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No parochial deal through GERD cooperation

President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea denies situation with Sudan blames Ethiopian government
President Isaias Afwerki

High Time for Teddy Afro to Apologize, Be Pardoned and Move Forward Afresh
Teddy Afro singing

Prioritizing activities to ensure quality of education
Kalamino High school

EPRDF thinks of the Ethiopian people as its faithful flock

The seventh general conference of TPLF opens in Mekelle city, Tigrai

Dr Debretsion Geberemichael elected as Deputy Head (President) of Tigrai

Sudan and Egypt amassing troops in the border of Eritrea and Sudan.

Avoiding a return to civil war and preventing state failure in Ethiopia

There is time for everything; time to sing in Asmara, and time not to sing in Asmara

EPRDF Executive Committee concludes its long awaited closed meeting

A Draft Proclamation that Would Potentially Infest Addis Ababans with Ethnic Viruses

What is the fate of Ethiopia after the Executive Committee of EPRDF meeting?

Ethiopia signed four billion agreement to construct two geothermal plants

The not so hidden and sinister agenda of ETO against Tigrai and its historical sites

Ethiopian government should be proactive to bring peace and stability in Ethiopia

Lesson from an Experiment in Ethiopia: An Economic Review of Arkabe Ogubay’s Case Study

Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael Chiarman of the TPLF interview Dec. 2017

EPRDF is being eaten alive from within can it save itself and Ethiopia?

Trends and Patterns in Contemporary Ethiopian Politics

Balanced Nile and GERD Publications are Essential for Mutual Benefits

Mengistu Haile Mariam the butcher of Ethiopia might be extradited to Ethiopia

This Weeks News

A firm from China to build 220 mln USD textile plant in inside Dire Dawa Industrial Park Ethiopia

Egypt summons Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki to Cairo
Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki in Cairo

Egypt does not want war with Sudan and Ethiopia - President Sisi says

Open letter to Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael Chairman of the TPLF

Abebe Gellaw: I am ashamed that we were born in the same country

What is your expectation when the TPLF central committee concludes its meeting?

Mekelle City Administrators should think twice before pulling the plug on struggling businesses

TPLF outfoxed by a corporal prisoner of war

Ethiopia issues a large scale gold and silver mining license in Tigrai

The city of Addis Ababa is running out of space

Betray Not Tigrai Again!

Exploration Update on Tigray-Afar mining Project, Ethiopia

Paradigm shift taking place in TPLF and Tigrai

AfDB approves US $97.79 million for financing energy in Ethiopia

Woyane Tigrai: 60,000 reasons for an immediate and Comprehensive overhaul

Egypt stalls dam talks with Ethiopia and Sudan

The ongoing deep renewal of TPLF should be to reinvigorate the Tigrai people

Official Press Release of the TPLF Central Committee

Union of Tigrians in Europe Press Release on current situation in Ethiopia

A move to genuine parliamentary democracy is the only path to political stability in Ethiopia. By Tesfai Hailu

EPRDF’s dereliction of duty to uphold FDRE constitution and rule of law

EPRDF’s dereliction of duty to uphold FDRE constitution and rule of law

Proportional Representation Electoral System: The Pathway to Democratizing the Ethiopian Constitution and Mitigating Ethnic Conflict

If there is no nations and nationalities there is no Ethiopia to govern

PFDJ agents maximize their efforts to speed up destruction of Ethiopia.

Orthodox Christianity in the 21st Century

Populism vis-à-vis Professionalism — in the Process of Nation Building

The Ethiopian National Security Council to stabilize the security of the country

There are no superior or inferior languages in Ethiopia

The Myth and Reality of the Six-Percent Factor in Ethiopia

Well-being and future of Tigrai in the new Ethiopia Tigrigna

Dental health in Mekelle and Tigrai in general

Ethiopian government is one step behind its enemies

Manufacturing of Eco-friendly Textiles: A Case Analysis of an Industrial Park in Mekelle, Ethiopia


43rd Lekatit 11 celebration in London Sat. Feb. 17, 2018
Lekatit 11 in Boston 2017

The 43rd Anniversary of Lekatit 11 in Boston, Feb, 10, 2017
Lekatit 11 in Boston 2017

Tigrean-Ethiopian Community Association Washington DC Metropolitan Annual Conference


Author Kahsay Abraha speaks on past and present Ethiopia and Eritrea relationship, interview Video
Author Kahsay Abraha
People on both sides of the border are suffering says Kahsay Abraha Bisrat.

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