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Tigrai Online person of the year 2007, Hannah Godefa
Hannah Godefa, Tigrai Online person of the year 2007
Tigrai Online chose Hannah Godefa a remarkable 10 years old as a person of the year 2007. This little girl’s dedication and generosity to her people has touched so many lives well beyond her age. In 2006 Hannah started the Pencil mountain project.



Prime minister meles

Prime minister meles
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's Interview on the occasion of February 11. February 11 is the day the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) started its struggle

Robert B. Zoellick President of World Bank

President of the World Bank Group Robert B. Zoellick
President of the World Bank Group Robert B. Zoellick says Ethiopia is achieving broad based growth
Listen to his nterview

Siye Abraha

Siye Abraha in Denver in a meeting
Siye Abraha calls for “Peace, Love, Reconciliation and Unity of all Ethiopians”.

Pro.Jeffrey Sachs

Professor Jeffrey Sachs Special Economic Advisor to UN Secretary General (UNSG) and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University
Special Economic Advisor to UN Secretary General (UNSG) and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs(Interview by Walta)
Listen to him

Headline News

TPLF`s 33rd Founding Anniversary

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Feb. 29 2008

ETHIOPIA-SUDAN: Two refugee camps to close down
The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) will close down two Sudanese refugee camps before the end of May 2008, the organisation said, as repatriation gets under way again.

Eritrea's opposition launches satellite TV station
"The programme beamed into Eritrea will attempt to provide an opportunity to the muzzled Eritrean people to air their views on problems facing their country and also suggest peaceful and democratic ways of resolving them," the opposition said in a statement late on Thursday.

Feb. 28 2008

Ethiopian exports to the USA have doubled under the AGOA trade pact
"Since the project's inauguration two years ago, Ethiopian exports under AGOA/General System of Preference (GSP) have increased by almost 100 percent to 8.9 million dollars (5.9 million euros) in 2007, much higher than the average national exports growth rate over the past five years," the US embassy said in the statement sent to AFP.

Hundreds of African athletes to meet in Addis Ababa
More than 1,000 athletes will take part in the African Athletics Championships, a good chance to warm up for the Olympic Games, an Ethiopian official said on Tuesday.

Interview with Eritrean Opposition Leader, Mesfin Hagos by Woldu Mikael
I started by asking him whether Eritrea´s decision to force UN peacekeeping troops out of its territory was legally justified and diplomatically helpful or harmful to its case over the border conflict with Ethiopia.
MESFIN HAGOS: The stationing of the UN Peacekeeping force was linked with the implementation of delimitation and demarcation ruling on the border by the Arbitration Commission and not to be there for indefinite period. We have also witnessed the regime shuddering under the fear of diplomatic and military consequences when the Peacekeeping mission showed the intention of relocating units from Eritrea to Ethiopia.

Feb. 27 2008

Ethiopia Taps Grain Exchange In Its Battle on Hunger
Ethiopian has some of Africa's most fertile land, with fields of wheat and corn stretching to the horizon. Yet a few years ago, 14 million Ethiopians stood at the brink of starvation, saved only by vast international aid. Now Ethiopia has hopes of breaking its deadly cycle of famine. Not with a Green Revolution, but with a market revolution.

Regrouping Of Peacekeepers In Eritrea Continues
To speed up the relocation, the Mission's personnel and equipment began regrouping last week. So far seven out of 11 team sites in the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) that divides the two countries have been vacated and four of the 21 military observer posts have been closed. This may cause the Mission to leave container housing and storage facilities, along with some equipment, at observer posts, team sites and sector headquarters inside the TSZ in the care of Eritrean authorities.

Israel to deport illegal immigrants from Africa
Sitting on a thin mattress in an underground bomb shelter that reeked of urine, Tasfa Mara said he is happy where he is. The 24-year-old Eritrean escaped forced conscription, beatings and a treacherous trek across three countries before reaching his promised land.

Eritrea blocking passage of UN peacekeepers as regrouping efforts continue
Eritrean soldiers have blocked the passage of eight United Nations vehicles in the past 24 hours as the world body’s peacekeeping mission in the region continued to regroup staff and assets in the capital, Asmara, ahead of its planned temporary relocation across the border to Ethiopia.

Arab League Ambassador pledges to consolidate relations with Ethiopia
Speaking on arrival at Axum town with a delegation of four ambassadors, Arab League Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ahmed Salah Nuh, said he will work to strengthen the strong cultural and trade ties between Ethiopia and Arab countries.

Feb. 26 2008

Italian Consta JV Subcontracts Railway Rehab to Mesfin Industrial
Consta Joint Venture (JV), a subsidiary of Italian Consta Consortium, subcontracted Mesfin Industrial Engineering, a subsidiary of EFFORT, to construct bridges on the Ethio-Djibouti Railway with a cost of 40 million Br. Consta has earlier taken the rehabilitation project of the Railway that is to be carried out in two phases.

Michael Belay sold his house to build a school in his hometown of Tembien
Chapman University held a remarkable ceremony this year. It gave its 23rd annual Albert Schweitzer Award of Excellence to a man who sold Amway cleansers, Michael Belay, 53, of Orange sold his 3-bedroom home in 2004 and built a new school in his hometown of TembienMary Kay cosmetics and toilet paper before writing parking tickets on campus. Belay's home sold for $449,000. He moved his wife and two children into an apartment, paid off what they owed and banked $10,000 for each child's education. The rest, more than $100,000, he took to Tembien.

Bond Between Ethiopians, African Americans Examined
"During slavery, African Americans always looked at Ethiopia as a place that represented freedom, black culture, history and religion," said Princeton University professor Ephraim Isaac, who spoke at the event. "It inspired the fight against discrimination and religion. When slaves were told they were inferior, they were animals or subhuman, they would think of Ethiopia."

Ethiopia to Be Featured at World Coffee Conference
Ethiopia will be featured in two forums in the 20th Annual Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Conference and Exhibition to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from May 2-5, 2008. “It is in recognition of Ethiopia’s historic position as the birthplace of coffee and its production of premium coffee beans with distinctive flavour that it is chosen,” Rick Havacko, director of communications at SCAA, told Fortune.

Eritrea: Even UN peacekeepers are not immune from Government abuse.
Cruel and inhuman treatment has, by and large, been set aside for helpless and oppressed Eritrean citizens of all walks of life. They range from 12 year olds to a diabetic 80-year old patriarch. It should not be surprising that the Eritrean government has used similar intimidating measures against UN peacekeepers inside its territory intended to deprive them from access to food and fuel supplies.

Feb. 25 2008

Ethiopian expedition for optician
Charity tries for $4.7M for Ethiopian orphans

Feb. 24 2008

Ethiopia blows past Japan
DNA studies map human migration

Feb. 23 2008

B&D and Ethiopian President Will Place Corner Stone for Large Coffee Processing Factory in Ethiopia
Ethiopia, Eritrea lack 'goodwill' to end border dispute

Feb. 22 2008

Security Council lambasts Eritrea for obstructing UN mission
Eritrea says doesn't want new war with Ethiopia
INTERVIEW-Eritrea says doesn't want new war with Ethiopia

Feb. 21 2008

Austrian president visits Ethiopia
Eritrea criticises UN over troop withdrawal
UA aiding Ethiopia with famine
400 Eritreans arrive at UN offices in Tel Aviv, seek refugee status

Feb. 20 2008

UN Ethiopia-Eritrea peacekeepers move to Asmara
UN Peacekeepers Pinned Down in Eritrea
Ethiopia says stops kidnap of 28 French tourists

Feb. 19 2008

Locust Swarms in Ethiopia, Yemen Threaten Neighboring Countries
Ethiopia arrests over 300 police for rebel links: report
Hip resurfacing surgery on Ethiopian
US shifts on Africom base plans
Eritrea Tyrant Holds UN Peacekeepers Hostage

Feb. 17 2008

Press Release: Statement on UNMEE's "Relocation" Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Is Eritrea Playing With Fire by Confronting the UN?

Feb. 16 2008

Ethiopia urges strong UN action against foe Eritrea
UN Condemns Peace Obstacles in Eritrea
TPLF finalizes preparations to celebrate 33rd anniversary in metropolis
Running great Bekele sets new world two-mile best time

Feb. 15 2008

UN says Eritrea blocking its mission
Military, Diplomatic Tensions Peak as UN Peacekeepers Withdraw From Eritrea
Ethiopia to boost coffee exports
Hopes grow for peace talks in Somalia

Feb. 14 2008

UN peacekeepers start pulling out of Eritrea
United Arab Emirates Investors making preparation to build 13 billion birr tourist city
Boarder Dispute, Dictatorship and the Opposition
Statement of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the temporary relocation of UNMEE
Obama's crowds are awesome for so early

Feb. 13 2008

Flowers are sign of economic change in Ethiopia
Relocation of UN Peacekeepers From Eritrea 'Imminent'
U.S. Navy missiles strike coastal town in Somalia

Feb. 12 2008

ETHIOPIA: Strategy to focus on malnutrition
Green shoots of recovery

Feb. 11 2008

Ethiopia agrees to temporarily host UN peacekeepers
Ethiopian opposition leaders ask tougher U.S. stance
Police say 49 insurgents surrender in Mogadishu
Spring water manufacturing factory goes operational in Central Tigray State

Feb. 09 2008

South Africa, Egypt must emulate Ethiopia on helicopters to hybrid force
UN: Peacekeepers Plan to Leave Eritreaforce

The UN should do better than moving across the border to Ethiopia. It is like the elephant fleeing from the mouse, how lame and pathetic. The UN should take more severe measures to teach this spoiled brat president-for life of Eritrea. How come he is causing all this problems and he is getting away with it? All the UN does is nothing, not even a slap on the wrist? (Editors comment)

Ethiopian firm discovers 70,000 kg of gold
Ethiopian student thankful for 'family'
Attack on Ethiopians Fuels Speculation of Wider War
Eight migrants rescued from chemical tanker

Feb. 08 2008

Ethiopia to send 5 helicopters to Sudan's Darfur
UN officials prefer Ethiopia to Bangladesh copters
Landmine hits bus, kills two in Eritrea
Ethiopian money leads to arrest of car burglars

Feb. 07 2008

Top terrorist leader killed in Eritrea
UN fears new Horn of Africa war
Islamist insurgents claim Somalia attacks
UNHCR says Eritrean refugees arriving on Sudan border

Feb. 06 2008

Ethiopia, Bangladesh offer Darfur helicopters-UN
With fuel stocks restricted, UN mission prepares to relocate from Eritrea
20 dead in attacks in breakaway Somali region
Ethiopian officers assist in CJTF-HOA mission

Feb. 05 2008

Security Council press statement on Ethiopia and Eritrea
Eritrea scorns U.N. fuel demand for border force
BDFC Ethiopia Hires Brazilian Coffee Agronomical Expert
Eritrean opposition threatens armed struggle against government

Feb. 04 2008

Eritrea opposition to set up government in exile
Yemen calls on Eritrea, Ethiopia to adopt dialogue to handle border issues
Nation to celebrate 112th anniversary of Adowa victory
Ethiopia airfare sale, from $815

Feb. 03 2008

WHO: Ethiopia cuts malaria deaths in half
Insurgents are responsible for Ethiopian troops in Somalia, says Speaker

Feb. 02 2008

Eritrea slams UN for extending peace mission mandate

What is the one man show in Eritrea saying? He can't wait for the UN to open the flood gates of hell and let loose the Ethiopian armed forces? It is coming, just a matter of time.

Power Politics Confound US of Africa
Iranian FM: US Should 'Be Honest'

Feb. 01 2008

Avion Resources Completes Purchase of Ethiopian Exploration Assets
Alarmed African leaders urge action on Kenya
Zambia sacks Libya envoy in row over Africa government
Crawford-Rodriguez Classroom Helps Children In Ethiopia
New Reveleations About Eira Eiro Prison


Yekatit 11 Party in Frankfurt GermanyYekatit 11 Party in Frankfurt Germany

Yekatit 11 Party in LondonYekatit 11 Party in London

Yekatit 11 Party in SeattleYekatit 11 Party in Seattle

Yekatit 11 Party in PortlandYekatit 11 Party in portland

Tigraian Association meeting in TorontoTigraian Association meetint in Toronto

Yekatit 11 Party in the Bay AreaYekatit 11 Party in the Bay Area

Saint Emmanuel Church Fundraising Event in Seattle Saint Emmanuel Church Fundraising Event in Seattle

UTNA DVD for sale UTNA DVD for sale

Aziz Hagos in Stockholm Sweden Aziz Hagos in Stockholm Sweden


Very funny video
Check out this video it is very funny, it made wedi afom soooo!mad.

Rishan Gebre new CD New CD released by Rishan Gebre
Support your own home grown talent!


Bi weekly colmn by Melissa Lahti

Melissa Lahti Tigrai Online contributerMelissa will be writing about different issues regarding parenting on a regular baises. Her current article is: Ear Infection


An eyewitness account
Saba D.
Feb. 29 2008

Interview with Eritrean Opposition Leader, Mesfin Hagos
Woldu Mikael
Feb. 28 2008

33rd Anniversary of T.P.L.F Marked Colorfully in the DC Metro Area
Feb. 27 2008

Michael Belay with deeds greater than PHDS
Feb. 27 2008

I did not fabricate the story
Melaku Tefera
Feb. 26 2008

Ethiopia: Needs New Thinking Doctrine
Gezaee Hailemichael
Feb. 25 2008

Eternal Woyane with NO Apology! In Memory of Lekatit 11
A.G. Michael, Canada
Feb. 21 2008

The reasons that lead to Dedebit
Feb. 20 2008

UTNA press release about 33rd birth of TPLF
Feb. 20 2008

Prime Meles Zenawi the Prime Enemy of Ethiopia
Gezaee Hailemichael
Feb. 16 2008

Prime minister Meles Zenawi is a mortal human being like me Response To Solomon
Gezaee Hailemichael

Feb. 11 2008

Democracy and fairness should be applied to all. Response To Gezaee Hailemichael
Feb. 09 2008

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Gezaee Hailemichael
Feb. 08 2008

Shaebiya's bold hypocracy,Siweldu Ayehu Bila Betetwan Talech
Henok Gamlak
Feb. 05 2008

A word or two to the two Groups Battling on the Ownership of “Agazi Operation” Film
Henok Gamlak
Jan. 31 2008

Seeye Abraha: The Transformative Personality in Ethiopian Politics
Bereket Kiros
Jan. 24 2008

We stand in unison for a Common Denominator
Jan. 24 2008

Issues or side issues, Mr. Solomon.
Equar D Negash
Jan. 20 2008

The picture of Eritrea Today, Response for Equar D. Negash.
Jan. 19 2008

Ethiopianism is Utopianism
Gezaee Hailemichael
Jan. 19 2008

Response for the response to Solomon’s article
Equar D. Negash
Jan. 16 2008

Response for Equar
Jan. 15 2008

He was against it before he is for the war.
Equar D. Negash
Jan. 14 2008


Ethiopian Cyber Media: Ethic and Professionalism
Gezaee Hailemichael
Jan. 14 2008

Donland Payne, "Started Minning Gold in Eritrea"(Joke)
Jan. 12 2008

Is it too late to change a horse? TPLF splinters.
Jan. 09 2008

Response to Lahra Smith, U.S. Engagement in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
Haben Kiros
Jan. 09 2008

P.M. Meles Zenawi’s Legacy
Engineer Ghirma
Jan. 07 2008

Ethiopians Live Hiding in the Cocoon of Fear
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Jan. 07 2008

Tslal Tegaru (Umbrella Organization for Tigraians)
Tslal Tegaru Organizers
Jan. 02 2008

ARENA Tigray, No Name
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Jan. 02 2008

The divorce was as bad as the “merge”
By Micknega
Jan. 02 2008