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Reflections on Africa Competitiveness Report 2013
The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013, put out by the World Economic Forum (WE Forum), is a comprehensive analysis and critique of the overall development status of thirty-eight African countries. By Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD

South Sudan: A show case of Ethiopia's role as a regional peacemaker
Ethiopia has persistently used multilateral institutions like IGAD, COMESA, the AU, the UN and other institutions to pursue shared interests. This is not confined to infrastructure and economic development. It also aims to build political trust and discourage disorder in the region. By Haile Wondemu

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Thank you all for making Tigrai Online one of the best Ethiopian websites!Happy New Year 2014
Happy New year from Tigrai Online for all those who celebrate the western New Year 2014.

December 31, 2013

Simply calm before the storm in South Sudan
That seemingly peaceful nation with a prosperous future has recently taken a turnabout to the usual way of doing things. After a brief respite, it seems about to go back to the old conundrum. IGAD has declared its concern over the political crisis in South Sudan urging the warring parties to come to the round table.

Unity in Diversity is our Strength part IIUnity in Diversity is our Strength
After the new federal system was set up 22 years ago, the country has recorded many successes. The first of the federal system’s success is the long-lasting peace that has ensued all over Ethiopia. The federal system stopped the civil war that was raging all over the country, because it answered the basic democratic demands.

December 29, 2013

Ethiopia’s Development Encompassing Core Principles of Sustainable Development (Part I)
What makes Ethiopia’s remarkable achievements continuous is the country’s indigenous development strategy that is astoundingly an ideal sustainable development model that aims to meet the basic foundations of sustainable development advocated by sustainable development scholars and institutes for long.

The Crisis in South Sudan and its implications for Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s active mediation role in the current crisis is commendable and justified. While IGAD under the leadership of Ethiopia provides the best vehicle for dialogue, Ethiopia has a very high stake in this crisis due to a number of factors.

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