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Ambassador Berhane Gebre-christos, Conducts Bilateral Talks With US Officials Tigrai Online - Ethiopian Foreign Affairs State Minister, Ambassador Berhane Gebre-christos
Ethiopian Foreign Affairs State Minister, Ambassador Berhane Gebre-christos, who is in America on a working visit to the United States, held extensive discussions on regional and bilateral issues of common interest with Ambassador Jonnie Carson, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa and other Senior US officials Read More

Stratex's Hall excited about Blackrock; says Afar region has world class potentialTigrai Online - Gold bars
Stratex International (LON:STI) director David Hall has described the discovery of significant new epithermal gold mineralisation at the company’s Blackrock exploration licence in Ethiopia as “truly exciting”. Read More

Ethiopian army to get BlueBird UAVs from Israeli manufacturerTigrai Online - Israeli BlueBird Boomerang UAV
Israeli manufacturer BlueBird has won a contract to supply unmanned air vehicles to the Ethiopian army. The company declines to reveal details about the order, but sources say it includes upgraded versions of the Boomerang and SpyLite systems Read More


The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Eternal glory to our martyrs!


Free Eye exam in Denver Colorado

Tigrai Online-Ethiopian Eye
Lens Crafters Vision Van, "One Sight," which has been traveling from city to city, will be at 3651 South Colorado Boulevard (Hampden Avenue & Colorado Boulevard) parked in the back of the Colorado Community Church, to provide free eye exams and glasses to low-income persons age 21 or younger. They will provide this service to families no matter how large. The hours of operation are
9:00 am - 4:00 pm this week only.
(News Tip by Tigrai Online reader)

hidyat promotion
New Website Hidyat Magazine

Thank You Message from Ambassador Girma Biru to all Participants of the GTP Conferences

Headline News

April 27 2011

African and U.S. Air force leaders meet in Ethiopia Tigrai Online - US Air Force
Air force leaders from more than 20 nations across Africa joined with U.S. Air Force leaders here April 26 to discuss aviation issues and develop partnerships across the continent.

April 26 2011

Ethiopias flower earnings will more than triple to $550 millionTigrai Online - Beautiful Flowers
Ethiopia's income from horticulture exports is expected to more than triple to $550 million in five years due to rising investment, the head of a growers' association said on Monday.

Ethiopia finalises Power network links to Sudan and Djibouti
As part of the plans to export electric power to neighbouring countries, Ethiopia has completed installation of power transmission lines that stretch to Sudan and Djibouti, the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) disclosed on Monday.

The world's largest tractor maker Mahindra & Mahindra plans to set up assembly plants in Ethiopia
The world's largest tractor maker Mahindra & Mahindra plans to set up assembly plants in Tunisia , Morocco , South Africa , Kenya , Ethiopia and Zambia , boosting its manufacturing prowess to ramp up presence in the fast-growing African economy.

April 25 2011

Libyan foreign minister in Ethiopia to push for peace
Libyan Foreign Minister Abdelati Obeidi is heading to Addis Ababa to discuss the African Union peace plan as part of an effort to intensify contacts aimed at ending the war, a government spokesman said.

Ethiopia’s Sputnik Moment and the Moribund Diaspora
It is common place these days to observe the few Ethiopian elites in the west doing all their level best to undermine all the efforts of the Ethiopian government to haul the country from the quagmire of poverty. Many people have written extensively over this fact.

April 23 2011

Eritrea reassures its support for Egypt on Nile River water shareTigrai Online - Eritrean Ambassador Osman Mohammed
In the meeting, the Ambassador conveyed the Eritrean people’s message of congratulation to the Egyptian people in connection with the victory of the January 25 Revolution. He also expressed Eritrea’s readiness to work jointly with Egypt in all domains, especially the allocation of the Nile River waters.
Editors Comment: Duh! the apple does not fall far from the apple tree. Eritrea will make no difference at all.

Ethiopia won't allow inspection of Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, but ready to negotiate

April 22 2011

Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia call for democratic rule
Senior al Shabaab security and intelligence captured alive in southern Somalia

April 21 2011

Egypt tells Ethiopia it will negotiate over Nile
Thirty Eritreans fleeing Libya arrive in Romania
Ethiopia to export power to 7 countries

April 20 2011

Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia call for democratic rule
Surveying helicopter crashes on Blue Nile River

April 19 2011

Canaco to spin out Harvest copper project into new company in Tigrai State
Ethiopia keeping Egypt in dark on Nile dam

April 18 2011

Ethiopian Diaspora in the UK pledge full support for the GTP
Fifth columnists’ attempt to scupper GTP Forum in London failed miserably
Huge turn-out for GTP in London

April 16 2011

Ethiopia Plans to Increase Support to Eritrean Rebel Groups
Ethiopia among leading troop contributing countries to UN

April 15 2011

Ethiopia Says Eritrea “manoeuvring” in South Sudan
Donation of Relief Money from Eritrea

Editors Comment: Ehmmmmmmmm! Tsimblali meakora entykedent meryet kedenet (Butterfly before it covers itself it tries to cover the earth), Should we say more?

April 14 2011

Is Ethiopia going to war with Eritra?
Housemaid chops an Arab boss's penis off
Withering Ethiopian Diaspora Opposition

April 13 2011

African countries to renegotiate Nile water quotas with Egypt

April 12 2011

GTP Consultation Meeting Conducted Successfully in Denver, Colorado
Sudanese businesses take part in Ethiopian exhibition in Tigrai State
Unblocking the extremists’ block

April 11 2011

Did you know that Serenade King is anagram for Eskinder Nega?
Ethiopia govt denies jamming German radio service
India offers expertise to modernise sugar industry in Ethiopia

April 09 2011

GTP is not a spectators sport

April 08 2011

Netherlands to close nine embassies including in Eritrea
JJ “sticks it” for trees in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Compels Private Banks to Buy Bonds to Fund Development

April 07 2011

Ethiopia to charge 121 prisoners with terrorism
Boat with 300 Eritrean and Somalian immigrants sinks near Italy

April 06 2011

Ethiopia exports up 48 pct in 8 months
UK warns Eritrea over detained British nationals

April 05 2011

Italy’s Salini to Build $4.8 Billion Ethiopian Great Millennium Nile Dam
Ethiopia 'ready to help Eritreans topple regime'

April 04 2011

Land deals in Ethiopia bring food self-sufficiency, and prosperity
Ethiopian Washed Coffee Prices Rise Up 17.5% in one Week

April 03 2011

Saving Ethiopia's Church Forests

April 01 2011

Egypt requests Great Millennium Dam studies from Ethiopia
Dr Tekeda Alemu’s interview: a political bombshell to critics
Save the Children report figure incorrect
Ethiopia Offers Olive Branch in Nile Water Sharing Dispute
Ethiopia to reforest 15m hectares
Anti-dam groups keep Africa poor

March 31 2011

Ethiopian Denies Arrest of Opposition Party Activists
Ethiopian Leader Criticizes Hydropower Opponents Amid Expansion
Tech helps Ethiopians build rural roads


Young Ethiopian Health Extension Workers aid thier people

Egyptian Space scientist in Boston University says no risk to Egypt from Ethiopian dams

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi: No Longer Playing Defense

Ethiopia's hydroelectric power through the past 70 years and now

Lekatit 11 Celebration Report from Oslo Norowy
From Participant

The right choice

Stratex's Hall excited about Blackrock; says Afar region has world class potential

Ambassador Berhane Gebre-christos, Conducts Bilateral Talks With US Officials

Ethiopian army to get BlueBird UAVs from Israeli manufacturer

Zamil Industrial signs 300 millon usd strategic partnership agreement in Ethiopia

GTP conferences in North American cities a huge success for Ethiopia

A Successful GTP Conference Conducted in Bay Area CA

Liya Kebede: Fighting for maternal health

Directors charged with defrauding adoption agency of $420,000

Ethiopia:A Country Built on Shared History and Worth-Struggling to Modernize and Preserve
Tesfaye Habisso

S. Korean FM in Ethiopia on final leg of African energy diplomacy

Egyptian military to prepare for any eventuality regarding water dispute with Ethiopia

Ethiopia's coffee love affair

At home, and at work with Gebrselassie in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Airlines and Boeing sign 777 component services agreement

Dejen Gebremeskel and Aheza Kiros gave Ethiopia a sweep at the Carlsbad 5000

Egyptian Coptic Church leader, Pope Shenouda III talks about Nile River crisis

The Globalization of the Japanese Management Process:Reinvigorating Ethiopia’s Industries through “Kaizen”
Professor Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D

Ethiopia to build Grand Millennium Dam on the Nile river

Eritrea says take this aid and shove it to the U.N.

India and China to help build Ethiopian rail network

Heineken Submits 163.4 million us dollars for Two Ethiopian Breweries

Shaebianism and Its Desperate attempt To Recuperate from a Terminal Disease
Gidoen Bahtemariam

Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc Will Invest $2.5 Billion in Ethiopia Rice Farm

Peace and Isaias Afewerki’s Eritrea can never be bedfellows
Dilwenberu Nega

Ethiopia warns of action against Eritrea

Is the North African-type revolutiion inevitable in the rest of Africa?
Tesafye Habisso

Pro-Democracy Movements in North Africa...
Tesafye Habisso

Yet again, Negede Gobeze commits another aberration of judgement
Dilwenberu Nega

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