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Ethiopia: Expect not Elections or Resignation

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Nov. 6, 2019

There will not be an election in 2020 in Ethiopia or Abiy Ahmed will not resiegn

Ethiopian federalist forces should not fool themselves by expecting democratic election to be carried out in Ethiopia in 2020.


Ethiopian federalist forces should not fool themselves by expecting democratic election to be carried out in Ethiopia in 2012 E.C. The Team Abiy’s excessive thirst for power is unspeakably at its peak in the history of Ethiopia. Hence, expect not any voluntary resignation of the incompetent Team prosperity party that is in its agony of death. The more the team gets desperate, the more they will violate the constitutional orders of Ethiopia.

The Team should be forced to resign before the Ethiopian unity comes to an end. As the last line of defense, the Ethiopian military forces have the full responsibility to protect the Ethiopian constitution. The Ethiopian Military forces have the full support of all Ethiopians. The Team Abiy’s motto of “power or death” should be made impractical in today’s Ethiopian politics.

The Team prosperity party is instigating disorders in Ethiopia so as to postpone elections and to stay in power. After the team failed to instigate their desired chaos by taking illegal measures against an activist at Addis Ababa.; they are now triggering another disorder in the western part of Ethiopia.

Chaos and war should not be the choice of responsible and grown up leaders. A leader who has already millions of displaced people should boast of returning and resettling the millions of internally displaced people and refugees first. A winner never blows one’s own trumpet at Ethiopian parliament on how he/she will use Kalashnikovs on his own citizens and Activists. A leader who wins war is the leader who avoids war. Winners never start wars.

Waging war on Ethiopian Activists or on the peaceful regional states of Ethiopia is a clear sign of frustrations. War is what defeated and humiliated dictators for good. War can only be justified when people are in self-defense or when people are under oppressed government.  


The world is testifying that there is relative peace at the Ethiopian northern hemisphere. However, the groups of the incompetent team prosperity party who are not able to keep peace in their respective regional administrative area are working directly or indirectly to create instability. The team tirelessly worked to pull Tigray into their conflict club.

I was not amazed when a member of the Team prosperity party, Meaza Ashenafi suggested soldiers to be sent to the most peaceful Tigray region. It is not new. They did send troops last year. We already know what the results were then. If they tried again, the result will not be any different. Such acts of crimes are not new in today’s Ethiopia. Until Ethiopia gets a responsible government, such crimes will continue to be committed by the irresponsible team prosperity party Members

According to the political culture of Tigray, Tigray did not kill any of the destructors sent by the team. But, the team’s evil motive was neutralized by educating the captured troops and they were sent back to their homes to raise their kids.

The captured troops have learnt that unlike the team at the federal level, the Tigray government is doing its national duty effectively and responsibly. As the Tigray regional government deputy president, Dr, Debretsion said; Tigray is doing the federal government’s job of keeping peace and security while the irresponsible Team at the federal level does the opposite.

We said time and again, Ethiopian people have no Enemy; Their Enemy is poverty, and they are fighting to defeat poverty while the team prosperity party does the opposite. Tigray has a civilized way of solving misunderstandings. According to the political culture of Tigray, Tigray never destroy destructors but destroys their evil acts of destruction. We hate civil war; but it does not mean that we afraid wars of aggressors. 

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