The fabricated Lies of ESAT must be challenged
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The fabricated Lies of ESAT must be challenged

Ethiopian observer Editorial
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. 8, 2016

It takes only a casual observer to note that the vast spectrum of lies and deception that has been deliberately infused to the public by fanatic groups in diaspora who are deeply resentful against Tegaru. The anti-Tegaru movement is supported and financed by opposition forces in the Diaspora. For reasons that were never clear, the opposition chose to attack the people of Tigrai to further its political objectives. It is time for all Tegaru in diaspora, with the rest of our people at home, to set a clear agenda and roadmap on how to combat the lies that are being fabricated day in day out to avoid such heinous and satanic plots that can only escalate ethnic tensions. We need radical changes how we should work together it has both personal and nationalistic underpinnings.

The sacrifices and struggle against tyrannies and dictators was meant to the establishment of democracy, equal rights and opportunities to individuals and nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is belongs to all its citizens, belongs only to them and its fate is their fate. Opposition is a blessing to any country but should be guided by utter responsibility with respect to law and order, the “views of the other side” or contending side, individuals and groups and not by demolition of the constitution, providence, intimidation and smear campaigns. Therefore, any opposition party should primarily do way with the morass of hateful and undignified chauvinistic propaganda. A threat to our values is a threat to our survival. If any peaceful struggle results through provocations by the opposition into violence, then the gist to bring change will lose its vision.

Peace and stability in Ethiopia are the basis for development and especially for the vast majority of people, who lack a loaf of bread and live in the extreme weathers far way from the hubs of abundance. The opposition bears a large share of the blame for the current affairs in Ethiopia. We do hope the opposition parties with their die-hard supporters refrain from an aggressive, out of touch and disproportionate hate campaign and, instead, dwell on issues of paramount significance to Ethiopians and become a constructive and effective opposition to reckoned with and for the betterment of the life conditions of our compatriots.

Our anger should not squander our energy undermining the conflict. Instead, we must take the struggle to the gates of ESAT to dislodge the hate and rancor to a father of all lies. These are the rustic speeches and worst collections of an extremist group, who dishonor themselves and the country, are bending on to play havoc with the Sovereignty of Ethiopia. The so-called opposition has superciliously now and then come up with wrangles, irrelevant issues and shameless proposals (transitional government) as not to take part in any constructive and important duty as opposition.

ESAT’s propaganda machine has doggedly worked to suppress the truth and is waging an ill-fated assault on Ethiopia (particularly Tegaru) with its bogus and pathological lies. Their footprints of lies in the cyber world must be challenged. If we fail to thwart it, then we run the risk of allowing the idea of freedom to be hijacked by cowards like them. Shall we allow such hate-mongers to ravage the bright future and hope of our people?

It is the duty of all of us to shoulder responsibility and unmask ESAT and the disgruntled individual like Al-Mariam who instigate and stir violence armed with such spiteful and cold bloodthirsty rhetoric. In the age of spin, ESAT and Mohammed Saeed al–Sahaf (Baghdad-Bob), former Iraqi Minister of Information under Saddam, have this in common: no matter how much evidence is produced they stand superior to the truth and detach themselves from reality by creating their own version of stories to the ridicule of all. ESAT’s lack of ethical standards in reporting balanced news and their contempt for Tegaru is nothing more than a gambit to cover their main intentions to submit to chauvinistic and power hungry maniacs. Their half-baked truths might only impress the morbid diaspora dogs.

This is a struggle between the past and the future and there is no option other than to continue marching for the dawn of justice and freedom. In order to avert this catastrophic event, all Ethiopian people must realize that these bankrupt mercenaries have no future. They must be challenged at all levels today, rather than tomorrow. The longer they stay, the messier the country becomes, and the harder it will be to rebuild the social fabric. National unity and reconciliation in a spirit of understanding must be the priorities of the EPRDF.

Any revolt or violence, defying the warnings of the law enforcing bodies, should be regarded as an act of total destabilization of the country and those behind such move should be held responsible. The Ethiopian government has a major obligation to assure to its citizens that peace; stability and security are upheld throughout. We will champion the ideals of democracy, peace and ethnic equality. No Ethiopian shall ever be persecuted because of ethnicity, gender or religion. This should be more obvious to our fellow Ethio-Americans. It is a supreme irony that those who had fled oppression and persecution are fueling a campaign of hate and ethnic cleansing from the comforts and privilege of democracy.

The main sources of disinformation and hate propaganda with dire consequences by the so-called free press journalists, remnants of the fascist Derg, who have made a rode for their own comeback, has to be dealt with according to the laws of the country. No more prevarication from the side of the old guard and their roisterers from abroad or more appeasements from the Ethiopian government should be given to the split personalities of these black-shirted and retrogressive forces. The Ethiopian people should no more be held hostages, be in a quandary or cornered by the blackmails of these old guards. Law and order should be respected at all levels. And lastly, ESAT should know what it means by democracy, while hiding behind such a phony and hypocritical media outlet.


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