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Rotten and Fractured Beyond Repair EPRDF no More, Strategic Emergency Exit for TPLF

By Mogos Abraham, PhD
Tigrai Online, July 19, 2018

A Protestant Reformist Preacher, Pastor Dr. Abiy Ahmed is trying to form an Oromo dominated East African Region.


The Essence of Time

Time heals time kills: there is strategic time for every action humans take. It was a strategic decision of the Tigrai Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) that led to the creation of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). After liberating Tigrai from the savagery of Mengistu Hailemaraim’s military junta, the Derg, TPLF decided to liberate the whole Ethiopia. To that end, the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), the Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO), the Southern Ethiopia Peoples’ Democratic Movement (SEPDM), and the TPLF forged a coalition called EPRDF. As the name implies, EPRDF is “a liberation front” formed to defeat a common enemy, the Derg. The marriage of expediency (of convenience) succeeded in destroying the largest mechanized army black Africa had ever seen, thanks to the strategic prowess of Woyane. This is the bitter pill of truth the detractors of Woyane, such as Gedu Andargachew, Demeke Mekonen, Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea, and Cos. bitterly hate to swallow.

However, the miraculous social, economic, and political achievements of modern Ethiopia demonstrate the farsightedness of the then Woyane leadership, headed by Meles Zenawi, the most brilliant leader Africa had ever had. Meles chaired the EPRDF until his sudden death. Although EPRDF remains a guerrilla front, elected by default, it built the modern Ethiopia we are witnessing out the tragic ashes of civil wars, drought, famine, starvation, hunger, and dysfunctional governance systems of the Imperial and the military rule eras. Now, it is time to change course. There is time for everything. EPRDF no more! It has killed itself.

Tragedies of Betrayal and Ethnocentrism

Ethnocentrism is judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one's own culture. Ethnocentric individuals judge other groups, nations, nationalities, and peoples relative to their own ethnic group or culture, especially with concern for norms, values, language, behavior, customs, religion, and all sorts of social, economic, and political benefits. Consequences of ethnocentrism, which reveals immature political tendencies, are disastrous. Read for example, the manifesto of the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), which was founded on 10 June 2018 in Bahir-Dar, the capital city of the Amhara Regional State. NaMA is an extremely dangerous organization. It disparages (demeans) TPLF’s military victories and its determinant roles in stabilizing the social, economic, and political chaos Ethiopia was suffering from. NaMA does not recognize EPRDF as a legitimate government. It has declared ANDM as an agent of Woyane.

Moreover, the rally of the Amhara chauvinists in Bahir-Dar has demonstrated powerlessness or apathy of the EPRDF as governing body. The prevailing sociopolitical climate makes it clear that an EPRDF government does not exist. On 30 June 2018, the Amhara extremist elements held a massive rally in Bahir-Dar, waving illegal flag of the Imperial era. One of the laughable acts was watching a helicopter flying over the huge crowd, bearing the Imperial flag, as if the event was a declaration of victory won at battlefields, which the cowards cannot do. Another laughable scene was an Eritrean flag tied to the Imperial flag. A combination of the two flags was being waved high to the skies! Why?

Behaviours of Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonnen, and the President of the Amhara Regional State, Gedu Andargachew, during the rally were perplexing. Both were the keynote speakers. Everything they read so loud was against Woyane, by extension betraying the people of Tigrai. Both of these men are members of the current government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the EPRDF government. Their speeches were highly charged-full of bravados, “we the Amharas!” In short, their actions are national treason, because they violated the rules enshrined in the Ethiopian Constitution. As members of the governing body, the EPRDF, they were expected respect and uphold primacy of the rule of law in accordance with the Constitution. Taking immediate legal actions against these running dogs of a subsequent tragic civil war was a national imperative. The Ethiopian Parliament must summon Abiy Ahmed to explain the well-orchestrated rally that violated the Constitutional Order.

Abiy Ahmed is an accidental Prime Minister (PM). When the constitutionally entitled to the position, Demeke Mekonnen, withdrew, Lema Megersa and others facilitated ascendency of Abiy to the PM’s position. Thus, Abiy’s current position remains an accidental, because he did not go through the electoral processes of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE). A Protestant Reformist Preacher, Pastor Dr. Abiy Ahmed is determined to marginalize TPLF as a core-founder force of the EPRDF. He has his own long-term agenda that he designed with the help of Isaias Afeworki and Co.

To satisfy his new friend’s, Isaias Afeworki’s, ego, Pastor Abiy Ahmed is struggling to belittle (demean) the victories that the heroes and heroines of Woyane scored in the battlefields to realize birth of the modern Ethiopia. Moreover, the ANDM and SEPDM have become politically irrelevant. Thus, it is time for TPLF to leave the socio-politically toxic environment of the present EPRDF. The narrow nationalists, egoistic individuals, and chauvinists are colluding to destroy TPLF. Pastor Abiy Ahmed and Isaias are conspiring demise of Woyane. Personally, Abiy Ahmed, is a messenger of external forces: CIA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Emirates are grooming him to form an Oromo dominated East African Region. The dream to Oromize, i.e., establish Oromo hegemony in, the Horn of Africa is a very risky dream he has to correct immediately. His handlers will not save him when the time of reckoning (the Almighty’s judgement) befalls upon him.


Strategically High Time to Exit

TPLF must take immediate action: Write a formal letter of withdrawal of its membership to the President of EPRDF. Although it is rotten and fractured beyond repair, whatever is left of it as an EPRDF is sufficient to formalize the exit legally. It (EPRDF) is not dissolved legally yet, although I am advising just that. TPLF may have to point out the relevant Article(s) regarding the internal rules and regulations of the EPRDF (if any?).

Save Ethiopia now! No Ethiopian in his right mind wishes disintegration of the Motherland through tragic civil wars because of the current sociopolitical mess. For a number of reasons, which I cannot detail them all here, this is a strategically high time (the best time) for TPLF to say goodbye to EPRDF. TPLF fought to liberate all oppressed Ethiopian masses of the Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples. It succeeded tremendously, beyond imaginations of its detractors – particularly the Amhara narrow nationalists and chauvinists as well as Isaias Afeworki and Co. What you see in modern Ethiopia is what you should think about TPLF’s sacrifices and victories. That is why the Ethiopian masses admire and respect the TPLF and, by extension, the people of Tigrai for the sacrifices they paid to usher in peace, justice, democracy, and well-being for all Ethiopians

TPLF has a huge opportunity now to create a brand new revolutionary democratic developmental state (RDDS) in collaboration with the willing Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples of Ethiopia. RDDS is a dynamic socioeconomic and political transformation process by which a genuine sustainable development, which fosters inclusiveness, justice, equity, empowerment, and freedoms, is forged collectively by all stakeholders. RDDS provides clear strategies for fighting neoliberalism, which advocates for a socioeconomic and political system ruled by multinational corporations from Europe and America. Remember, neoliberal imperialism is creating a fragile Ethiopian state vulnerable to the dangers of regime change through a colour revolution!

Let our enemies serve as catalysts for forging a united front to win the war against poverty, ignorance, and environmental degradation; and, thereby, to live in peace and harmony in a democratically united Ethiopia. Anything less would be unworthy of the memory of our martyrs.

Rest in peace our martyrs for eternity!

Rotten and Fractured Beyond Repair EPRDF no More
TPLF must take immediate action and write a formal letter of withdrawal of its membership to the President of EPRDF


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