Eritreans Must think better

By Gezaee Hailemichael

March 27 2008

If the reality of Massawa , Assab and Eritrea itself is as it is presented hereunder, why Eritreans cannot think better and change their attitude? They must if they have to think naturally and with their clear and honest conscience.

We have to admit that people from both sides need each other. Leave alone Eritrean and Ethiopian, even the interaction and interconnection between people of the globe is crucial and important. Hating your own people, insulting once own people, painting oneself as a human being with a unicorn identity will never get Eritreans anywhere.

The way Eritreans think is not only affecting Eritreans themselves, but also affecting Ethiopians so much. This is due to the fact that our people are interconnected and interdependent naturally, geographically, socially, economically and culturally. This interdependency is not artificial, it is natural. That is why when Ethiopia is bleeding by the action of our Eritrean brothers and Eritreans are not getting anywhere. One can never fare by conniving chaos from cosmos. No one can fare by being hateful and angry. Hatred is the root of backwardness, vicious conflict, and all sort of misfortunes.

I know Eritreans suffered a lot during the vicious 30 years conflict. However, as I hear from my own close friends, the situation is much worse than before. I feel so sad that people have sacrificed their lives for liberty, eventually did not get it. Now on the top of the many hundreds of Eritreans who live in refugee camps since 1967, many Eritreans are on the run from the country where they pined for, from the country they sing for so much.

One thing which I fail to understand is that Eritraeans blame Ethiopians even if for their own failure. Let us say Ethiopia or the former rules treated them badly, why are Eritreans now vacating Eritrea ? Why Massawa and Assab has become a ghost port? Is it Ethiopia and Ethiopians to be blamed? I think it is sometimes good to do self criticism and evaluation, otherwise blaming others will not solve problems.

Yes, it is impossible for Eritreans and Ethiopians to fare by excluding each other. Both people needs to interact if both have to prosper. One cannot do business where there are no people. That is why when Erireans are excluding themselves from their own people by basing themselves on fake colonial identity. They are not getting anywhere. I have heard our brethren Eritreans officials stating Ethiopians are destitute and poor. They do not ask themselves who they are and where they come from. If Eritreans where richer than Ethiopians, Ethiopians could have sought job in Asmara . But now I do not think any Ethiopians will ever go to Eritrea to secure a job due to the fact that we are all on the same boat. Independence did not get Eritreans anywhere.

Massawas and Assab is useless if Ethiopia a country of 80 million do not use it. And if it was not for the blindedness of the current Ethiopian regime, Ethiopia has full right to use it own port. To think that Ethiopia will remain landlocked forever, and its ports will be used to destroy Ethiopia and to fragment Ethiopia into fragment s small nations like that of Eritrea is a pipe dream. Ethiopia may only remain landlocked until the last day of Meles Zenawi. The day Mr Meles leaves the office, Ethiopians will have full right to claim what they are entitled to. This is the man who suffocated our people for claiming their rights. But he is human, though he may think Ethiopia will remained landlocked, it will be only be landlocked until the day he retire.

The only way forward for both sides is to unite based on reconciliation and mutual understanding. Meles and Issayas have not brought any miracle than more conflict and bloodshed. The maxim that Ethiopia will remain landlocked and it will pay money to use its ports to generate money for Eritreans only is selfish thinking. This has not even worked out with Meles. I do not think it will ever work with anyone in the future in the absence the man who take pride by landlocking Ethiopia . He tells us Mengistu Hailemariam never used the ports and they must be given away. The most developed nations in the world directly and indirectly controls stragetic ports all over the world. But we have a man who never understand the security and economic interest of our country and our people.

As long as Eritreans remain thinking the same way, the ports will remain ghost ports. Thus it is due Eritreans think better than engaging in stirring tribal conflicts in Ethiopia . When Ethiopians die and bleed, though it may appear Eritreans will go away with it, it will bounce back on themselves one way or the other. For Ethiopians to be in peace, Eritreans must be in peace and for Eritreans to be in peace, Ethiopians must be in peace. The dictum that Eritrea will dismantle Ethiopia to prosper is selfish, cruel and narrow mindset.

We cannot prosper by excluding each other. We can prosper only when we recognize each other, respect each other and impact each other positively.

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