, barbaric activities has been once again repeated in Ethiopia. We know who is introducing this barbarism to Ethiopia.

We have a government which sleeps even with a devil who can offer money. Wahabism flowing to Ethiopia and slowly but surely planned to destroy Ethiopia.

In all avenues, the policies of Ethiopian government is against our people. Is Ethiopia a private property of the regime? While Ethiopia has already multitudes of problems to tackle, why is this regime planting many thorns for our future country? We are told we must be landlocked for the sake of one manís ego.

Our people who are educated and work for their people are being thrown out from their works for opposing and having different political opinions. Now here we go, Almouldi is being allowed to have hundredís of companies which camouflages wahabism. Ethiopian government is a recipient of Wahabism. Almouldi did not make money but we know where he get it.

I see the effect of Wahabism in Ethiopia. Our people are being executed by machetes by barbaric humans who believe they are believers of God. And the Ethiopian government would not able to survive without Wahabism. But Ethiopians are paying the price, and will pay more later or sooner. We are being preached development with war, development with blood, development along execution. Is it necessary Ethiopians has to die to develop? Is it necessary to allow alien ideology to enter in to our country for the sake of development? Is not possible to develop without Wahabism?

Is the Ethiopian Government totally indoctrinated with bloodshed, charity money and development? Is it not possible for us to develop without destroying ourselves, without land locking and exposing ourselves to our enemies? What retrogressive mind is adding many problems to the problems we have already?

I am really angered by the Ethiopian victims of Wahabism. I blame the regime in Addis Ababa for making our country bleed with no end.

God save Ethiopia from this regime