June. 25  2007
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Quote of the day: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied! William Gladstone
Lidia Tigrai Online chose Lidia Schaefer as a person of the year for her extra ordinary work to build a high school in FeresMai, Tigrai, Ethiopia. Lidia raised $258,000.00 USD single handedly for the school. More
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International Banking Department Application for Opening of Non Resident Foreign Currency Accounts for Ethiopians in Diaspora Application Instuction
Watch Eritrean prisoners Confessions from the Somalia war Part one, Part two, Part three you must see this!!!
On May 22, 2006 Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) was formed which CUD was one of the key players.  "Rebel gunmen have killed at least 74 people in an attack on an oil field in Ethiopia's remote Somali region, the Ethiopian government says. Sixty-five Ethiopians and nine Chinese oil workers were killed, while seven Chinese were also taken captive in the incident, an official said." (BBC) This is what (ONLF/AFD/CUD) did two months ago. In the May elections at least 193 civilians and 7 police officers lost their lives and business worth millions are destroyed. All this just because CUD wants power by any means necessary. The unity of the Ethiopian people is at its lowest after the failed attempt to over throw the EPRDF government by CUD leaders. CUD declared war on Tigraians using the slogan "Tigrie wede Mekelie nibret wede kebelie".

Had CUD/AFD succeeded on their mission the fate of Tigraians in Addis Abeba and other parts of Ethiopia would have been worst than the fate of Tutsis in Rwanda. I would not be able to list the crimes of CUD/AFD against the Ethiopian people on this article, but the point is why on earth are they being released with out paying for their crimes? Mean while Siye and other Ethiopians are languishing in prison for years with out any justice. Is Siye worst than the Dergi riffraff like Hailu Shawel? Or Siye does not have people on higher places? Are they being released because they didn't commit any crime or they are reformed enough and they will never try again? I am afraid we will hear from them as soon as they step out of the gates of the jail house and it is not going to be their love for peace. Here is how Ethiomedia puts it explaining why they are realeased
"Here is the accurate information. The Meles regime is feeling the pressure from the international community, particularly soon after the guilty verdict went public. In fact, the guilty verdict, which was written in the palace by Meles, was meant to subject the prisoners to Meles Zenawi's demand that they exonerate him of the crimes he committed. He is badly in need of face saving." (Ethiomedia.com)

"Negotiations on the prisoners' release have proceeded despite their conviction last week on charges including "outrage against the constitution" and aggravated high treason" (Washington Post) excuse me for a living, what negotiations are we talking about. If the Ethiopian government is serious about justice those rotten Hate mongers should serve their time in jail. The plane field of justice should be level for every one. If not, it is a game.
Tigrai Online view June 23-2007
Abdulkadir Hirmooge (ONLF)
Meskerem Atalay
Yoseph Yazew
Dawud Ibsa
Galfato Feqa (SLF)
Meazo Meke (SEPJE)
June. 23  2007
Eritrea dismisses concerns of food shortages
Eritrea's ship 'DenDen sinks in Mangalore, India- Video
NBE Puts Wegagen Bank in Limbo over License Renewal
Secret SAS mission to Somalia uncovers British terror cells
Ethiopia Receives Assistance for Irrigation and Drainage Project
June. 24  2007
CUD leaders to be released after signing document
Airliner registers 25,000 passengers coming to celebrate Ethiopian millennium
Former TPLF Members to Establish New Party
TPLF Fighters
Long live Tigrai!!!
Congratulations! to Siye,his family and peace and justice lovers
July 11 2007
Awlaela Night in Las Vegas
July 09 2007 See Flyer

Satellite Freedom Fighters: Peace by the Sword of the Tongue
By Gezaee Hailemichael July 06 07
Shire Development Association's Annual event concludes successfully in Las Vegas
July 05 07
The charges and the Supreme Court's ruling on Siye's case
Deki Alula.com July 03 07
By Tigraians in N/America
June 30 07
P.M. Meles Zenawi’s Credibity Remains Intact
By Engineer Ghirma June 29 07
Hannah Godefa a 9 years old 4th greader doing what we the adults should do
Hannah's Pencil mountain project

By Hannah Godefa June 27 07
By Kassa Hailemariam June 27 07
I Speak For Myself
By Engineer Ghirma June 25 07
The Other Side of the Moon: Dead Beginnings and Dead Ends
By Gebre Yemane June 25 07
By Berhan Hailu June 25 07
By Ahadu Amlak June 23 07
Isaias Afeworki Must Set Eritrea Free
By Engineer Ghirma June 20 07
Anna Gomez: why wont she leave Ethiopia alone?
By Engineer Ghirma June 14 07
May 20th In Washington DC
By Kasa Berhe June 12 07
Siye's trial postponed to June 22 for a "final verdict "
By Tigraians in N/America
June 12 07
Tecola Hagos: Dieing for a Little Attention
By Engineer Ghirma June 11 07
The Cost of Doing Nothing about Siye can even be more expensive for Tigreans.
By Gebre Yemane June 07 07
By Kokeb Tarekegn June 07 07
Is EPRDF veridical on Ethiopian nationalism issues
By Solomon Medhanie June 06 07
By Berhan Hailu June 02 07
“Not in the name of the Tigrai people!
By Concerned Tigraians June 02 07
Siye Abraha, Tigrai Hero Tigraians in N/America June 02 07
“Vocal Eritrean Diaspora: Eritrea’s Worst Enemies
By Engineer Ghirma June 01 07
Freedom of Conscience
By Gezaee Hailemichael May 30 07
“No” to DERG Resuscitation
By Engineer Ghirma May 24 07
Ethiopia: From Where to Where to
By Engineer Ghirma May 17 07
Siye Abraha's case
By Kassa Hailemariam May 17 07
Neither the ONLF nor the AFD can Absolve Themselves from the Heinous Crime.
By UTNA May 15 07
Ethiopia Has (almost) Arrived
By Engineer Ghirma May 07 07
A Statement of Condemnation of the Ogaden Massacre By “ONLF
By UTNA May 01 07
By ADAL ISAW May 01 07
Isaias Afwerki: Fidel Castro Wannabe
By Engineer Ghirma April 26 07
On Good Governance & the misconceptions thereof
By Engineer Ghirma March 28 07
A Marriage of Equals and the Role Eritreans Played
By Engineer Ghirma March 10 07
"War Is Not a Game..or Is It?"
By Engineer Ghirma March 05 07
By Araya belay March 05 07
GU Right to Honor Azeb Mesfin
By Engineer Ghirma
It’s the Economy, Stupid!
By Engineer Ghirma
"Blessing in Disguise"
By Engineer Ghirma
Happy Birthday, Woyane!
By Asghedom Ghebremichael
Values that we need to pass on to our kids lessons from the boy/girl scout of America
By Mulugeta GS.
UTNA stands for the preservation of Ethiopian Unity and National security By UTNA
"I might be born and raised in America, but I am proud of my Ethiopian heritage!"
By Henock Minassie
See Flyer
Union of Tigreans in North America, (UTNA), Statement about Shabiya's recent provocations
The 4th International Conference on Ethiopian Development Studies (ICEDS)
By Professor Sisay Asefa
In Praise of Ethiopians
Report of The Monitoring Group on Somalia Pursuant To Security Council Resolution 1676
Eritrean support to the ICU Read more it gets better!
Somali PM in US to Seek Aid, Peacekeepers
UNESCO launches Ethiopian Digital Stories project
Sheltering Ethiopian women, Springs woman a finalist for national award
Ethiopian Airlines eyes Star Alliance
HORN OF AFRICA: Act now to combat food insecurity - UN officials
June. 26  2007
Lucy fossil approved for US tour
Group Says Eritrea Re-Arrests Journalist
June. 27  2007
Ethiopia says preparing for any Eritrean invasion
Somalia seeks UN peacekeepers, Security Council wary
Pranab heads to Ethiopia Tuesday, to sign 3 pacts
Ethiopia calls West's appeals for prisoners "shameful"
Christians protest over Eritrea
June. 28  2007
Eritrea scorns Ethiopia's invasion accusation
Ambitious entrepreneur opens Ethiopia's first car assembly plant
Charity does volumes for Ethiopians
July. 02  2007
Appeal case against Ethiopia's ex-dictator opens
Hannah Godefa a 9 years old 4th greader doing what we the adults should do
Hannah's Pencil mountain project

Well what do you call this? Apple calls it iphone but is it? Because it can be used as a cell phone, ipod, as a digital camera, or surf the web, bluetooth and more it could run on mac or OS X and it will cost you close to $500.00. I will call it a marvle of technology.

Small turtles may carry salmonella: CDC

In a report released Thursday, investigators from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and elsewhere describe several cases of salmonella infection, including one fatality, linked to exposure to small turtles.

Turtles and other reptiles are well-known reservoirs for Salmonella. Small turtles are particularly risky because they are often given to children as pets and handled like toys. Although the sale or distribution of small turtles measuring less than 4 inches was officially outlawed in the US in 1975, cases of turtle-associated salmonella infection continue to occur.

In the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for July 6, twenty-two cases of turtle-associated infection with Salmonella in young children are described. The cases occurred in 2006 and 2007.

The fatal case involved a 3-week-old infant and testing confirmed that the type of salmonella present was indistinguishable from the one found on the family's small pet turtle.

Hand washing with soap and water after touching reptiles or their cages and keeping them out of food-preparation areas is critical in preventing Salmonella infection, the researchers emphasize.

Still, "prohibiting the sale of small turtles likely remains the most effective public health action to prevent turtle-associated salmonellosis."

SOURCE: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, July 6, 2007.

July. 03  2007
Eritrean refugees fly out of Ethiopia for a new life in the United States
Locusts Swarms Leave Somalia, Ethiopia and Head for India, Pakistan
Ethiopia Says Jailed Opposition Leaders' Fate Rests With Judicial Process
White Nile says recent Ethiopian exploration results are encouraging
Eritrea drafts new round of military recruits
Eritrea warns Somalia over cooperation with Ethiopia
July. 05  2007
Ethiopia connects to Indian schools, hospitals with new 'e-network'
Eritrean reporter dies trying to flee country-RSF
Travel Association Congress meets in Ethiopia
July. 06  2007
Minister says government has no legal basis to grant amnesty to defendants on trial
I do not anticipate war between Ethiopia, Eritrea: David H. Shinn
Mekelle Institute of Technology graduates 140 students
July. 07  2007
Ethiopia prosecutors seek death in opposition case
Ethiopia's democracy on trial
Profile: Muktar Ibrahim
US to Build Largest Embassy Structure in Addis
July. 09  2007
Ethiopia death call surprises US
Eritrea denies violating religious freedoms
EEPCo electrified eight rural towns, kebeles in Central Tigray Zone
Web site of the week UTNA

July 11 2007
Seeye Abraha Out from Jail
Seeye Abraha, former strongman of the TPLF, made his way out of jail on Wednesday, June 11, after spending six years there, accused of involvement in grand corruption. He was released a day after the Federal Supreme Court sentenced him for five years imprisonment and 500 Br fine. "I am pleased to join my family and see them happy," Seeye told Fortune on Wednesday late afternoon, in a telephone interview he gave from his home. "I've seen and learn a lot about the supremacy of the law and judicial independence in this country," Seeye told Fortune. "Better than any time before, I've come to learn that these are important milestones for a country whether you are in business or politics."

'Lucy's' Houston visit turns political
Don't count on too many local Ethiopians getting in line to see Lucy, the superstar fossil from Ethiopia, when she makes her international public debut in Houston in late August. "The sad commentary is a museum of this significance does not have a bit of the wherewithal to learn about this regime and to do business with it,"said Moges Meshesha, 46, a member of the group who came to the U.S. more than two decades ago under political asylum from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia yields ancestral fossils
Researchers have found fossil remains of early human ancestors in Ethiopia that date to a little known period in human evolution. Dr Yohannes Haile-Selassie, one of the team's leaders, told the BBC: "One of the reasons why this discovery is really important is because it serves as a time frame that we know nothing about in the past and that's what makes it really significant."

July 10 2007
Siye Abraha, Tigrai HeroNews coming from Ethiopia indicates that Ayte Siye Abraha is out of jail freed by the courts at last. Congratulations to every one who stood for justice!

Mr. Siye Abraha who served in different levels of the EPRDF government including a Defense minister is veteran TPLF (Tigrai Peoples Libration Front) fighter. After the split of The TPLF about nine years ago because of the Eritrean war, the looser group of the TPLF which included Siye Abraha was removed from the government. After a few months Siye Abraha and his brothers and sister, Betewling Belai (another veteran TPLF fighter and a senior EPRDF member) were thrown to jail. They were charged with corruption.

The case of Siye Abraha was adjourned over 23 times because the judges did not show up. Most people including my self believe the corruption case against Siye was very week if not made up. Many of us believe it was a power struggle gone wrong and got out of hand. The corruption charges were a cover up to lock up Siye in fear that he might stir trouble against the Algiers agreement with Eritrea. Finally after so many years in prison, it seems like the hero of the armed struggle Siye Abraha might be free.
As soon as more detail is available we will keep you informed.
Tigrai Online view July 10 2007 Poem about siye's freedom