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Lidia Tigrai Online chose Lidia Schaefer as a person of the year for her extra ordinary work to build a high school in FeresMai, Tigrai, Ethiopia. Lidia raised $258,000.00 USD single handedly for the school. Read More


Hannah Godefa a 9 years old 4th greader doing what we the adults should do
Hannah Godefa
Read more about her

Michael Belay Michael Belay
Read more about him

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Jendayi E. Frazer is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs listen to her interview about Eritrean "State Sponsor of Terrorism" Jendayi E. Frazer is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
Part 1

Meles's Interview about Eritrea and Ethiopia Prime minister meles
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Sebhat Nega's Interview about Eritrea and Shabiya Ayte Sibhat Nega TPLF CC and Member of the EPRDF Government
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Siye Abraha's Interview with German radio after he was released from prison. Siye Abraha, Tigrai Hero Part 2 Part 1

Isayas Afeworki's Interview about Eritrea and America/Ethiopia Isayas Afeworki president of Eritrea

Headline News

Nov. 30 2007

Ethiopia-Eritrea border demarcation deadline passing
The deadline to set a boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea will pass on Friday with the disputed frontier likely to be left as demarcated on their maps, and Ethiopia dismissing fears of a re-eruption of a border war. "We will never, ever go to war with Eritrea , unless there is full scale invasion," Meles said on Thursday. "I do not think that the Eritrean government would launch a full scale invasion, because it would be suicidal for them."

Meles Predicts Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Deadline to Pass Without Incident
"We will never, ever go to war with Eritrea unless there is a full-scale invasion," he said. "Not any old provocation. Full-scale invasion. That is the only condition that would force us to fight Eritrea. I don't expect the Eritrean side to carry out full-scale invasion because I think they know it is going to be suicide. So I'm very confident the deadline the boundary commission has set for itself is going to pass like any of those days that have passed since the beginning of the millennium." "As far as the virtual demarcation of the boundary is concerned, I have heard well-respected diplomats and lawyers describe it as 'legal nonsense'," he said. "Our lawyers agree with such characterization..."

Ethiopia launches US President's malaria initiative
Ethiopia Friday became a focus country for the historic US$1.2 billion, five-year effort backed by the United States government to fight malaria across Africa. "This is a tremendous opportunity to save lives and reduce disease by building upon successful malaria treatment and control activities already underway in Ethiopia," said Yamamoto.

Kenya arrests 12 suspected Ethiopian rebels
Kenyan police said on Friday they had arrested 12 suspected Ethiopian rebels and nine locals accused of helping them in a remote region on the border with Ethiopia. "The operation is still going on and we shall not allow any group to use our soil to fight a friendly government," he said. The rest will be deported if confirmed as OLF members.

Nov. 29 2007

Ethiopia may top the world in specialty coffee
Ethiopia is on the verge of becoming one of the leading forces in the specialty coffee market going by the support it is receiv i ng from Starbucks Corporation, one of the world's largest specialty coffee companies.

U.S.'s Rice to visit Ethiopia in rare Africa trip
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will visit Ethiopia next week for meetings on the conflicts in the volatile African Great Lakes region and Sudan and Somalia, said the State Department on Thursday. Tensions have been rising in recent months between Ethiopia and its neighbor Eritrea over its disputed border, with Eritrea accusing the United States of siding with Addis Ababa.

Nov. 28 2007

Eritrea-Ethiopia border deadline looms amid war fears
Analysts say it is unlikely much will change on the border even if the commission closes as expected on Friday -- except psychologically. The tensions of the past five years are unlikely to diminish. "It's highly possible that the end of the (commission) will be a non-event and will leave the situation in a vacuum," said Francois Grignon, Africa Programme director for the International Crisis Group.

Starbucks to open farmer-support center in Ethiopia
Starbucks plans to open a farmer-support center in Ethiopia next year, the company is announcing today as Chairman Howard Schultz meets with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. The prime minister invited Schultz to visit because of the strengthening relationship between the Seattle company and the coffee-growing country, Starbucks officials said.

More than a billion trees planted in 2007: UN
UNEP said the total number of trees planted is still being collated, but developing countries top the list with more than 700 million in Ethiopia and 217 million in Mexico.

Nov. 27 2007

Ethiopia plays down war talk ahead of border deadline
Three days before a deadline for demarcating their disputed border, Ethiopia said on Tuesday it had no plans for another bout of fighting with arch-foe Eritrea but would crush any attempt by Asmara to invade. "Ethiopia has no reason to launch another war against Eritrea. Our intention has always been to resolve all outstanding border problems with Eritrea through peaceful means," Prime Minister Meles Zenawi told parliament.

"Should Eritrea launch another war, we will make certain that Asmara would never, ever dream of even entertaining or thinking about war again." he said.

Peace by Peace
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 30 2007

African AIDS Action Press Release
By George Shaw
Nov. 28 2007

By Jobs Selasie
Nov. 28 2007

Freedom and Truth
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 26 2007

America and Its Political Heresy
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 17 2007

The Clock is Ticking
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Nov. 05 2007

Ethiopia Needs Radical Revolution
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 04 2007

Sociocultural and Relief Association of Tigraian Ethiopians in Alberta, Canada:
From the Advisory Committee
Nov. 04 2007

Wanted Urgently: Marchers against HR 2003
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Oct. 31 2007

One Country One People
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Oct. 28 2007

Sheikh Al Amoudi: Man with a Vision for Ethiopia
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Oct. 27 2007

H.R. 2003 Should Not Be Considered By The Senate
Oct. 23 2007

Where is the Show of Outrage?
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Oct. 23 2007

Cheap CUD for Sale
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Oct. 16 2007

A Call for sobriety and Justice by the US Senate
By U.T.N.A
Oct. 13 2007

HR 2003, an uncalled for and a misplaced threat In a Sea of opportunities for Further Democratization in Ethiopia.
By T.D. Tessema
Oct. 08 2007

An Evil Act
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Oct. 08 2007

Pardons Backfire! What Next?
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Oct. 03 2007


TDVA night in Washington DC TDVA night in Washington DC
They paid with their blood, the least we can do is to show our support, so lets do it.

Press Release by Union of Tigreans in North America (UTNA)
Members of the Tigrean community and partners are bracing themselves up and are in full gear to crown the Tigrean Disabled Veterans Association/TDVA/ support project with a resounding triumph. Preparations that are in full swing in major cities across the US and Canada are winding their pre-event activities with the necessary conditions already in place. The TDVA delegation that is going to tour North America by canvassing the cities of Washington DC, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Jose, Denver, Boston and Toronto will be accorded with a warm welcome by the Tigrean Community and friends, who are eager to see the events for fund raising and networking bear the desired fruit.

Asfaw Jebjeb and Aden Gebreslase Millenium tour in the Twin Cities Asfaw Jebjeb and Aden Gebreslase Millenium tour

Free Book on Ancient History of Tigrai Queen of Sheba of Axum Tigrai
"Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship." (3rd edition 2007)

250 pages and appendices with maps and original documents in Ge'ez with transliteration and English translations.

The book argues that the ancient history of Tigrai is the key to resolving the present crisis in Biblical archaeology which is divided into two camps: (i) One that argues (Finkelstein, Silberman, Thompson, Hertzog) that since excavations began in the Holy land in 1920 no evidence has been forthcoming to support the belief that Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon ever existed and therefore the Old Testament is a fantasy or highly exaggerated; (ii) the other maintains that archaeological evidence will eventually be discovered.

This book argues that the Old Testament is a true story but its events up until 586 B.C.E. (the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem) occurred in western Arabia and to a lesser extent in Tigrai. The book uses evidence from the life of the Queen of Sheba that includes inscriptions near Mekele, the structure and vocabulary of the Ancient West Arabian language, place names in Asir and Jizan, an analysis of the Sheba-Menelik Cycle within the Kebra Nagast, and data from remnant groups such as the Latos of Hamasien, the Ibro/Yibir of Somalia, the Beta Israel, the Qemant and the Lemba.
Dr Bernard Leeman

Very funny video
Check out this video it is very funny, it made wedi afom soooo!mad.

Tigrai community party DC
The Ethiopian Millennuim and Thanksgiving Night in Washington DC

Rishan Gebre new CD New CD released by Rishan Gebre
Support your own home grown talent!

meskel party in dc
Meskel and Millennium party in Washington DC

Nov. 07 2007
It should be crystal clear to every one by now; the sociopathic dictator of Eritrea is behind ONLF, CUD, OLF, SNLF, GLF, EPPF and many other terrorist groups in Ethiopia. No matter what Ethiopia does to resolve the conflict peacefully, Eritrea is as much determined to do every thing to destabilize and destroy our country. Should we sit down and wait until our total destruction? The resounding answer by any red blooded Ethiopian should be NO! Believe me I know what the ugly consequence of war is, but Ethiopia and its people are slowly bleeding to death by the Eritreans. There is no other option but one, and that option is we should hit back and hit back really hard with out mercy. There is no development with out peace and security and there is no peace and security while Shabiya is in power.
(Tigrai Online comment)

Call to promote free press and media development in Ethiopia
This millennium petition is inspired by the unity of Ethiopians following the massacre of 65 Ethiopians by the ONLF rebels and by our courage to face numerous other rebels who are ready to massacre Ethiopians instead of joining the peaceful opposition parties inside the current Ethiopian parliament.

Sample letters to be sent to the three important personalities to oppose the bill HR 2003.
Please fill out the form in the following letters and send them via your email or regular mail. You could highlight, copy and paste them from this page.

Happy Ethiopian Millenium
Happy Ethiopian Millenium year 2000 poster designed by Tigrai Online
Now that we are here in the year 2000, what should we do in the next 1000 years? We should use the Millennium to rid of our social problems, like hunger, diseases, illiteracy, and backwardness. We should use the new Millennium as a spring board to propel us towards the new era of prosperity, peace, and unity of our people, strength, technology, and the information highway.
Check out some of the third Ethiopian Millennium celebrations videos and more

Afar Community Association in UK
Read more

August 27 2007

New album from artist Haftom G/Michael
Check out the new album from Haftom G/Michael. More details on
July 23 2007



Millennium and Outstanding work of the PM.
By Araya belay
Oct. 02 2007

It is Time for Col. Mengistu to Return Home and Face the Music
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Sep. 28 2007

The daunting danger of Donald M Payne's tumultuous political discourse
By Adal Isaw
Sep. 27 2007

EPRDF Land Policy and the “Cessation Clause”
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Sep. 27 2007

Coalesced and United by hate, Disintegrated by peace
By Ahadu Amlak
Sep. 25 2007

Political epidemics of PhD
By Sara Abraham
Sep. 20 2007

Thank You Ethiopia!
By Hannah Godefa
Sep. 17 2007

Meles Zenawi and EPRDF Transformed Ethiopia
By Engineer Ghirma
Sep. 10 2007

By Ahadu Amlak
Sep. 04 2007

Millennium Message to all Ethiopians: Reclaiming Ethiopian( African) History and Civilization in the New Millennium.
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Sep. 02 2007

The New Ethiopian Millennium
By Minga Negash
Aug. 29 2007

A Millennium Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Aug. 25 2007

Isaias Afwerki: Playing Hardball
By Engineer Ghirma
Aug. 25 2007

Miscarriages of Mother Ethiopia
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Aug. 18 2007

ill-will toward Ethiopia
By Engineer Ghirma
Aug. 17 2007

worry eplf
Aug. 15 2007

Border Demarcation Priority: People or Land?
By Engineer Ghirma
Aug. 08 2007

Creation of Umbrella Organization
By Atsbha Gebru July 31 2007

The Autopsy of CUD
By Ahadu Amlak July 28 2007

A view on the freedom of the CUD leaders and related issues
By Tockchaw
July 23 2007

Bogus Donald M. Payne
By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 23 2007

“I Told You So”
By Engineer Ghirma
July 21 2007

Anna Gomes "the Political Prostitute"
By Sara Abraham
July 19 2007

An Aroma of Wisdom
By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 16 2007

The Other Side of the Moon: Dead Beginnings and Dead Ends
By Gebre Yemane June 25 07

By Ahadu Amlak June 23 07

Is EPRDF veridical on Ethiopian nationalism issues
By Solomon Medhanie June 06 07

Neither the ONLF nor the AFD can Absolve Themselves from the Heinous Crime.
By UTNA May 15 07

By ADAL ISAW May 01 07