Hell to Development that let Ethiopians die and bleed

By Gezaee Hailemichael

March 14 2008

I know abnormality is normality in Ethiopia. I know life is not worth anything in Ethiopia. I know today’s dictum of development in Ethiopia lets Ethiopian die and bleed every day.

I am reading almost everyday that Ethiopians are dying almost every day. I was touched when I read Ethiopian Christians were killed by muslim militants in Ethiopia. This was a very recent advent of conflict in Ethiopia. Then I read another article which says that many Ethiopians refugees were killed and wounded in Somalia. I have read the IOM has been doing its best to help them those who are alive and wounded. I did not hear anything the Ethiopian government is doing about that. There is no any news at Aiga website or at Walta website about those innocent Ethiopians who got killed. There is no even any news about any failed development projects. It is all about development and about kinjit blab bla … politics. The story is not stopping there, today I have read many Ethiopians got killed and wounded in Humera in Northern Ethiopia.

Does the Ethiopian government care about its citizen? If it does, what is development if its citizens are dying everyday because of its bloody and anti Ethiopian policies. Aiga are asking us why is the price of salt increasing? they are not asking us why are Ethiopians dying? I am so amazed that life does not count anything in Ethiopia. Why Prime Minister Zenawi considers the death of Ethiopians minor provocations? Why he says we have to sacrifice lives for development? are we not entitled to development with peace? Who said we have to die to develop? Who said some people are entitled to kill Ethiopians and go away with it? Who said Ethiopians can never put an end to their enemies? Why is that Ethiopians are conditioned to accept the things which are not acceptable?

Honestly, I have a hard time to understand what the Ethiopian government believes in. If they are Eritreans, they are not benefiting Eritreans, innocent Eritreans are suffering. Besides the innocent Eritreans, Shabia is letting Ethiopia bleed. Shabia has been arming Ethiopians in every corner to kill each other. OLF has been armed by Shabia. ONLF has been armed by Shabia. The UIC was armed by shabia. There are hundreds of them in Asmara including Tigrean peoples democractic movement which Shabia claims will remove TPLF and is fighting in Tigray.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi appears to be doing fine as long as he continues to reign. It does not matter for him if Ethiopians dies everywhere as long as it does not challenge his grip on power and as long as he continues to preach development. But there is one thing he never understands, the things he claim to be minor and necessary sacrifices for development are becoming complex each day.

When he went to Somalia, he told us Ethiopians will be back in one month, now Ethiopians are there almost two years. The situation in Somalia is much more complex than ever before. He overlooked Shabia, and told us the UICs are the main threat to Ethiopia. Now he has made the minor threat a major threat to Ethiopia? Leaving the main threat to Ethiopia, he has added more main threat to Ethiopia? Will this benefit future Eritrea of Meles Zenawi? But what will happen when Meles disappears from the scene? Will Ethiopians continue to die for nothing for ever?

When will Ethiopians get peace? The answer to my question, Ethiopia will get peace, when Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Shabia disappear from the scene and when Ethiopians put aside their differences, unit and put an end to their enemies, when Ethiopia gets a compassionate, kind, committed servant leader. I hope God will facilitate such a person to take over from Prime Meles Zenawi. Old habit die hard, our people have sacrificed their lives once for all, we do not have to continue sacrificing lives for one man’s idea. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is used to war, and sacrifices, it would not be surprise for him when people continue to die. It is natural, he is conditioned to that. He is used to it. It would not him surprise if Ethiopians are dying everywhere. He has been there, he knows and have seen it happening all the time. It is okay for him and as long as it does not threaten has position. Shabians are sneaking into Ethiopia upto Addis Ababa and killing our innocent people, Ethiopians are not sneaking into Asmara to kill innocent Eritrean civilians. Anyone who tolerates Shabia is more than Shabia himself. I have had the idea that it would be durable to solve the problem between Ethiopia and Eritrea by dialogue so that the two people can co-exist in peace. Now I have reached the end of my tethers. There can never be one sided peace. Peace must be reciprocal. One over two times two is one, there is no other way of make one over two one. Thus there is no way of making one over war one unless there is war. One over war times war eliminates war. Whether we notice it or not, the war is on us and is killing our people everywhere and every time. It is war, there must be one over war, to eliminate the war. According to the law of Isaas Newton, a system can be stable or in peace if and only if there is a balance or an equilibrium. This is a natural law which applies even to the our planet. If our planet earth would not be in equilibrium due Gods wisdom, we would not live in it. What Newton say is that any system whether it is social or political or physical system, to be stable, there must be balance between its components and parts. For Every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction so that the system can be balanced system. That is why there is no human being with one leg or with one hand, there must be right and left which balance system. If we can try to walk with one of our leg, we will stagger and fall because there is no balance of forces. One cannot build a bridge with one rocker support, it will get slung by wind force and fall. And letting Shabia to kill our people will not bring Ethiopia stability, peace and development. This force of destruction and instability has to be countered by an equal and opposite reaction to create stability and equilibrium.