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Lidia Tigrai Online chose Lidia Schaefer as a person of the year for her extra ordinary work to build a high school in FeresMai, Tigrai, Ethiopia. Lidia raised $258,000.00 USD single handedly for the school. More
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International Banking Department Application for Opening of Non Resident Foreign Currency Accounts for Ethiopians in Diaspora Application Instuction
Hannah Godefa a 9 years old 4th greader doing what we the adults should do
Hannah's Pencil mountain project

Digital Doctors

When 14-year-old Binyam Yosef developed a nasty swelling under his left knee, his worried parents took him to the Black Lion Teaching Hospital in Addis Ababa. They approached Swiss professor Jacob Schneider who examined Binyam thoroughly and concluded that he was suffering from a malignant cancer. It looked as though his leg would need to be amputated, but Schneider was not 100 per cent sure of his diagnosis.

"I discussed the case with staff in the pathology department," Professor Schneider recalls. "We could not come to a definite decision." In the end, Schneider referred the case to an old colleague in Switzerland. Using the latest technology, he took a digital photograph of the boy's knee tissue through a microscope and e-mailed the photo to Professor Gernot Jundt, head of the bone tumor registry at the University of Basel. "Within days we received his diagnosis and detailed recommendations for the treatment," Schneider remembers." We were able to save the boy's leg."

Binyam Yosef is one of a lucky few in Ethiopia to be treated through the use of information technology. His case dates back to 2004, and results from the efforts of a group of health professionals to improve medical diagnoses and treatment over the past decade, and whose efforts led to a partnership between telecoms bodies, the health ministry and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. "With personal commitment and enthusiasm this project produced a number of activities which gave a glimmer of hope to the country," says Dr. Fassil Shiferaw of the Ethiopian Telecommunication Medical Service.Binyam Yosef is one of a lucky few in Ethiopia to be treated through the use of information technology. His case dates back to 2004, and results from the efforts of a group of health professionals to improve medical diagnoses and treatment over the past decade, and whose efforts led to a partnership between telecoms bodies, the health ministry and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. "With personal commitment and enthusiasm this project produced a number of activities which gave a glimmer of hope to the country," says Dr. Fassil Shiferaw of the Ethiopian Telecommunication Medical Service. Read More

Ethiopia connects to Indian schools, hospitals with new 'e-network'
Eritrean reporter dies trying to flee country-RSF
Travel Association Congress meets in Ethiopia
July. 06  2007
Minister says government has no legal basis to grant amnesty to defendants on trial
I do not anticipate war between Ethiopia, Eritrea: David H. Shinn
Mekelle Institute of Technology graduates 140 students
July. 07  2007
Ethiopia prosecutors seek death in opposition case
Ethiopia's democracy on trial
Profile: Muktar Ibrahim
US to Build Largest Embassy Structure in Addis
July. 09  2007
Ethiopia death call surprises US
Eritrea denies violating religious freedoms
EEPCo electrified eight rural towns, kebeles in Central Tigray Zone
Web site of the week UTNA
July. 10  2007

July 20 2007
Ethiopia's freed leader defiant
Ethiopia's opposition leader has hit out at the government just hours after being pardoned and released from a life sentence in jail. Hailu Shawel said he had signed a document admitting to organising violent election protests in 2005 and asking for clemency "under duress". "We are slaves. I can't see how we can reconcile if the guy in power can't reconcile," Reuters news agency quotes him as saying. "Had CUD/AFD succeeded on their mission the fate of Tigraians in Addis Abeba and other parts of Ethiopia would have been worst than the fate of Tutsis in Rwanda. I would not be able to list the crimes of CUD/AFD against the Ethiopian people on this article, but the point is why on earth are they being released with out paying for their crimes? Mean while Siye and other Ethiopians are languishing in prison for years with out any justice. Is Siye worst than the Dergi riffraff like Hailu Shawel? Or Siye does not have people on higher places? Are they being released because they didn't commit any crime or they are reformed enough and they will never try again? I am afraid we will hear from them as soon as they step out of the gates of the jail house and it is not going to be their love for peace. This is what I wrote when I heard the news that they might be released, on June 30 2007. I am tempted to say I said so, Isn't it a shame when the government and people of Ethiopia show marcy to those disgusting criminals, they get more imbolded and insult every one back. Shame on them and shame on the government.
Tigrai Online view July 20 2007.

Ethiopia pardons 38 opposition members
Ethiopia has pardoned 38 opposition politicians and activists sentenced to various prison terms, including life, for inciting violence in an attempt to overthrow the government, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said. "I hope this conveys the message that people are given a second chance as long as they seek it," the prime minister said, referring to a letter the prisoners wrote to the government asking to be pardoned. Meles said that the prisoners' right to vote and seek public office also have been restored.

July 19 2007
Ethiopia leaning to clemency in opposition case
Ethiopia is leaning towards granting clemency to opposition members sentenced this week to life in prison, a government source said on Thursday. The constitutional powers of clemency reside with President Girma Woldegiorgise, not Meles, but the prime minister's opinion on the matter was expected to carry great weight in any pardon.

Ethiopia leases land to Indian investor to boost tea
Ethiopia has leased 10,000 hectares of virgin land to an Indian investor in the hope of boosting its nascent tea growing industry, the government said on Thursday. Some 3,000 hectares already planted with tea in the west was producing about 6,000 tonnes of tea a year, he said, 70 percent of which was sold locally and the rest to Europe and Djibouti.

Coptic and Ethiopian Churches Sign Truce
“You have made history”. This is how a Coptic Metropolitan described the reconciliation brought about by His Holiness Aram I (Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church) between the Coptic Orthodox and the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches. “This is a historical day”, said an Ethiopian Archbishop.

July 18 2007
Office collects over 194 mln birr in revenue

July 17 2007
Convicted CUD leaders asked the Ethiopian government to pardon them For their crimes aganist the Ethiopian people
cud leaders begging for pardon

Mekelle University undertaking expansion activities with 180 mln birr
Listen to Siye Abraha's interview with VOA Tigringa Amharic
Ethiopia Pardon Board to Decide Fate of Convicted Opposition Leaders
Group helps Ethiopia's donkeys

July 16 2007
Beyonce Knowles, the winner of  best R&B artist award and international mega super starBeyonce to perform at Ethiopian millennium
American Rthym ‘N’ Blues star Beyonce Knowles will stage a day-long concert for the Ethiopian millennium to be celebrated on September 12 in Addis Ababa. Sheraton Addis will pay Beyonce one million dollars and pay for the transportation of her band and equipment, APA learnt here on Monday.
Ethiopian opposition leaders get life sentence
UN to spend $63 million in health activities in Ethiopia
U.S. urges clemency for Ethiopians sentenced to life in prison
Teetering on shifting Eritrea-Ethiopia border, Badme awaits fate
PM Office publicizes a letter by CUD leaders asking pardon

July 15 2007
Mekelle University graduates over 3, 000 students in various fields
Eritrea accuses UK envoy of "conspiratorial" acts

July 14 2007
Six regular conference of Tigray State Council concludes endorsing performance report, appointment
Investors with 2.5 bln birr capital licensed in Tigray State
Ethiopia, World Bank sign grant, loan agreements

July 13 2007
Residents of Adwa town transplants over 100,000 seedlings
Rotarians aiding Ethiopians
Somalia peace meeting to go ahead, envoys invited
Somalia oil deal for China

July 12 2007
Gulf Air and Ethiopian Airlines enter codeshare pact
Eritrea Labeled Worst Jailer of Journalists in Africa
Two British Council employees arrested in Eritrea
Off with their heads, maybe

July 11 2007
Seeye Abraha Out from Jail
'Lucy's' Houston visit turns political
Ethiopia yields ancestral fossils

July 10 2007
Siye Abraha, Tigrai HeroNews coming from Ethiopia indicates that Ayte Siye Abraha is out of jail freed by the courts at last. Congratulations to every one who stood for justice!
Tigrai Online view July 10 2007

The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Long live Tigrai!!!
Axumite Reunion /1st Anniversary in Washington DC June 29-July 01, 2007 Personal Overview "
By Kokeb Tarekegn
July 19 2007
Anna Gomes "the Political Prostitute"
By Sara Abraham
July 19 2007

"Zeyfiker Afkire" a Tigrai Online reader sent this song. He wants to dedicate it to "Seeye Abraha and the ordinary Eritrean people" If the song is really about Isayas, may be the Eritrean people are rising up aganist tyranny. It is about time!.
By Arayom Kahsay
July 18 2007
An Aroma of Wisdom
By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 16 2007
 Poem about Siye Abraha's freedom By Kassa Hailemariam July 15 2007
Press release about Siye Abraha's freedom
By Tigraians July 15 2007
Siye Abraha's interview with Addis Admas
Addis Admas July 15 2007
Isaias Afwerki: King and Patriarch of Eritrea
By Engineer Ghirma July 12 2007
Congratulations! to Siye,his family and peace and justice lovers
July 11 2007
Satellite Freedom Fighters: Peace by the Sword of the Tongue
By Gezaee Hailemichael July 06 07
Shire Development Association's Annual event concludes successfully in Las Vegas
July 05 07
The charges and the Supreme Court's ruling on Siye's case
Deki July 03 07
By Tigraians in N/America
June 30 07
P.M. Meles Zenawi’s Credibity Remains Intact
By Engineer Ghirma June 29 07
By Kassa Hailemariam June 27 07
I Speak For Myself
By Engineer Ghirma June 25 07
The Other Side of the Moon: Dead Beginnings and Dead Ends
By Gebre Yemane June 25 07
By Berhan Hailu June 25 07
By Ahadu Amlak June 23 07
Isaias Afeworki Must Set Eritrea Free
By Engineer Ghirma June 20 07
Anna Gomez: why wont she leave Ethiopia alone?
By Engineer Ghirma June 14 07
May 20th In Washington DC
By Kasa Berhe June 12 07
Siye's trial postponed to June 22 for a "final verdict "
By Tigraians in N/America
June 12 07
Tecola Hagos: Dieing for a Little Attention
By Engineer Ghirma June 11 07
The Cost of Doing Nothing about Siye can even be more expensive for Tigreans.
By Gebre Yemane June 07 07
By Kokeb Tarekegn June 07 07
Is EPRDF veridical on Ethiopian nationalism issues
By Solomon Medhanie June 06 07
By Berhan Hailu June 02 07
“Not in the name of the Tigrai people!
By Concerned Tigraians June 02 07
Siye Abraha, Tigrai Hero Tigraians in N/America June 02 07
“Vocal Eritrean Diaspora: Eritrea’s Worst Enemies
By Engineer Ghirma June 01 07
Freedom of Conscience
By Gezaee Hailemichael May 30 07
“No” to DERG Resuscitation
By Engineer Ghirma May 24 07
Ethiopia: From Where to Where to
By Engineer Ghirma May 17 07
Siye Abraha's case
By Kassa Hailemariam May 17 07
Neither the ONLF nor the AFD can Absolve Themselves from the Heinous Crime.
By UTNA May 15 07
Ethiopia Has (almost) Arrived
By Engineer Ghirma May 07 07
A Statement of Condemnation of the Ogaden Massacre By “ONLF
By UTNA May 01 07
By ADAL ISAW May 01 07
Isaias Afwerki: Fidel Castro Wannabe
By Engineer Ghirma April 26 07
On Good Governance & the misconceptions thereof
By Engineer Ghirma March 28 07
A Marriage of Equals and the Role Eritreans Played
By Engineer Ghirma March 10 07
"War Is Not a Game..or Is It?"
By Engineer Ghirma March 05 07
By Araya belay March 05 07
GU Right to Honor Azeb Mesfin
By Engineer Ghirma
It’s the Economy, Stupid!
By Engineer Ghirma
"Blessing in Disguise"
By Engineer Ghirma
Happy Birthday, Woyane!
By Asghedom Ghebremichael
Values that we need to pass on to our kids lessons from the boy/girl scout of America
By Mulugeta GS.
See Flyer
The 4th International Conference on Ethiopian Development Studies (ICEDS)
By Professor Sisay Asefa