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A Response to Karamardh’s baseless and irrational claims against Ethiopian Somali region

By Mohamed Abdidheere Jijiga, Ethiopia
Tigrai Online, June 30, 2018


In a friendly response to Karamrdha’sarticle “ETHIOPIA-SOMALIS LIFE MATTER TOO” that apparently appeared on ECADFORUM.com on JUNE 22, 2018. I felt to draw a pertinent reaction on the context of the article based on my realistic judgment. It will be then the responsibilities of the public and opinion readers to make the appropriate judgment over the issues at stake. In so doing I would like to outline realities and facts  about the development of the region and the huge effort made by the incumbent leader to improve the living standard of the people of Somali region and how the arguments of Karamrdha is irrelevant to the current status of the region.

I am not disappointed so much about the content, which in any case is nothing more than a gigantic spew of self-serving vitriolic sophism marinated in shameless personal attack and prejudice against one person which is unwise to accept. In fact I wonder a Somali intellectual who is undermining the steady progress that the region has made in the areas of security and development for the last eight years. But if the lenses you look the development is made by your clan firm for sure you will not see the achievements that Somali region has made made if it is not supported the interest of your clan. 

It is very clear to everyone the message carried by Karamardha digestion was baseless accusation and irrational claims. Here I would like to cite three claims.  I unreservedly respect the views and intellectual capacity of the authors but they could be criticized of banality, bigotry and absolute mendacity in their arguments. Karamrdha’s article is awash with outrageous slur and their ignorance of federal system of government is all too obvious. As much as one may be tempted to address all the obvious errors, baseless assertions and biased reasoning - some of which do not warrant discussion and dissection – my main aim is to contribute constructively to the discourse and lay out my perspectives on the performance of President Abdi Mahmud and his leadership style.  I have to touch on some of their irrelevant claims, especially their erroneous presumptions. What evidence can Karamardha share to the public to proof the brutal killings, detention that they blamed President Abdi and his government? As far as I know people of Somali region do not have a problem of brutality killing and any type of human violation.

To begin with the veteran military leaders hailed from Tigrai region that they have blamed on exploiting Somali budget directly and indirectly, and having heavy hand on the internal affairs of the Somali region. I can confirm to everyone Somali region is not in a position to dictate by others what to do.  I once said what Tigri people did for Ethiopia has no parallel in the known history of our country. Tigrai had begun the struggle that was resulted to defeat the powerful regime of Derg. A courageous young who fought tooth and nail was source of the development that we see today. As a Somali being a minister at federal level would not come if the veteran military had not shed their blood.  Since then Ethiopia embarked a new era of new life where nations and nationalities of Ethiopia started enjoying and benefiting of constitutional rights. In line with this, periphery nations who have experienced the worst miserable condition today they are enjoying a self governing administration. So as a Muslim it is religious duty to thank everyone who did good things for you. Instead of blaming they deserve national golden medal.

It is a responsibility of every citizen to defend the rights and dignity of all Ethiopian ethnic nations whether it’s Tigre or any other one. By blaming former veteran generals is a cheap propaganda that we will never accept. I think it is the right time we inform everyone that we move beyond a narrow thinking way.

The second claim or argument was demanding from the prime minister to sack the regional president of Ethiopian Somali region.  My response to demand of ill-minded person is in line with the federal constitution of Ethiopia enacted in 1995.  Ethiopian Somali region is one of the nine regional state formed under articles 47 of Ethiopian federal constitution.  It is prohibited to assume state power in any manner other than that provided under the Constitution. Somali region has never been referred to as a politically sovereign entity nor has there any serious discussions in Ethiopian Somali about secession. The Somali people of Ethiopia are proud unflinching federalist unionists.  They pledge their allegiance to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Somali nation.  Based on the federal constitution, powers and functions of the prime minister is not included a right or constitutional power to sack a regional leader.  Regional presidents is elected by the regional representative council, as long as the president has the confidence vote of the regional representative council, in any means, no one who can interfere and fire a working regional leader.  That is on the legal base on the other hand President Abdi Mohomud is the best leader that was ever took the highest of the region. It is eight years from now when President Abdi  Mohomud Omar took the highest office of the region. During those eight years Somali regional state has gained tremendous achievements. On the other hand Brutal killings, rape and looting properties committed by anti peace elements is what the incumbent president has ended.

Third argument of Karamardha group is “accusation against President Abdi Mohomud Omar on the recent clashes between Somalis and Oromo’s. It is not new to ears of many people those who politically oppose the incumbent president argue that this organized violence acts were orchestrated by the president of Somali region Mr. Abdi government.  It is a well known history a battle over grace and water has been happening and the recent clashes is associated that. The recent clashes are communal conflict. Neither Somali regional administration nor Oromo administration is involved. I preach both Somalis and Oromo’s communities to must stop the conflict is what we heard from the president of Somali region all the time.


The last one Karmardha claimed regional elders and Diaspora members have united to bring change. First I thank to them because they amused me in a big way. As far as I know pseudo Diaspora and self made elders are those they have claimed heroes. But based on reality, those they have attributed as elders and intellectual is none but a pseudo group.  True Somali traditional elders and regional intellectuals are taking part the ongoing development of the region. 

People of Ethiopian Somali region are enjoying peace and development which is the by-product of the leadership style of President Abdi Mohomud. The regional government led by Abdi Mohomud Omar is the best administration ever came to power in the region. Security and development is realized. Mega projects like dams, airports, Hospitals and other significant development projects have been implemented by the current regional administration. The miracle achievement of the region which is very rare in other regions, is converting or shifting military bases into development parks. A vivid example is housing project built in two former military bases in jigjig by Ethiopian Somali regional state.  Another concrete example about the development of the region is the rip-cutting of crude oil that can move the country forward. It is beyond a doubt of shadow a foreign company would trust its asset and invest billion of dollar a region if the security is not improved and the system of the government is transparent.  So how it could be possible a government that has won the hearts of its people and gained respect from foreign entity also did all that projects for the people, would commit a brutal killings and indiscriminate detention against the citizens they ruled. For me it is unacceptable argument and it seems lopsided view. The logic and reasonable person will never accept the cheap stereotype drafted by Karamardha group and the like.


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